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However, when he was with Huang Jintian now, he had always been the one being abused. If not for the Yulong blood that allowed him to quickly recover from his injuries, he definitely wouldn't have stayed down here for so long.

"You are already very familiar with the usage of the Devil-suppressing fist and the Devil-suppressing fist. I didn't expect that not only would you learn it quickly, but you would also be able to use it quite well in the compet.i.tion, mastering it very quickly." Huang Jintian praised.

Chen Xiang stayed here for two months, and during these two months, he would be tormented everyday by Huang Jintian. However, his gains were extremely huge, and during his battle with Huang Jintian, he was able to discover his weakness, and was also able to think of a few clever methods to attack Huang Jintian at the same time. This kind of combat experience was the most precious, and only Chen Xiang could obtain this.

"This is the calamity that the two little girls will face when they face their tribulation. The one in white is the white-haired girl, and the one in black is your wife's." Sigh, if not for my current situation, I should go and take a look at you juniors. " Huang Jintian sighed, and handed the two boxes over to Chen Xiang.

"There will be plenty of opportunities in the future." Chen Xiang laughed, he did not dare bring Xue Xianxian down, as he knew that Huang Jintian could even kill him.

Huang Jintian pa.s.sed three books to Chen Xiang: "These are my experiences with cultivation of the Devil-suppressing qi array, Devil-suppressing qi and Devil-suppressing fist. If you give me other references, it might not be that difficult.

For example, if one were to learn the first few levels of the Devil Subduing Method, it would be very effective to deal with demons and demons.

After leaving Huang Jintian's place, Chen Xiang felt as if he had come out of h.e.l.l. Seeing the bright sunlight, his heart felt warm, and hurried to find Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming so that they could report what had happened in the past two months.

In terms of seniority, Chen Xiang was still an elder, and had contributed quite a bit to the Super Martial School. Although his strength was weaker than Gu Dongchen's and Wu Kaiming's, he was still viewed as a big shot by some elders, a mere small heavyweight.

"Dongfang Chaoqun came over a few times. He wanted to thank you, but you weren't around … … Right, he brought his daughter here. " Gu Dongchen laughed.

"This Dongfang Lingyun is a scourge, we definitely cannot keep him here. Can you guys find out where he is?" Chen Xiang asked. The people who made Dongfang Lingyun so down and out were all thanks to Chen Xiang, so the person Dongfang Lingyun hated the most right now was Chen Xiang.

The Dongfang family had also withdrawn their ten billion bounty for Chen Xiang at this time, but Chen Xiang was still in great danger.

"No, all the major powers have already arranged for someone to investigate. Although we cannot find where he is, we suspect that he is being protected by the Dan Alliance s." Wu Kaiming said.

Chen Xiang took out his cultivation experience for Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming to read.

Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming continued to flip through the books while praising it endlessly. It was because these Demon Fighting Techniques were extremely difficult to cultivate, even they felt that it was extremely strenuous, but with Huang Jintian's cultivation experience, it became much simpler.

The Devil-subduing College was also open to the public, especially with their powerful Demon Fighting Techniques. Although they had some experiences in cultivation, most of their experiences were messy, not as meticulous as Huang Jintian's.

"Junior Martial Uncle, you've worked hard!" Gu Dongchen looked at Chen Xiang respectfully. He knew that staying with Huang Jintian for two months had caused him unspeakable pain.

Chen Xiang said nonchalantly: "That's nothing, I have long gotten used to it. If you guys had the spirit like me, you would have talked to Master about martial arts a lot, and your progress would have been even greater."

Only brainless people would go and look for Huang Jintian often. Although Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming kept on saying that, but they were thinking different things. They were not as despicable as Chen Xiang who had bones.

"I'm going out for a walk. By the way, what was that Peach Blossom Fairyland you were talking about just now?" Chen Xiang had heard Wu Kaiming mention it just now.

"This Peach Blossom Fairyland is a very big profound Realm, the people inside are all very strong, and there are a lot of resources and dense spirit energy inside. Because the new world no longer has the expansion of the Dongfang family, it became peaceful, and that's how the Peach Blossom Fairyland started to come into contact with the new world." Wu Kaiming said.

Chen Xiang had heard that there were some forces that would always hide in the profound Realm and develop their skills, not interacting with the outside world. In this new world, there were definitely many of these powers, and they were all generally very strong as well. They were all equivalent to small realms of reading power, and their resources and spirit energy were much better than those in large worlds where clouds and dragons mixed together.

"I heard that the Peach Blossom Fairyland is very beautiful, filled with peach blossoms, like a fairyland. Now, the Peach Blossom Fairyland has even invited many famous people to interact with him." Gu Dongchen said.

"Oh? Celebrity? Have you been invited? " After Chen Xiang asked, they received their answers from Wu Kaiming and Gu Dongchen. They were actually not invited.

Speaking of this, Gu Dongchen's face was full of displeasure, he slapped his thigh and cursed: "f.u.c.k, no matter what, this daddy here is still a Leader of the Super Martial School, so the simple and easy to understand Devil Subduing Method was released by my Super Martial School. Do they dare to say that they didn't train according to the rules? They actually did not invite us! "

"When Dan Alliance chose the Alliance Master, he invited me over, but this Peach Blossom Fairyland didn't, he really doesn't put our Super Martial School in his eyes!" Wu Kaiming held onto the cultivation experience of the Demon Subduing Fist: "This time, my Super Martial School's reputation will definitely increase a little."

Chen Xiang laughed: Look at all of you, you have such potential, why would I not invite you if I don't want to? What's there to be unhappy about? We don't care about that c.r.a.ppy place! Take this old lunatic's cultivation experience and announce to the new world that you will be conducting a meeting to teach the Fighting Demon martial arts. It would be best if you could contact the Devil-subduing College and get them to help you with it.

Wu Kaiming and Gu Dongchen both nodded. Chen Xiang had a good relationship with the Princ.i.p.al of the Devil-subduing College, this was very simple.

"Oh right, Chen Martial Continent, who did you invite there?" Chen Xiang asked curiously.

"Lian Yingxiao is invited to this place. f.u.c.k, he even came here to show off yesterday, I really want to beat him up until all his teeth fall out." Gu Dongchen coldly snorted.

"And there was also Divine Weapons Heavenly Country's Liu Meng'er, and her two disciples. Then there was Hua Xiangyue … "Yeah, that's about it." Wu Kaiming continued.

Chen Xiang didn't have the slightest bit of interest in that Peach Blossom Fairyland, and he was even a little disgusted, to the point of underestimating him.

"I'm going to look for Liu Meng'er, she probably hasn't left yet, right?" Chen Xiang still had things he needed for Xue Xianxian's and Leng Youlan's tribulation, and he urgently needed to hand it over to Liu Meng'er.

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