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At this time, the Peach Blossom Fairyland was holding a grand meeting, inviting people from the new world to attend, yet the two handsome men and women in front of Chen Xiang were actually coming to this d.a.m.ned place. From the aura on their bodies, Chen Xiang could tell that they were all people with decent cultivation.

"So he's just a beggar. No wonder he doesn't have the slightest bit of aura on him, did he come here to find fault?" The man also frowned as he spoke. His eyes were filled with disgust, as if he was extremely afraid of being dirtied.

"What are you looking at..." The woman felt uncomfortable when she saw Chen Xiang staring at her. Although she didn't mind others looking at her, being stared at by such a filthy person made her very upset.

Chen Xiang coldly snorted, "Aren't you looking at me? I'll see what you have. "

The young man and woman were stunned, they did not expect Chen Xiang to talk back.

"Who would look at a filthy fellow like you?" The woman immediately shouted in anger.

"You're not looking at me. Do you know that I'm looking at you?" Chen Xiang laughed, he had just climbed up from below, and when he climbed up, he pinched and killed a lot of Poisonous beast and poisonous bugs, and his entire body was reeking of sweat, making him feel really dirty.

However, just as he wanted to clean up, he found the people from Peach Blossom Fairyland.

The man was immediately enraged. "You dog, your mouth is quite tough!"

Chen Xiang was not angry, and only laughed: "I am a human, but you see me as a dog. Only dog will see that everything is dog!"

That man was furious beyond belief. His body trembled and a wave of pure Innate Qi exploded outwards as hot air gushed out. He took a step forward to Chen Xiang's side and gave him a kick.

"Go down!"

The kick was extremely powerful, and when it was kicked out, it created a gust of wind, causing some of the huge rocks on the side of the cliff to be blown off, but Chen Xiang sat there motionlessly, not even his hair moving.

Just as the man kicked, the woman also released an attack, her jade palm struck towards Chen Xiang, releasing a burst of gale which carried an extremely strong True Divine Spirit Qi, if it was a normal person being kicked, their body would have been slashed by countless sharp blades.

However, Chen Xiang only circulated the Taiji Dragon-suppressed kungfu slightly, releasing a faint Innate Qi that ingeniously produced a kind of air current, causing these two strong astral winds to pa.s.s by him, so much so that his hair didn't even stand up.

"The disciples of the Peach Blossom Fairyland are like this? This is too disappointing. " Chen Xiang sneered.

When the man and woman saw that Chen Xiang was fine, their expressions immediately changed. They knew that the person in front of them was definitely not simple.

"I'll teach you guys a lesson. In the future, remember not to bully others with your power." As soon as Chen Xiang finished speaking, the man and woman immediately let out a shout, their legs were already wrapped up by the water vines, Chen Xiang controlled the water vines, and with a powerful swing, he threw them all into the You Ming Deep Abyss, only allowing the water vines to hang them head first, hanging them on the cliff wall.

Chen Xiang stood at the edge of the cliff and looked at the pale man and woman below him. He laughed out loud: "All of you, behave yourselves, this water vine can only last for three days, if you want to struggle free, it will fall very easily. I just came up from below, I can tell you that it's very scary down there, but look at my appearance."

They had investigated before, only one person could come out from the You Ming Deep Abyss, and that was Huang Jintian. Furthermore, Huang Jintian had not reached the bottom, so they knew who Huang Jintian was, and he was the same as the strongest old man from their Peach Blossom Fairyland. He was a deity who had surpa.s.sed the Nirvana Realm, but he was hiding in the profound Realm, so he was not sucked into the Heaven Realm.

"Who are you? Since you know that we are from the Peach Blossom Fairyland and you still dare to treat us like this, aren't you afraid of our Peach Blossom Fairyland?" Being humiliated like this caused them to feel extremely uncomfortable. As a child who had grown up in the Peach Blossom Fairyland, he had a very high status and had never experienced anything like this.

"Our Peach Blossom Fairyland knows a lot about the heroes of the realm. Aren't you afraid of being surrounded and annihilated by a new world?" The woman said through gritted teeth. Her voice was filled with hatred.

Chen Xiang suddenly laughed out loud, the resounding and powerful laughter sounded extremely wild and rampant in the You Ming Deep Abyss, just like Huang Jintian's crazy laughter.

"Surround and annihilate a new world? I was once offered 10 billion, I am still alive and well. " Chen Xiang laughed. He had never been afraid of this kind of threat.

"You … You are Chen Xiang! " The man was immediately stunned. They obviously knew Chen Xiang's name, when they came out, the Peach Blossom Fairyland had repeatedly warned them not to provoke Chen Xiang, because Chen Xiang was someone who everyone dared to kill. No matter what background you had, as long as you provoked him, it would all be a blade.

"Save some energy for me!" Chen Xiang left while laughing. The man and woman were hung on the cliff in a daze with water vines wrapped around their legs.

At this time, Chen Xiang was bathing in hot water in an upscale inn. After entering the city, he knew why the people from the Peach Blossom Fairyland would go to the side of the You Ming Deep Abyss, it turned out that the strong warriors from the Peach Blossom Fairyland felt that it was too boring and wanted to find a dangerous place to explore and search for treasures. Because the new world was very big, there were countless dangers, so they sent their disciples to investigate and confirm to see if Chen Xiang had met any of the disciples from the two Peach Blossom Fairyland.

"These guys really have nothing to do after eating their fill. If they don't cultivate properly, they would actually run off to explore and search for treasures. Isn't this just sending a group of people to their deaths?" Chen Xiang rubbed his st.u.r.dy body, he was already at the late stage of Hundred refining realm, and could quickly enter Nirvana Realm.

For many people, they would rather die in the late stage of the Hundred refining realm than face the terrifying Nirvana Doom. But Chen Xiang was not afraid, if it was not for the fact that he had just had a breakthrough and needed to consolidate his cultivation, he would have definitely continued to cultivate, and would have went to take a look at the mysterious and terrifying Nirvana Doom earlier.

The Nirvana Doom of Alchemist s were even more terrifying, and this was also the reason why there were very few high ranking Alchemist s among the strong.

"Little Scoundrel, there's something I want to show you!" Su Meiyao suddenly said. From the sound of it, he knew that it was very important.

Chen Xiang immediately donned all his clothes, and took out a few pieces of paper from the ring, and was immediately attracted by it, his face full of shock.

"This is …" Chen Xiang frowned, he flipped through the few pieces of paper, took a deep breath in, and said: "These are Four Symbols Divine Weapons's forging blueprints, but why are there five?"

The Refining treasure book was only part of this book. Now that Chen Xiang knew why the array formation in the Super Old Sacred Land was so powerful, and why the blueprint for the divine forging equipment was in the book, it meant that there was a G.o.d level array formation inside!

"Look carefully, Suzaku Divine Weapon has two forging methods, one is a Suzaku silk, as long as it is refined using the Vermillion Bird's feathers, the other is a bow made from Vermillion Bird bones, but from the looks of it, that bow has been cancelled." Su Meiyao said.

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