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After Chen Xiang finished refining, he was dragged onto the Frisbee by Gu Dongchen. Right now, he was not determined to win or lose, but he wanted to leave this place first, because he could not stay here for long.

After flying out of the profound Realm, Chen Xiang said with a grin: "I won!" Then, he waved the three black Nine quenching body Dan s in his hand.

Liu Meng'er laughed, "Are you still hallucinating? Look at the Elder Dan, they are two shiny golden pellets!"

Chen Xiang looked at the pill in Elder Dan's jade box, and immediately exclaimed: "Little girl, you're really powerful, to be able to refine two high quality pills!"

Gu Dongchen laughed: "Junior master, have you gone stupid inside? Those three pills you refined were a failure, if you work hard, maybe you will succeed in the future. Look at your Nine quenching body Dan, they are not even a little bit of Medicine aura."

Chen Xiang intentionally scolded: "What do you know? Are you Alchemist? I am a Nine quenching body Dan of the Peak quality! "

Peak quality? Gu Dongchen and the others were immediately confused.

Chen Xiang gave one pellet to the Elder Dan and said, "If you don't believe me, take one yourself!"

This was the first time Elder Dan had heard that Nine quenching body Dan had Peak quality. She took the Nine quenching body Dan and ate it inside her mask.

Not long later, he heard a surprised sigh from the Elder Dan, "That's right, the quality is better than mine, I … I've lost! "

Chen Xiang immediately laughed complacently: "Take it, the Nine quenching body Dan's medicinal ingredients are yours … … I'll return it to you as well, and the ingredients for this Spirit-Sobering Pill. "

Elder Dan was actually defeated by a little kid named Chen Xiang. Although she was mysterious, her reputation had always been great, otherwise Dan Alliance would not have invited her to join them last time. But now, she was actually defeated by a little brat like Chen Xiang, even though Chen Xiang was her senior uncle master.

"Hehe, when will you let me see your true face?" Chen Xiang rubbed his hands and said excitedly. The truth of the Elder Dan had always been a mystery to them, even Gu Dongchen and the others were extremely curious.

"I will keep my promise!" Elder Dan only replied coldly.

Chen Xiang sneaked a glance at Liu Meng'er, only to see that Liu Meng'er did not care, and this made Chen Xiang feel that it did not make sense, he should be jealous, because Elder Dan had even promised to be his woman.

She was now Chen Xiang's female slave. She had no right to interfere with the master's business, she felt that having such a powerful Dan King by Chen Xiang's side was definitely a good thing.

"We'll be leaving first." Liu Meng'er flew away with Dongfang Xinyue, while the Elder Dan grabbed onto Chen Xiang: "Follow me back to Super Dan Imperial College."

This caused Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming to be a little disappointed, because even though the Elder Dan had been with them for so many years, they had never seen the Elder Dan's face while Chen Xiang had.

"Is Senior Sister really so ugly?" Wu Kaiming suddenly said.

"Little baldy, do you want to die?" Hearing Junior Sister's words, your head, hehe … " Gu Dongchen laughed.

Inside the Super Dan Imperial College, in the quiet bamboo house, the Elder Dan sat on a chair. The wooden mask gave off a mysterious feeling, and Chen Xiang was able to quickly remove the mysterious veil.

What did she look like? What was his real name? Is she as beautiful as I imagined? Chen Xiang didn't know how many times he had asked these questions in his heart.

"Can I take off your mask?" Chen Xiang asked, he wanted to confirm something.

"Sure, but after you take it down, you must marry me!" The Elder Dan's words suddenly made Chen Xiang shudder.

What if it was some kind of monster? Then wouldn't I lose? Chen Xiang was suddenly worried.

"I've said it before, my appearance is absolutely not inferior to that celestial wife of yours!" Elder Dan's words made Chen Xiang feel a lot more at ease.

Chen Xiang took a deep breath, calmed the thumping heart in his heart, then walked over, extended his hand, and slowly took off the mask.

His mouth was wide open, he never thought that underneath the mask, would actually be a charming and beautiful jade face that captivated the soul. Furthermore, that pair of lips were slightly raised, revealing a charming smile that was filled with the power of captivating souls.

"Flower... Hua Xiangyue! " Chen Xiang struggled to shout out these three words. This Elder Dan was actually Hua Xiangyue!

It was hard for him to believe, but he quickly thought of many things. Elder Dan and Hua Xiangyue had never appeared together, Elder Dan rarely went out to travel, but there was an unceasing flow of medicinal pellets. Chen Xiang remembered that when he first obtained the Five elements Zhenyuan Dan, the Elder Dan had mysteriously appeared in the Fragrance City.

"Scoundrel master, you never thought of that, right?" Hua Xiangyue giggled.

Both Hua Xiangyue and the Elder Dan had helped him greatly. For example, the Foreseeing Alchemy and the Magic method furnace were activated by Hua Xiangyue and then he had entered his Spiritual World to refine pills.

"When I first entered the Super Martial School's Martial Arts Academy, why did you make things difficult for me like this?" Chen Xiang still didn't quite understand.

"At that time, I was indeed doing it for your own good. Don't you remember that you were a troublemaker? The people in the Inner Martial Academy are not to be trifled with. However, I have underestimated you. Hua Xiangyue's eyes moved his restless heart at all times.

"So this old lunatic knows your ident.i.ty?" Chen Xiang remembered that the last time he wanted to help Hua Xiangyue ask for the Sky Pearl, Huang Jintian had rejected him immediately without telling him the reason either.

Hua Xiangyue nodded: "Your Elder Sister Meng'er knows this too, hehe … It's just that I let her keep it a secret for me. "

The Elder Dan always gave Chen Xiang a familiar feeling, and when they were talking they pretended to be cold, but now he finally understood.

"Even Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming don't know who I am, but my master does. Not only are you my Junior Master, you are also my master …" Hua Xiangyue came over to Chen Xiang's side and whispered in his ear.

Chen Xiang snorted, he finally understood why Liu Meng'er wasn't jealous previously, she had already known this a long time ago.

"This means that there's only one female Dan King in all of Chen Martial Continent and it's really not easy for you to play the part of two of them." Chen Xiang suddenly embraced Hua Xiangyue's waist, and with a stroke of his hand, he placed his hand on her perky b.u.t.t, and then pinched it with great force.

Hua Xiangyue let out an intoxicating moan: "Scoundrel Master, I'm really tired from doing this, I can relax now, I can often be with you in the future … … Happy and carefree, hehe … "

Hua Xiangyue was not the least bit tired, because she normally did not have to bother much with Super Martial School's matters. She would only help Gu Dongchen and the others refine a few high levelled pills, and Dan Fragrance Pure Land would usually provide all the pills that Super Martial School needed.

The relationship between the Dan Fragrance Pure Land and himself was so close that it turned out that the Elder Dan was actually Hua Xiangyue and Hua Xiangyue was the Leader!

"Oh right, Xiangyue, I found a sister for you. Her name is Dongfang Xinyue, you should have seen her before." Chen Xiang giggled: "She's the same as you, I don't know why her brain's broken, but she's actually willing to be my female slave!"

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