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In the eyes of the spectators like Gu Dongchen, Elder Dan was way ahead of Chen Xiang. Although Chen Xiang had refined a G.o.d Power Pill later on, but compared to Elder Dan, it was really a far cry from it. It was because Elder Dan was not affected by the confused mind and energy, while Chen Xiang was tormented like an idiot.

Even now, Chen Xiang would wave his hands from time to time to open up the corpses on his body. Of course, this was all an illusion, to others, Chen Xiang's body was completely empty.

Chen Xiang was still unable to enter that state to concoct pills, he could successfully concoct G.o.d Power Pills, but in the process of concocting, he was still disturbed. He could only rely on his extremely strong mental strength to persevere through, if he was disturbed from concocting Nine quenching body Dan, if he failed, there would be no chance at all.

"It seems like the amount of fire stored in this Fire Storage Pearl was carefully planned by Elder Dan. If the fire is not enough, refining the Nine quenching body Dan will fail as well." Su Meiyao said. The pill refining dilemma Chen Xiang was facing was unprecedented.

"Just refine the Nine quenching body Dan!" Chen Xiang frowned, his face was disgusted as he looked at the Corrupt Corpses approaching him, and with a tremble, he pushed them away, making him feel better.

However, right at that moment, a gloomy and gloomy roar suddenly came out, the ground slightly trembled, and a rotten beast came out from the ground, rushing straight at Chen Xiang.

Although it was just an illusion, Chen Xiang knew that too. Thus, he did not plan to dodge it, but in his heart, he could not help but feel an unusual stimulation. The huge beast rushed over and swallowed Chen Xiang whole.

Chen Xiang had died in that illusion just now, and had arrived at an area with an even worse environment. The entire place was filled with thick red blood, and as far as the eye could see, a sea of blood, and the stench of blood that drifted about, made people feel nauseous. At the same time, waves of a dark wind was blowing, causing Chen Xiang to feel extremely cold.

Although there weren't any disgusting rotting corpses this time, there were all sorts of wails and hisses coming from all directions. That kind of sound was as if the evil spirits of h.e.l.l were being tortured.

Chen Xiang suddenly felt that this place was like h.e.l.l. If he died under this illusion, he would go to an even more terrifying place.

The deeper he went, the more felt that everything around him was real. At this moment, that roar filled with endless hatred made him feel extremely uncomfortable, his heart felt like it was being pierced by needles, and his head felt waves of pain, making him unable to concentrate on concocting pills.

In this state, not to mention concocting pills, it was difficult even for him to process the medicinal herbs because under the noise, he became restless.

Even though Chen Xiang had covered his ears, he could still hear them clearly. The voices did not come from the outside world, but had come from his brain, which had already been deceived by the mysterious power, and could allow him to hear these nonexistent sounds.

"I must overcome this!" Chen Xiang clenched his fists tightly, closed his eyes, and tried his best not to be affected by the sound. Then, he slowly relaxed and thought about nothing …

Time trickled by, and Chen Xiang's tightly knitted eyebrows loosened up. Right now, he felt much better, and when he opened his eyes, he suddenly saw that his surroundings were empty, as if there was nothing between heaven and earth, just him and the pill furnace. This was his own world, a world of consciousness that would not be affected by any outsiders.

Chen Xiang had finally entered this spiritual world that belonged to him. At this moment, he had completely lost all contact with the outside world and the three women inside the Youyao Yugong were unable to talk to him.

Elder Dan had already finished refining the Nine quenching body Dan, and were two high quality Nine quenching body Dan. Elder Dan was very satisfied with his result, but seeing that Elder Dan had succeeded, Liu Meng'er immediately controlled his flying disc to fly over, pulling the jade face flying disc over.

"This kid hasn't started to forge pills yet?" She had high expectations for Chen Xiang. The reason she brought Chen Xiang here was so that Chen Xiang could master a power that many Alchemist didn't have, and that was to enter his own Spiritual World.

"He just finished refining the G.o.d Power Pill, and then he became like this." Gu Dongchen said: "Junior Sister, Junior Martial Uncle's level is much lower than yours. It looks like you have victory in your hands, you don't need to marry him."

Dongfang Xinyue was a little surprised. This Elder Dan had such a high level of alchemy, after all, he could be considered a Dan King. He actually had this sort of agreement with Chen Xiang.

When Elder Dan saw Chen Xiang's calm face, she secretly sighed with emotion. She could tell that Chen Xiang had already submitted to her with great difficulty, and it had taken her a very long time to reach this realm. It was just as she had imagined, Chen Xiang's potential was extremely terrifying.

"Not necessarily!" Elder Dan said in a deep voice.

Gu Dongchen was startled, and a look of worry actually appeared on his face: "Junior Sister, if you were to become his woman, then wouldn't your seniority be a generation higher than me?"

"Humph!" The Elder Dan snorted and quickly shut Gu Dongchen up.

Chen Xiang took out the Nine quenching body Dan's medicinal ingredients and started to carefully process them. Right now, he did not think too much about it, the compet.i.tion with the Elder Dan had been thrown to the back of his mind. The current him only wanted to refine this Nine quenching body Dan well, even if the sky were to fall on him, it would not affect him.

"The flames are not enough!" Chen Xiang held the Fire Acc.u.mulation Orb and was able to accurately determine it, but he was not the least bit worried.

Because Chen Xiang was disturbed earlier, he slowed down his refining speed and used his flames to slowly burn them little by little, causing the flames to consume too much energy.

However, Elder Dan saw that Chen Xiang did not have a single trace of worry, which meant that Chen Xiang had a way to fix it, which made her feel extremely surprised.

"If he doesn't have enough flame power, how will he deal with it?" The Elder Dan muttered.

Suddenly, Chen Xiang smashed the pill furnace with his palm, causing everyone to open their eyes wide in shock, Chen Xiang actually destroyed the pill furnace!

Especially Dongfang Xinyue, she immediately shouted: "Is he admitting defeat now? "If he doesn't have a pill furnace, how is he going to concoct pills?"

However, Liu Meng'er and the people who were familiar with Chen Xiang knew that he still had a mystical Magic method furnace. It was just that they couldn't understand why Chen Xiang destroyed that perfectly fine pill furnace.

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