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In the Super Dan Imperial College, there was still the faint body scent left on Hua Xiangyue's body. When she was in the Elder Dan before, she didn't emit any kind of aura from her body. She hid it extremely well, and this was all cultivated out by her in the Divine Maze profound Realm.

"Xiangyue came back a while ago!" Chen Xiang did not see Hua Xiangyue, he only smelt the intoxicating fragrance.

Chen Xiang took out the Luotian Gate, rotated the ring on top, and then held onto the s.p.a.ce Warcraft's spatial origin orb with one hand. He transferred the power from the spatial origin orb onto the Luotian Gate, and very easily opened the spatial door.

The moment Chen Xiang stepped through the spatial door, he appeared in the Divine Weapons Heavenly Country's Imperial Palace, which was also the simple and elegant courtyard house that Liu Meng'er was in.

Liu Meng'er and Dongfang Xinyue were just like before, sitting on the gra.s.s and studying the deep formations. They did not notice Chen Xiang's sudden arrival.

Seeing these two wearing the same clothes and having the same temperament, Chen Xiang laughed and turned into a gust of wind, charging forward and hugging the two beauties tightly.

The startled Dongfang Xinyue and Liu Meng'er, who had just circulated the powerful Innate Qi in their bodies, immediately withdrew it. Then, they simultaneously thumped Chen Xiang's chest, pouting in displeasure.

"Little Scoundrel, you'll suffer the next time you act recklessly." Liu Meng'er scoffed, although she was angry, she only lightly punished Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang rubbed the two girls' b.u.t.ts, causing the two girls to feel as if they had been electrocuted. They anxiously escaped from Chen Xiang's body, their faces blushing faintly, extremely enchanting.

"Hehe, weren't you invited by the master of the Peach Blossom Fairyland? "Why didn't you go?" Chen Xiang laughed.

"I'm not interested. If our great formation is completed, we can also establish a powerful profound Realm." Liu Meng'er's face was filled with excitement, because her Divine Weapons Heavenly Country had never had a profound Realm. Her Super Martial School had a Super Martial profound Realm, her Dan Fragrance Pure Land had a Peach Blossom Immortal Realm and her Lotus Island also had a Lotus Treasure Realm.

"At that time, the Eastern profound Realm of the Dongfang family will also come back to life. They won't need the support of the Spiritual Qi Lifeline, they can absorb the endless Spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth." Dongfang Xinyue's expression was the same as Liu Meng'er's;

Man-made profound Realm, this was indeed very powerful. Chen Xiang knew that these should be all written in the divine book, and as long as he could master these two women well, he would be able to create them. Chen Xiang was also happy for them.

"Elder Sister Meng'er, the white one is Youlan's, the black one is Xianxian's. There are still twenty Relive Dan here, it should be enough for them to use in their tribulation." Chen Xiang handed some things over to Liu Meng'er.

Liu Meng'er being able to take out twenty Relive Dan s at once was indeed shocking, but the last time at the entrance of the Super Martial School, Chen Xiang had already flaunted his Relive Dan s.

"Warm Moon, have you seen Xiangyue yet?" Chen Xiang asked while grinning.

"I've met him. He's indeed a powerful demoness. Scoundrel Master is truly amazing!" Dongfang Xinyue's face was filled with a gentle smile, "I specialize in smithing and array formations. Xiangyue is an alchemist, we are really compatible!"

Chen Xiang nodded seriously, "Warm Moon and Xiang Yue have a tacit understanding of each other's names, could it be that the heavens are predestined?"

"Shuang Xiang, Shuang Yue, how wonderful …." As Chen Xiang spoke, he leaned towards Dongfang Xinyue and sucked the delicate fragrance off her body.

"Little Scoundrel, you have to put in more effort to cultivate. After Great War between Three Realms pa.s.ses, I might even fly up." Liu Meng'er's voice made the inside of his heart incredibly heavy.

What Liu Meng'er was worried about the most was that when Nirvana Doom came, if he forcefully suppressed his cultivation, it would only make his Nirvana Doom stronger, but at the same time, it would also make himself more timid. Therefore, when the time came, Liu Meng'er and the rest of the girls, Gu Dongchen and the other strong warriors who had a good relationship with him would leave as well.

Dongfang Xinyue laughed softly and kissed Chen Xiang's lips, "Scoundrel Master, try your best. As long as Master is strong, I won't be bullied while I'm in Heaven Realm!"

Chen Xiang nodded heavily: "Of course, I'll go cultivate."

Every time he came here, he would come to take a look at the Super Old Fire Beast. This guy was truly heaven defying, with such a powerful strength, he could actually stay in the Mortal Realm, but Long Xueyi had said before that it was because there was a special type of energy in the Super Old Fire Beast's body that could not be sensed by the Heaven Realm. If the power the Super Old Fire Beast used was too strong, it would be sucked in by the Heaven Realm.

Chen Xiang told the Super Old Fire Beast what happened outside. The Super Old Fire Beast was not surprised at all about the birth of a new world.

"There are benefits to fusing with all of the Mortal Realm. If we can survive this, when the Great War between Three Realms reappears in the future, it won't affect the Mortal Realm anymore. With this many worlds fusing together, after a hundred thousand years, s.p.a.ce will become more stable and it won't form a spatial tunnel with the Demon and Devil Realms anymore! But there is still one more possibility, and that is that he will be fusing with the Demon and Devil Realms once! " The words of the Super Old Fire Beast shocked Chen Xiang and the others greatly.

The three realms of the demon race had a path that was already tormenting them. What would happen if they fused together again?

"Why is this happening?" Chen Xiang asked, the origin of this Super Old Fire Beast was not simple, it could actually see through these things.

"This Seat does not know much, but it can be seen as the integration of the world. As for what kind of power it is, I do not know." The Super Old Fire Beast said.

Chen Xiang only hoped that it wouldn't get worse.

"You're going to the center of the earth again?" The Super Old Fire Beast asked, its two huge eyes blazing with fire.

"Yes, I'm going there to cultivate." Chen Xiang said.

"The temperature there is even higher than before, because all of the earth's core has fused together and collided together. You should know how terrifying the highly compressed energy is since you are training in the Innate Qi!" The Super Old Fire Beast's words made Chen Xiang's face change.

He did not think of this level, but it made him feel slightly excited. Only such an environment could allow him to cultivate his physical body to the peak faster.

"I'll go take a look. If it doesn't work, then I'll come back." Chen Xiang said.

------- The path to the core of the earth was extremely mysterious. Only those who possessed Green dragon demon-slain broadsword could open the door and enter the mysterious path to the core of the earth. No one knew who built it, but in short, this person was extremely powerful.

Walking on the long path, Chen Xiang felt an incomparable heat. Ever since he had obtained the Heaven fire soul, he did not need the profoundwu diamond armour to be able to walk easily within the forest. However, the heat now was actually enough to make him sweat profusely.

However, he could still endure it, and he was here to cultivate. Unless it was a last resort, he would not summon his profoundwu diamond armour out.

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