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"That big guy's Earthly fruit must be really good-looking, otherwise he definitely wouldn't know that countless worlds of the earth's core have fused together, because the temperature of the earth's core has become even better, producing even more nutrient fertilizer. That big stingy guy is trying to block that tree tightly, just in case you see it."

Long Xueyi nagged along the way. Although she already had the Earth Grade Low Rank Dan's Profound Beast Pills as food, she was still a small glutton after all, and as long as she had something good to eat, it would catch her attention. She had tasted a lot of Spirit Gra.s.ses and Spirit Fruits that she had not eaten before in her life in the Youyao Yugong.

Of course, if she ate these things, she would also become very strong. As Chen Xiang's "beast pet", it would also be very beneficial to Chen Xiang.

"Every world has a core. The temperature in the core is very high, and is a good place to nurture the Fire Soul. I wonder if I can find the Fire Soul in there?" Bai Youyou said.

Chen Xiang sucked in a small breath of air. "According to the special properties of the Fire Soul, we would usually gather together to fight, and then use all our strength to devour the opponent. If I were to discover a large pile of Fire Soul and squeeze into my body all at once, I would be in trouble."

The last time he came in, he was already choking by fusing with the Earthly fire soul, let alone fusing with more Fire Soul.

Chen Xiang had only walked halfway before he became extremely hot. Right now, he was already feeling the burning pain, and just like the Super Old Fire Beast had said, the temperature of the earth's core was even higher than before.

"Looks like I can't go to the Earth's core. I'll be able to cultivate halfway through. If I don't rely on the profoundwu diamond armour to go to the Earth's core, I might even evaporate on the way." Chen Xiang placed his hand on top of the cave wall and suddenly retracted his hand. It had been a long time since he had felt such a scorching sensation.

"It seems like these stones are resistant to high temperatures. I wonder if they are suitable for refining?" The fact that there was no change in the stone at this temperature was truly surprising.

Chen Xiang staggered earlier as his body was covered in smoke and his sweat was evaporated. His blood was boiling, but he felt that it was still not enough, as his condition was not enough for him to cultivate the profoundwu physical exercise.

Only when he felt like every part of his body was being soldered by a hot iron would he be able to circulate the profoundwu physical exercise and cultivate his body.

Originally, he was walking, but now Chen Xiang could only crawl forward bit by bit. That high temperature made the Innate Qi in his body boil, if he did not circulate the Taiji Dragon-suppressed kungfu and dissolve the brutality within it, he would have exploded long ago.

"This is my limit." The place Chen Xiang was at right now was filled with a red mist. This mist was filled with an incomparably scorching energy, and it was also the thing that killed him the most.

Chen Xiang will now circulate his Divine Arts and absorb the burning hot energy into his body. As he refined his flesh, he will use the Fire G.o.d method to split the burning hot energy into Innate Qi and compress it through the Taiji Dragon-suppressed kungfu.

Just like this, Chen Xiang started cultivating on the path that led to the core of the earth. Inside the scorching energy here, there was a large amount of rich spirit energy, and through the Fire G.o.d method, one could decompose the rich Innate Qi. After going through the Taiji Dragon-suppressed kungfu and the Yin and yang G.o.d blood's circulation, one could turn the non-attribute Innate Qi into the Genuine qi of five elements, and then compress it into the Five Elements Beast statue.

"Your soul can circulate the Nine-turn dragon G.o.d mantra to cultivate, the environment here is not bad." Long Xueyi said.

One of the reasons why his cultivation speed was so fast was that he could use it all at the same time, forming a whole, allowing Chen Xiang to circulate his energy in a smooth and natural way. This was also why his cultivation speed was so fast.

"This place is still a long way from the earth's core, and there is already such a dense amount of fire spirit energy! It seems that the Earth's Core is even worse, there will definitely be Fire Soul s, and right now, all of them are trying to devour each other. After a long time, those Fire Soul will become even stronger, and it will be the best time to go and collect them. " said excitedly. As a Alchemist, she had wanted the Fire Soul for a long time, if they were together, she would even want the low quality Fire Soul. However, the current quality of the Fire Soul was not good, so she had no interest in it.

Especially Chen Xiang, he felt that the Purple Fire Soul could only be considered as qualified in front of him. In his opinion, only an unusual Fire Soul like the Tianyang fire soul could be considered not bad.

------ The entrance to the Peach Blossom Fairyland was located in a place called the Sky Ruins Continent, which was originally the largest continent in the entire Sky Ruins Continent. Its position was the same as the Continent of the King, and it was ranked third among all ten continents.

The people who were heading to the Peach Blossom Fairyland now were all people with status in many different worlds. For example, the's martial families and Blue Blood Race s, as well as the Palace Mistress of the Divine Martial Palace s, were all famous experts such as Blue Mountain. Only the Lotus Island's Lian Yingxiao was invited to the Chen Martial Continent.

Patriarch Dongfang Chaoqun of the Dongfang Family, as well as Dongfang Xinyue and the little fool of the Dongfang Family, were all invited. However, only Dongfang Chaoqun led the little fool of the Dongfang Family over.

Other than that, there were the two princ.i.p.al and some elders of the Devil-subduing College as well as some important figures of the Fire Divine Palace. After them were the newly risen ten great Dan King s and some high ranking Alchemist s.

The reason why so many people wanted to show respect to the Peach Blossom Fairyland was because there were immortals in the Peach Blossom Fairyland, which was also why people like Huang Jintian who had undergone the Nine Nirvana Tribulations would not be sucked into the Heaven Realm. Most of the experts that came were here to learn about the Nine Nirvana Tribulations.

Of course, when many powerhouses entered, they would bring along their proud disciples or children. If they were lucky, they would be able to marry into other forces, and at the same time allow these juniors to see the world.

Chen Xiang climbed up from below with a face full of dust. He could have directly climbed up with Luo Luo Yuan tomorrow, but he wanted to test the feeling of climbing up, at least he could brag about it to Huang Jintian in the future. It had to be known that Huang Jintian had arrived halfway up the mountain back then.

"It really hurts. When I climbed up, I actually encountered so many poisonous substances. Fortunately, I'm impenetrable."

Chen Xiang had already trained on the path to the core of the earth for more than a month, and successfully entered the late stage of Hundred refining realm.

After making a breakthrough and obtaining the Power of giving, his current number of Zhenyuan granule was already one million two hundred and eighty thousand. This meant that his Dragon Power would become even more terrifying.

"Is this the You Ming Deep Abyss? "Even though it's dangerous, it doesn't seem like there is any treasure or treasure worth to explore." A man suddenly descended from the sky. There was a peach blossom on the white robe he was wearing.

"Chen Martial Continent is only this much, there are not many places that are worth exploring and searching for treasures, it seems like this place is not good!" At this time, another woman slowly flew over. This woman was very beautiful with a peach blossom hairpin on her head. However, her voice was filled with arrogance.

Only now did they realise that Chen Xiang was sitting by the side of the You Ming Deep Abyss. Looking at the man covered in blood, they could not help but frown.

Chen Xiang could already tell that these two people were from the Peach Blossom Fairyland.

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