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Chen Xiang now understood why this place could make people turn into madmen. This kind of illusion was extremely unbearable, whether it was real or fake, he couldn't not do anything, and furthermore, he was still concocting pills, not to mention concocting pills that he was unfamiliar with, even if he tried to concoct pills, it would be difficult to concoct them in this kind of environment.

He felt that even if all the girls he knew were stripped away, he would still be able to calm down and concoct pills. But now, this disgusting thing that was half dead … But he walked closer and closer.

The worst part was that there were more and more of them. He was not afraid, but he felt disgusted.

"They're coming over, what should we do?" Long Xueyi asked.

If it was real, Chen Xiang could kill one with a single punch, but it was all an illusion. If he made a move, he would be tricked, but he would not make a move, and these disgusting things might even climb onto his body.

"F * ck off." Chen Xiang couldn't help but take action, his palm struck the old man who came over first, and after hitting the head, a thick green substance exploded out, splattering all over his body.

"Is this true?" Chen Xiang's eyes were wide open. He could clearly feel that thing that was like sauce stuck to his body, and it had even slowly stayed behind.

"Illusion, your five senses have been affected by the illusion. That's why you think that it's really true. Endure it, and don't attack again." Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang's body trembled, he closed his eyes and roared out in his heart, "Endure it …"

Just as he was determined to endure whatever happened, something crawled up behind him, and when he turned to look, he saw a very disgusting woman with half a head, kissing his handsome face with that mouth.

"I can't take it anymore." Chen Xiang roared out explosively, grabbed onto the half of the head and flung it with great force. At this time, the half dead corpses all crawled over, and many of them crawled onto his body to bite him.

"All of you, scram." Chen Xiang held the pill furnace in one hand, waved his fist around, opening up all the things on his body.

Dongfang Xinyue giggled when she saw that, "The power that can confuse one's mind is so powerful, I really want to give it a try."

"If you are not like the Elder Dan who is trying to gain experience, it would be best if you did not try." Liu Meng'er's face was also covered in a mischievous smile.

Of course, Chen Xiang didn't know that others were laughing at him, but he knew that if this continued, he wouldn't be able to concoct any pills.

"You can only seal your five senses and enter a state where only you and the furnace can do so. Do you still remember when you accidentally entered the best condition for your cultivation?" Su Meiyao said.

Chen Xiang immediately replied, "I remember. At that time, I felt that even the time had changed!"

"That's right. Pill forging can also mean that you have reached such a level. Try it yourself, otherwise, you will lose for sure." Su Meiyao said.

Chen Xiang started to feel that the reason Elder Dan came here to cultivate was perhaps to pursue that realm, and perhaps she had already achieved it. Even though he and Elder Dan did not interact often, he felt that there was a very intimate feeling between them, and always felt that Elder Dan was very familiar.

He suddenly felt that the Elder Dan had purposely placed her here for him to comprehend that realm. It was for his own good.

Chen Xiang slightly sighed, he breathed with a rhythm, and did not care about the rotten corpses pulling his hair or chewing his flesh, he was completely focused on refining the pills.

Elder Dan had already finished refining the G.o.d Power Pill. After consuming the G.o.d Power Pill, her power had increased by a lot, so she opened the black box. Inside the box were the ingredients to refine the Spirit Recovery Pill and the other half of the Nine quenching body Dan.

However, Elder Dan did not refine the Spirit Returning Pill, and had even directly refined the Nine quenching body Dan. If Chen Xiang were to see it now, he would understand why Elder Dan had said before that there were only two kinds of Earth Grade Low Rank Dan s to refine during the compet.i.tion.

But she felt that Chen Xiang might need it, so she made the arrangements for Chen Xiang. After consuming the Spirit Returning Pill, it would allow a person to not be distracted for a short period of time, so they would be able to calmly refine the Nine quenching body Dan.

Being pressed down by a group of disgusting corpses was indeed very uncomfortable, but Chen Xiang was able to calm his heart and isolate the illusions that were affecting him.

In this kind of suffering, Chen Xiang had finally burned away the Energetic Fruit and turned it into medicinal powder and Medicine aura. After seeing some results, he was secretly happy in his heart.

The flames he used were from the Fire Acc.u.mulation Pearl, and he had suffered greatly from the effects of the mental confusion that had caused him to progress to this point. Thus, he was quite satisfied with his own performance.

At this point, the effects of the hallucinations were gradually weakening. At least, when he ate his body, he would not feel any pain. After closing his eyes, he could not even hear any sounds, and the stench gradually disappeared as well.

He, who had gradually entered the higher realms, had increased his speed by a lot. When he reached the Core Formation stage, only with his rich pill refining experience could he compete with the Elder Dan in such a harsh environment.

Consuming the G.o.d Power Pill would increase the strength of the body, and for most of the powerful Innate Qi warriors, the power of the body would not be of any use at all, so it was a type of pill that was rarely used.

But in this environment where he couldn't use the Innate Qi, this G.o.d Power Pill was extremely useful.

Looking at the grey pellet in the furnace, Chen Xiang waved his hand and slapped away a person who climbed to the side of the furnace.

Chen Xiang did not eat the G.o.d Power Pill, but instead tried to see if he could open the black box. It was difficult to open no matter how much strength he used, so after consuming the G.o.d Power Pill, his body's strength suddenly increased by a lot, allowing him to open the black box very easily.

"The difficulty of refining the Spirit Returning Pill isn't too high. Under normal circ.u.mstances, you should be able to deal with it easily. However, now …"

Chen Xiang interrupted Su Meiyao and said: "Elder Dan said before that the final result would be the quality of the Nine quenching body Dan. If I were to start refining the Nine quenching body Dan now, I can skip over the Divine Restoration Pellet."

"You're right, but there is only one set of Nine quenching body Dan's ingredients. If you fail, you will lose, and if you concoct the Spirit-Returning Pill first and eat the Divine Returning Pill, you can easily concoct the Nine quenching body Dan." Su Meiyao said.

"However, I don't have much flame in the Fire Acc.u.mulation Pearl anymore. If I were to concoct the Spirit-Returning Pill, I might not have enough flame." Chen Xiang said. The fire stored in the Fire Storage Pearl was limited, but he had failed once in refining the G.o.d Power Pill, which was why he had consumed so much energy.

The Nine quenching body Dan was something that Chen Xiang had successfully refined and had even refined a Peak quality, so he was confident that he would succeed on his first try!

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