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In the air above the beautiful mountain forest, Chen Xiang was currently looking around and did not discover any dangerous situations. Even though the spirit energy here was spa.r.s.e, because of this, very few people came here.

"There is a profound Realm nearby!" Long Xueyi seemed to have sensed something, "The dangerous place that can confuse the mind may very well be within that profound Realm."

The Elder Dan saw Chen Xiang's confused face and said: "Only a few of us Rankers know about this dangerous situation, and it's even in a profound Realm, I don't know how this profound Realm was formed, it's just like that profound Marital profound Realm, who can make people unable to use the Innate Qi, and at the same time, has a kind of extremely powerful bewitching energy."

Cannot use Innate Qi? Chen Xiang was extremely confused, "Then how do we use fire to refine pills?"

It was not the first time Gu Dongchen, Wu Kaiming and Liu Meng'er had entered a profound Realm that could not use the Innate Qi.

"I use this method to cultivate as often as I can." Elder Dan pa.s.sed Chen Xiang a pearl. This was Fire Acc.u.mulation Bead, it could store a large amount of flames inside, and in Liu Meng'er and Dongfang Xinyue's hands, there was one of Chen Xiang's Fire Acc.u.mulation Beads.

Suddenly, Chen Xiang felt that the difficulty of the pill refining had become great, because this was the first time he was using this method to refine pills. If he could not use Innate Qi, he would not be able to directly release the flames inside the fire bead.

Chen Xiang held onto the Fire Storage Bead and began to pour his Heaven fire into it, and then asked: "After entering, anyone would be confused by that kind of power, what about them?"

"Don't worry about us, all of us have formations protecting us from those powers." Liu Meng'er said, then looked at Gu Dongchen with a smile.

The hexagonal flying disc beneath Gu Dongchen's feet was created by Liu Meng'er. Back then, Liu Meng'er had killed him with one slash, and this was still unforgettable for him. However, the treasures that Liu Meng'er had refined were indeed good stuff.

"So you're saying that when the time comes, we'll be in an environment that's filled with the power of G.o.ds, and then use the fire from the Fire Storage Pearl to concoct pills?" Chen Xiang suddenly felt a lot of pressure, because he only knew how to refine a type of Earth Grade Low Rank Dan. Using the Foreseeing Alchemy to refine an unfamiliar pill in that kind of environment was not easy at all.

"That's right, this is fair to you, when the time comes, I will refine a Earth Grade Low Rank Dan that I have never refined before." The Elder Dan said.

What Elder Dan had never refined before were definitely those pills that were rarely used. These pills either had little uses or were extremely difficult to refine, so no one cared about them.

"For a truly powerful Alchemist to be able to concoct pills in such a terrible situation, you probably haven't tried it yet, right?" Elder Dan laughed coldly: "I always refine pills in this kind of environment."

Chen Xiang's brows twitched. Alchemist needed a very strong consciousness. In that environment, it could indeed make his consciousness even stronger.

The entrance to the profound Realm was extremely secretive, and was at the bottom of a lake. After entering the profound Realm, Chen Xiang immediately saw an empty piece of land.

"This is a pill furnace!" Elder Dan waved her hand and threw a pill furnace that was of decent quality to Chen Xiang. He had the same pill furnace as Elder Dan.

Gu Dongchen warned him, "Junior master, if you stay here for twelve hours, you will become a lunatic. Some of the old guys who managed to get past the Nirvana Tribulations once went crazy by exploring this place."

Liu Meng'er also had a serious look on his face, "We are currently protected by the formation, so we are fine. The moment you step out of the flying discs, you will immediately be disturbed, so it would be best for you to obediently stay in your original spot to concoct the pills, because the energy in the deepest parts of your body will be even more powerful.

"Take it. Inside the black box is the medicinal ingredients for the G.o.d Power Pill. The red box is the Spirit Returning Pill!" To open the red box, you need a lot of energy. You need to consume a G.o.d Strength Pill in order to open it easily, and the Spirit Returning Pill is mainly used to allow you to stay unaffected for a short period of time. " Elder Dan tossed two large boxes to Chen Xiang and continued to speak: "Inside these two boxes, there are medicinal ingredients for the Profound Soul Refining Pill. The victor will depend on the quality of the Profound Soul Refining Pill."

Chen Xiang took the two boxes and carefully examined the compet.i.tion rules. These rules could be said to be extremely dangerous, but it made him a little unhappy, because previously, the Elder Dan said that he was only refining two types of Earth Grade Low Rank Dan s through a compet.i.tion, but now, there were three types of pills that were extremely difficult to refine.

As matters stood, he could not say anything. He only treated this as a form of training and he could tell that this was something that the Elder Dan had meticulously prepared. It was beneficial to him because he had never experienced this kind of compet.i.tion before.

"If you are ready, step out of the Frisbee. If you want to cheat, they can see it clearly." The Elder Dan said.

Chen Xiang held onto the pill furnace and checked it. Then, he jumped out of the hexagonal flying disc that Gu Dongchen was on, the moment he jumped out, he suddenly heard a loud sound of ocean waves, and he was on a deserted island. He was standing on the beach, and the ocean water was rushing slowly, the cool and refreshing water was extremely real.

Chen Xiang found it hard to believe that this was happening because his mind was confused, because all of this was very real. He immediately looked around him, only to find that Gu Dongchen, Liu Meng'er and the rest's Frisbee had already disappeared.

However, Gu Dongchen and the others could see that Chen Xiang was like an idiot, spinning on the spot, while Elder Dan was already concocting pills on the spot.

Chen Xiang quickly understood that his five senses had been confused. This was similar to the illusion in the Seventy-two changes, but what frightened him the most was that he actually lost contact with Su Meiyao and the others. He called out to Long Xueyi a few times in his heart, but he did not reply.

When Liu Meng'er saw Chen Xiang's frightened look, he could not help but chuckle. "This idiot, he's so scared he doesn't know we're looking at him."

"Is that bewitching power really that powerful?" Dongfang Xinyue asked, she had never tried it before.

"Hmm, staying long can definitely make a person go crazy." Liu Meng'er said.

Of course, Chen Xiang could hear their conversation, but he could also hear the sound of the sea and the long hissing of the eagles in the blue sky.

"Little Scoundrel, hurry up and refine the pill. There are quite a few people staring at you in a daze." Long Xueyi's voice suddenly came out.

Chen Xiang was overjoyed, and asked anxiously: "Where is sister Meiyao?"

"I'm here, I didn't expect this kind of bewitching power to be so strong. What I saw was the same as what you saw, and Xue Yi's Heaven tour method was also useless. No matter how far I flew, what I saw was the sea." Su Meiyao exclaimed.

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