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Normally, Chen Xiang would not use any devil arts. Once used, he would use all of his devil arts consecutively, directly killing them to keep their mouths shut. Some of these devil arts were taboo in the demon realm, and would lead to death, such as the Devouring magic kungfu.

The best place for cultivation was to find Huang Jintian. Although Huang Jintian was his master, Chen Xiang still felt that this crazy master of his was extremely mysterious, with a mysterious cloud surrounding his body. Furthermore, he was extremely powerful, with only his spiritual sense, he was able to scare the experts of the Dongfang family away.

The moment Chen Xiang walked out of the Super Dan Imperial College, he saw Liu Meng'er walking over from a verdant pathway. The person in charge of the Divine Weapons Heavenly Country was actually able to come and go freely in the Super Martial School, and this was all because of Chen Xiang.

"Young Master Shen, your complexion is not bad!" Liu Meng'er's voice revealed a dense jealousy, her beautiful eyes lightly glared at Chen Xiang.

"Hehe, not bad, that demoness served me well." Chen Xiang laughed sinisterly: "Elder Sister Meng'er, the water inside is still hot. You came from afar, do you want me to ma.s.sage your back … …"

Liu Meng'er scoffed, and suddenly thought of the scene where Hua Xiangyue and Chen Xiang were bathing together. She snorted, "Little scoundrel, just don't go too far into the fire, so as to not injure your body."

Chen Xiang secretly laughed in his heart. With Long Xueyi's guidance, not only would he not dodge, he would also be able to cultivate together with that beautiful female slave.

"Got it." Chen Xiang earnestly nodded his head, and then, he wanted to invite Liu Meng'er into the Super Dan Imperial College.

"I won't go in. Xianxian and You Lan might need to cross Nirvana Doom. Help them to prepare. Liu Meng'er couldn't help but admire Chen Xiang's ability in this area. Not only could it let others know the various dangers that he would face during his tribulation, it could also provide him with high-quality medicinal pellets.

He was probably the only expert at transcending tribulation in this new world!

"They are so fast … This is troublesome, let this little girl Youlan pa.s.s through Nirvana Doom, she will definitely yell about fighting with me everyday. If I can't defeat her, I will definitely be ruthlessly tortured to death by her. " Chen Xiang's heart suddenly felt heavy.

"Who told you to know all day long … , You Lan and the others were training hard every day, not to mention, in those Time Formation s. Right, what did you give Youlan? She has become much more powerful now. In the past, Xianxian would often be able to defeat her, but now, they are evenly matched. " Liu Meng'er frowned and asked.

"I'll tell you later!" Chen Xiang said with a smile, his face full of joy, because he knew that Leng Youlan's White Dragon Vein had already awakened.

Liu Meng'er rolled her eyes at him, and then left hurriedly. She and Dongfang Xinyue had obtained the Divine Book, and were currently researching on the powerful formations inside, if they could use the formations well, they would be able to obtain an extremely strong defensive strength and offensive ability. If they could learn one or two before the Great War between Three Realms arrived, then it would be extremely useful.

On the way to the Forbidden Sky Cavern, Chen Xiang met him.

"Liu Meng'er left?" Gu Dongchen asked.

"You knew she was coming?" Chen Xiang had thought that Liu Meng'er had walked in alone.

"Of course I know. This is the Super Martial profound Realm, of course I should know that such a powerful person has entered." Gu Dongchen said, then gave an ambiguous smile: "Little Junior Master, you're awesome. Junior Sister is already yours now!"

"Xiangyue Qi came to find you and the little baldy." Chen Xiang pretended not to care and asked.

"When we learned the truth, we were both surprised. We felt like we had been played for years." Every time Hua Xiangyue helped him refine pills, she would beat him up. But now, she knew that it was her Junior Sister.

"Every time I looked for Junior Sister to refine pills, she would always play missing, or should I say she was busy, causing me to have no choice but to go to Dan Fragrance Pure Land, then my Spar … Sigh, the past cannot bear to think back! " Gu Dongchen's face was filled with anger, he felt that Chen Xiang would definitely be like this in the future.

Chen Xiang patted his shoulder, and laughed: "Don't worry, once Junior Master is stronger, you will not be tricked by her again. At that time, Junior Master will definitely give you a good price."

Watching Chen Xiang laugh and leave, Gu Dongchen curled his lips and said, "After Great War between Three Realms pa.s.ses, I will pa.s.s through the Nine Tribulations and ascend. I definitely won't let you Alchemist continue to cheat me!"

Chen Xiang went to look for Huang Jintian, but when Huang Jintian found out that Chen Xiang was down there to cultivate, he was not courteous at all. He needed to train his disciple well, and every time he saw Chen Xiang use the powerful Devil-suppressing holy power, Huang Jintian would grit his teeth in hatred.

------- In the new world, almost every continent was talking about Dongfang Lingyun planning to murder Dongfang Chaoqun and her. After all, this was one of the top forces in the new world, yet such a scandal had actually occurred.

It was at this time that Dongfang Chaoqun made use of this good opportunity to join hands with Dongfang Xinyue and incite many loyal disciples of the Dongfang family to take back their Patriarch's seat.

In order to prevent Dongfang Lingyun from leading the Dongfang family to war, some of the Chen Martial Continent's forces expressed their support for Dongfang Chaoqun.

Because the power of the Chen Martial Continent was very important to the alliance of the Mortal Martial Realm, the alliance also expressed their support.

In order to not be annihilated by the Dongfang Family, all the big shots forces around the Dongfang Family territory started to find Dongfang Chaoqun to discuss with him in detail. As long as Dongfang Chaoqun promised not to expand, they were willing to help him defeat Dongfang Lingyun.

All along, the group of elders led by Dongfang Lingyun had proposed to expand, resulting in many ma.s.sacres in this new world. Now, in order to suppress Dongfang Lingyun, this new world actually had a tacit agreement to unite with him. This kind of unity made many powers feel very gratified.

Dongfang Lingyun was a very cunning person, he had already predicted that such a thing would happen, so he had already found a way out, he did not retaliate, but hid inside the Dan Alliance instead. He gave out ten Nature fruit s, not giving them away for free.

Originally, everyone thought that they would fight with Dongfang Lingyun, but who knew that Dongfang Lingyun would suddenly disappear, and the Dongfang family members would lose their leader, and the elders would also disappear for a long time as well. This way, Dongfang Chaoqun could easily become the Clan Leader, but the Dongfang family had already been hollowed out by the elders and Dongfang Lingyun, thus the new world's number one power was destroyed overnight.

Dongfang Chaoqun did not have any ambitions in the first place. He only wanted to develop the Dongfang family well and preserve the bloodline's inheritance. It was only because Dongfang Lingyun had gained power in the family and joined hands with the strongest people in the Dongfang family that he was powerless to resist.

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