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As expected, Chen Xiang wanted to use the Magic method furnace, and right now, he was not affected by the energy, making it very easy for him to use the Magic method furnace. The reason he wanted to destroy the pill furnace was because he wanted to use the materials inside as fuel for the flames, so that his flames could last a little longer.

Indeed, on the lowest level of Magic method furnace, which was filled with the broken pieces of the pill furnace, Chen Xiang controlled the Fire Acc.u.mulation Pearl to release flames and burn the pieces of the pill.

Dongfang Xinyue was dumbstruck. It was her first time seeing such a consummate skill like Chen Xiang's.

However, Elder Dan shook his head and said, "Even so, it's still far from enough. Nine quenching body Dan consumes a lot of fire."

Chen Xiang was also very clear on this point, so he had to use another method, which was to compress the flames, make the flames stronger, and in a short period of time, produce an extremely strong explosive force, and burn those medicinal herbs to separate the Medicine aura and medicinal powder. This kind of thought was very bold, if others knew, they would say that he was a madman, because doing so would only destroy those medicinal herbs, and the flames were too fierce, and would indeed instantly destroy the medicinal herbs.

The flames inside the Magic method furnace were ignited in flames, and under the pressure of Chen Xiang's mana, the flames slowly compressed and became stronger.

This was a taboo in concocting pills, because the ingredients needed to be complete so that they would not leak out the spirit energy inside. However, Chen Xiang could use his powers to wrap around the broken pieces of the spirit beast, preventing the spirit energy inside from leaking out.

Only Elder Dan could see what Chen Xiang was thinking at the moment. What made her more shocked was that Chen Xiang's powerful consciousness was actually able to prevent the spirit energy from leaking out.

After splitting the Nine quenching body Dan s' medicinal ingredients into small pieces, Chen Xiang released an even stronger mana, and those flames had already been compressed to the extreme. Chen Xiang poured the medicinal ingredients into the Magic method furnace, and those medicinal ingredients started to melt under the heat, releasing all kinds of beautiful multicolored light.

It was not the first time that Liu Meng'er and the others had seen such a beautiful scene. Although they did not seem surprised, they were still amazed by it in their hearts, while Dongfang Xinyue seemed to be intoxicated by it.

"It's about to begin!" Chen Xiang's expression became serious, the flames underneath the Magic method furnace suddenly erupted, producing a burst of extremely intense flames, causing the dusky profound Realm to suddenly light up incomparably bright, and after the medicinal herbs received such a sudden impact, they also erupted with many different kinds of bright red light, which were actually burnt into Medicine aura s and medicinal powders in an instant.

The Elder Dan and Su Meiyao who were inside the Youyao Yugong were stunned. This method of refining pills could be said to be berserk, but they had to admit, Chen Xiang had succeeded, and even saved a lot of speed, however, this required an astonishing amount of control to do so. Elder Dan and Su Meiyao had immersed themselves in the path of pills for many years, so it was not like they had not thought of this before. They all knew how difficult this would be.

But now that Chen Xiang had succeeded, and even more importantly, it was a success, Chen Xiang's comprehension ability made them feel inferior.

had directly entered into the late stage of the pill refining stage and began to condense the pellet!

"Senior sister, this Nine quenching body Dan is usually only capable of producing one pellet. It is extremely rare to see two of such high quality pellets." Wu Kaiming said.

Dongfang Xinyue also nodded: "Those Alchemist I know, I can only refine one pellet. Elder Dan, you are much more powerful than that whatever Dan King."

Although Elder Dan was praised, she was not proud at all. She said lightly: "This is all because of Junior Master, otherwise, I would probably only be able to produce one pill. His spirit of alchemy has made me understand a lot, my current alchemy skills have improved a lot, it's all because of him!"

In terms of pill refining, Chen Xiang had always received the respect of many Alchemist s. Even for Alchemist who had more experience than Chen Xiang, whenever they talked about Chen Xiang, they would feel guilty. Of course, this was only the Alchemist above him, because they often saw Chen Xiang refining pills.

She felt that no matter how strong Chen Xiang was, he should be the same as her, or at most, a draw. Furthermore, she was faster than Chen Xiang, so it could be said that she had won. However, she was more familiar with this environment than Chen Xiang, so a draw was the best outcome.

Chen Xiang didn't know what kind of Nine quenching body Dan Elder Dan would refine, nor would he think about it. All he wanted to do now was to use his best condition to refine this Nine quenching body Dan to the extreme.

There was still some fire inside the Fire Acc.u.mulation Bead that was able to maintain the temperature inside the Magic method furnace. This was exactly what Chen Xiang had calculated.

The ball of air formed by the fusion of Medicine aura and medicinal powder inside the Magic method furnace was emitting a golden light.

At this moment, Elder Dan was watching intently. When she saw Chen Xiang divide the ball of air into three parts, her heart couldn't help but jump.

Seeing this scene, Dongfang Xinyue almost cried out in alarm, because this was the first time she had seen Chen Xiang do such an astonishing action. Even Gu Dongchen and the others wanted to shout out, because Chen Xiang was simply too heaven defying!

A portion of the Nine quenching body Dan's medicinal ingredients, was only able to produce one pellet for the majority of the high levelled Alchemist s. For Elder Dan to make a breakthrough, condensing two pellets was already extremely rare, but Chen Xiang had only produced three at the moment!

If it was Heaven level Pills, then the harvest obtained would be one or two times more than the other Alchemist s. Moreover, the ingredients for the High Rank Pills were extremely precious, so if there were more from Alchemist Pills, then it would be able to reflect the value of the Alchemist s even more.

As the clouds in the Magic method furnace dimmed, three pills were formed, surrounded by a golden mist. Chen Xiang opened his eyes, his face was covered in sweat, and it was obvious that he had worked hard to refine the pill this time.

The high quality Nine quenching body Dan was golden, but Chen Xiang's three Nine quenching body Dan were indeed black, could it be that they had failed?

Elder Dan and the others could not help but feel disappointed. Chen Xiang had tried very hard, but failed!

However, what they did not know was that this black Nine quenching body Dan was the Peak quality! When Chen Xiang was in Sacred Dan Realm, he was appraised by the Dan Immortal.

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