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** After that, a dubious atmosphere permeated the elegant hall in the bamboo building. A man and a woman lay on the ground, their clothes scattered about, the scene looked endless …

Hua Xiangyue, who had been beaten into a pulp, gradually recovered as well. At this moment, she was still lying in Chen Xiang's embrace, enjoying the indescribable scent, which was filled with all kinds of emotions, as a woman for the first time, her face had a look of love and charisma that she had never had before. Seeing that, Chen Xiang became excited once again, he turned around and suppressed the charming Hua Xiangyue.

Inside a bath in the bamboo house, Chen Xiang looked at the beauty who had a face full of rosy light and giggled, "Who asked you to seduce me? But you must have also received quite a few benefits!"

"d.a.m.ned little scoundrel, you actually dare to use such a skill. It seems like my worries for you are unnecessary." Hua Xiangyue pouted. She then walked to Chen Xiang's side and obediently washed his body.

Chen Xiang laughed: "If those Evil Demons came to tempt me, I would definitely kill you. For a female slave with a symbol like you, all the Evil Demons are just like floating clouds."

The happy aftertaste from before had left him with an unforgettable aftertaste.

Hua Xiangyue did not expect that Chen Xiang would actually eat her, at first she was worried that because of her Innate Qi being too strong, it would affect Chen Xiang, and at first when Chen Xiang had entered her body, the strong Innate Qi in her body had started to devour Chen Xiang crazily, but then suddenly stopped, and only gave rise to a wonderful feeling.

Later on, not only did she not cause any harm to Chen Xiang, she even made her Fire Soul become stronger. Earlier on, Chen Xiang had known that if she combined with a woman, it would be able to make her Fire Soul evolve.

"Hmph, why didn't you eat Meng Er? "You only know how to bully your servant!" Hua Xiangyue scoffed and pinched an egg on Chen Xiang's lower body.

"You have to know that her disciple is my real wife. She might not be mentally ready yet, so take your time." Chen Xiang's eyes shone with an evil light as he looked at Hua Xiangyue's jade-like face and hugged the beauty up.

Hua Xiangyue struggled free from Chen Xiang, and said tenderly: "Didn't you say that when you wanted to eat me, you needed the permission of your fairy wife?"

Chen Xiang couldn't help but sigh. "Of course she agrees, she already knows about the matter between Meng'er and I, and also knows about the matter between you and I. Even though she didn't say it, she hears it in her heart more than anyone else."

"For the time being, don't tell Meng'er about the matter between you and me." Hua Xiangyue was also a little tired at the moment, so he leaned against Chen Xiang's chest and closed his eyes. Chen Xiang heated up the water in the bath and then hugged Hua Xiangyue to rest in the bath.

"Xiangyue, where did you hide Qianqian?" Chen Xiang asked softly.

"Bad boy, don't hurt her. She's the successor that I think highly of, in the future, she will not only be in charge of the Dan Fragrance Pure Land, but will also have to serve as the Alchemist." Hua Xiangyue enjoyed the comfortable immersion within the hot water, and leaned into her lover's embrace, which made her feel extremely comfortable. As she spoke, she fell asleep.

Chen Xiang really wanted to call Su Meiyao out to wash together, the two of them were extremely beautiful.

"This little demoness earned so much, taking care of two people by herself, there are a lot of medicinal ingredients that you gave to Hua Xiangyue and Elder Dan." Long Xueyi laughed tenderly: "No wonder she is so dead set on you."

In the morning of the second day, Hua Xiangyue managed to become the Elder Dan again. She still had to keep her ident.i.ty a secret, and she had already pa.s.sed the eighth level of Nirvana Tribulation. Her previous strength was unfathomable, but now, it would definitely be even stronger.

"I will be very busy during this period of time. The sudden appearance of a new world will definitely catch all of the powerhouses unprepared, especially those who think they are well-prepared." Hua Xiangyue could naturally tell that Chen Xiang wanted to be together with her.

"En, when we were at Great War between Three Realms, it was all up to you strong warriors." Chen Xiang nodded his head. Originally, he had planned to help her refine some Heaven level s, but he did not lack any of those Heaven level s, as he had copied a lot of them.

"I'll go scare them. Senior brother and junior brother, it's time for them to know my ident.i.ty." Hua Xiangyue laughed.

"So my master already knew who you were. He actually hid it from me." Chen Xiang could hardly believe that the old madman would actually keep his mouth shut.

"I will return to the Dan Fragrance Pure Land for a period of time. Before, I spent too much time trying to transcend the tribulation. The Dan Fragrance Pure Land has many things that I have to take care of." Hua Xiangyue said.

"Do you want me to ask Warm Moon to help you? She's your good sister right now." Chen Xiang laughed.

"Meng Er and I are already jealous of the man we stole, and now we are even s.n.a.t.c.hing Warm Moon from her …" Hua Xiangyue laughed and left the Super Dan Imperial College.

After Hua Xiangyue left, Chen Xiang muttered: "Zi Yue Realm, are there a lot of Fire Soul s here?"

Now that Chen Xiang had a Leihun fruit, it meant that he could hear how many copies the creation divine liquid made, and the Leihun fruit's use was to make the people who cultivate lightning attribute Innate Qi even more powerful. Although there were less, it wasn't as useful as the Fire Soul.

The Fire Soul could make the Alchemist and artificers even stronger, and the only way for Chen Xiang to obtain the Fire Soul now was to look for the people inside the Fire Divine Palace.

"Five Elements Profound Dan, and profound energy Quenching body Dan, these are all high grade Ground level pills. If I eat them now, it would be a bit of a waste." These pellets were bought by Chen Xiang from the Sacred Dan Realm. If the Chaotic Mountain hadn't put him in danger and told him to leave the Sacred Dan Realm in a hurry, he would have definitely get Yan Zilan to get some medicinal pellets for him.

had eaten the Five Elements Profound Dan twice, and each time, it had a very good effect. However, with his current body, the Profound Origin Quenching body Dan shouldn't have much of an effect on it.

"If you want to cultivate your body now, you can only do it through the Fire G.o.d method. The Body Refinement Realm technique is very helpful in training your body, I estimate that Fire Divine Palace Lord Han Lie would use the Fire G.o.d method to temper his body." Su Meiyao said.

"Does that mean I only need to eat Five Elements Profound Dan?" Chen Xiang was only at the middle stage of the Hundred refining realm.

You are currently in the Hundred refining realm, primarily cultivating your physical body, which is already very strong, if you want to reach the peak, I'm afraid that it will be very difficult, I think you can go to the Earth Core to cultivate. Su Meiyao said: "But now is not the time, you should first master all of those Demon Suppressing Arts, and also …. Sound Kill Magic Power. "

The Sound Kill Magic Power was obtained by Chen Xiang while he was in the Sacred Dan Realm, after he devoured the memories of others, as long as he was struck by the terrifying killer Demon Qi, his entire body would crack and he would die a miserable death.

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