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Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou's consciousness were strong. Although they could not go far like the Heaven tour method, they could clearly see the voices, smell, aura and sights around Chen Xiang. At this time, their divine senses would also be affected, and what they saw would be the same as what Chen Xiang saw.

Being able to connect with these three women also made Chen Xiang heave a sigh of relief. "Then, will you be affected within the Youyao Yugong?"

"As long as we release our consciousness, I will also see whatever you see! But Gu Dongchen and the rest are still beside you, I think that Elder Dan must have started to refine pills too! She's already familiar with this kind of environment, so she has a huge advantage. No wonder her hidden energy is so powerful, it's because she's cultivating in this kind of environment. " Su Meiyao said.

Thinking that he was seen as an idiot by others, Chen Xiang felt very unhappy, he quickly put down the furnace and opened the red box, he then started to process the ingredients needed to concoct the G.o.d Power Pill.

There weren't many medicinal ingredients in the G.o.d Power Pill, nor were there any supplementary medicinal ingredients. There were only a few stone-like fruits, dark and una.s.suming. They were ice-cold to the touch, and one could tell at a glance that they were very difficult to burn.

"I've only made this G.o.d Power Pill twice, and it's a failure every time. It's a type of cold core that doesn't have much use. The ingredients are rare, and the difficulty is high." Su Meiyao sighed softly, "This Elder Dan has really put a lot of thought into this! "If you can't concoct this divine strength pill, you will lose the compet.i.tion for sure."

Lose? Although he had lost nothing, Chen Xiang did not want to lose at all. He knew that his level of refining the Ground level Pellet was limited and he had only refined Nine quenching body Dan s before.

"What's the main problem?" Chen Xiang followed the records and started to polish the stone-like medicinal ingredients. It had to be polished until it was smooth before the flames could penetrate it.

It's very difficult to burn, but once you burn it too much, the herbs will be broken. This kind of fruit with great strength, usually two of them can refine one furnace. There are four of them here, and they can allow you to refine two of them.

"You only have three chances of failure. I think you should be able to succeed." Su Meiyao encouraged her: "Don't ever lose to Elder Dan, she will laugh you to death."

"We can't lose!" Chen Xiang was extremely determined, he increased his speed to grind the strong fruit.

"That's right, it's the same as the Chunyuan fruit. If it explodes, then it will generate a lot of power. Be careful not to cause your pill furnace to explode." Su Meiyao warned.

Chen Xiang placed the Fire Acc.u.mulation Pearl on the lower level of the pill furnace and used his consciousness to control the flame inside to release, then placed the fruit into the yellow pill furnace. The quality of the pill furnace was not bad, but it was only not bad, and once there was an explosion, it would be easy to damage.

Of course, Chen Xiang had always used the Holy level Dragon Tool like the Yanlong furnace to refine pills, even if he had to concoct an immortal pill to explode, it would be difficult for the Yanlong furnace to damage it.

"Does he only use this little amount of medicinal herbs?" Gu Dongchen said, even a few Alchemist s did not know much about these cold core, let alone an amateur like him.

Inside the box, not only were there ingredients to refine Energetic Pills, there were also ingredients for half of the Nine quenching body Dan s.

When Chen Xiang first started refining the pellet, he used up a lot of his spirit power. Because the fire was not released by his body, he could not control it as he wanted, and could only use his spirit power.

In the beginning, Chen Xiang's progress had been rather smooth, he had mastered the Foreseeing Alchemy well, even though he had consumed a lot of spiritual sense.

During the training, he had made numerous mistakes, but he was able to correct them in time so as to avoid making mistakes. Just when he felt that the training had calmed down, a roar rang out.

"Motherf * cker, will these hallucinations affect me? That's easy my a.s.s! " Chen Xiang was suddenly worried.

"I don't know, I don't think so. This is just affecting your mind!" Long Xueyi said.

A giant beast suddenly jumped out of the sea, its body was full of long black thorns, it was shaped like a cow, and its body was huge. When it landed on the ground, the entire island shook violently, and the sea became turbulent.

The huge beast looked at Chen Xiang and roared, and then pounced towards Chen Xiang. Chen Xiang was startled, and subconsciously dodged, and even hugged onto the pill furnace.

After dodging, the array sea suddenly swept over, causing Chen Xiang to be unable to dodge and get hit by the array sea head. However, his body did not feel anything and it was only an illusion.

Gu Dongchen and the others who were watching from the side also felt that it was extremely funny.

Suddenly, the pill furnace started to shake, Chen Xiang was shocked, he anxiously opened the lid of the furnace, letting the energy from the fruit to gush out, to prevent the pill furnace from being destroyed. In that case, if he used the Magic method furnace, the pressure on his mind would be even greater.

After the sea pa.s.sed, Chen Xiang realised that the scenery around him had disappeared. It had become a gloomy and gloomy wasteland, and corpses could be seen everywhere. Some of the corpses were rotting, and a stench was being emitted.

"In your last hallucination, you were probably dead. That's why you came to this other illusion." Long Xueyi said in a serious tone: "If you die in this illusion, the following illusion will be even worse."

"So what? This is all an illusion. As long as I don't see it, I will not be affected by it." Chen Xiang continued to place the Great Strength Fruit in it. This new refining process was indeed easy to drive people crazy, but he was confident that he would not be turned into a madman.

Elder Dan was very quiet from the beginning to end, she did not make a fuss like Chen Xiang did. After all, she was cultivating here.

Chen Xiang closed his eyes and quietly refined the pills, but suddenly heard a "Kacha" sound, as well as a series of low and sinister howls, the cold wind blew, causing him to feel cold. When he opened his eyes, he could not help but exclaim in shock, because he saw a person eating the rotten corpses in the distance.

"It's just an illusion!" Chen Xiang took a deep breath, his mental fort.i.tude was not bad, and quickly threw all of these to the back of his mind.

The most unbearable thing was the chewing sounds. Moreover, there was a certain kind of power that guided him to imagine that disgusting scene. Combined with that stench, it almost caused him to shatter the pill furnace.

A series of footsteps could be heard, and his twitching eyelashes suddenly lifted. An extremely sinister looking old man crawled towards him. His eyes had already been dug out, and some green stuff was left in his mouth.

If this was not an illusion, Chen Xiang would definitely throw the pill furnace at him without any hesitation, affecting his mood.

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