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The Dan Alliance's Alliance Master was the representative of the Dan Alliance, he held the highest authority in the Dan Alliance, and if one wanted to sit in this position, they would have to display their own strength. This was something that had already been said long ago, and these high ranking Alchemist from different worlds all wanted to partic.i.p.ate in this compet.i.tion.

"They definitely won't refine a Heaven level Pill, they should be refining a high grade Ground level Pellet. If they were to refine a Heaven level Pellet, the people here would have to wait a long time before seeing the results." Su Meiyao said.

It was not easy to concoct the Heaven level pills, it would take a lot of time. Furthermore, the materials were very limited and the environment was very demanding. If he was watched by everyone, it would affect his performance.

"Four Dan King s are invited. Next, they will use alchemy to display their strength and select an alliance master that we wholeheartedly admire." Ling Chen said.

They were all a few old geezers with white hair and beards, who looked as if they were only half-step into a coffin. However, it was these old geezers who caused many people to respect them and fawn over them, because they knew how to refine pills with extraordinary strength.

Normally, Alchemist would not fight to the death like warriors, if the other party was really powerful in pill refining, they would respect the other party. Just like Chen Xiang, even the other Dan King s secretly admired him, which was why they allowed Chen Xiang to join the Dan Alliance.

These four Dan King s gave off a scorching aura that caused people to feel suppressed. It was obvious that they wished to fight to the death right now.

"They will refine the Relive Dan. The first one they refine will be considered their victory." Ling Chen said.

Not many people present had ever seen a high grade Ground level like the Relive Dan, and only warriors who had cultivated in Nirvana Doom had ever eaten such a pill.

Chen Xiang also wanted to see the process of the Dan King refining Relive Dan. He naturally did not think much of the Relive Dan right now, because he had a lot of them, but he had never refined them before and they were not up to that level.

The four Dan King s took out their pill furnaces and their covetous medicinal ingredients. Even if the Relive Dan's medicinal ingredients were to be auctioned separately, it would still be extremely expensive.

"I feel that only by using the standard of first refining Relive Dan would it be difficult to determine the level of a Alchemist, because different Alchemist s will have different training methods when refining pills. Some Alchemist s will indeed have a much slower speed, but this does not mean that their quality will be bad.

Chen Xiang's voice suddenly sounded, causing the four Alchemist s to stop.

"Pill refining is not a compet.i.tion, it should be a compet.i.tion of quality. The difference between quality pills and superior quality pills is extremely important. I think it should be decided by quality rather than time." If we pa.s.s through speed, Alchemist would not care about quality and would only care about speed.

"I could have refined a high-quality pill, but for the sake of speed, I have refined a high-quality pill. What a waste of money!"

What Chen Xiang said was logical, how could the Dan King not know of it?

"But the result is hard to a.s.sess. What if all four Dan King are able to refine high quality ones?" Ling Chen said. Actually, the reason for this compet.i.tion was to rush the time, because the time needed to refine a high grade Ground level pill was endless. If it was too long, it would definitely cause people to become bored.

"If this pill is of high quality, then whoever concocts it first wins. In short, regardless of how slow a pill is, the quality of the pill is still better than the quality of the pill. Making full use of the ingredients to concoct pills is much harder than quickly concocting pills." Chen Xiang said.

The pill refiners all knew that this evaluation was fair. If used well, one could be fast and have high quality, allowing the Alchemist to take into account two aspects during the compet.i.tion.

Ling Chen could only modify the rules now, because the Alliance Master wanted to convince them wholeheartedly, and the Dan King s had no objections. After all, Relive Dan were very precious, and they did not want to create an inferior quality just because of this.

"If it was a powerful Alchemist, how long would it take to refine a Relive Dan?" Chen Xiang asked Su Meiyao.

"I need at least one day and one night. If it's of low quality, then it can be solved in half a day. Of course, I only refined two pills. They should only be able to refine one pill at their level, which should be enough for one day and one night." Su Meiyao said.

"So that's how it is. I thought it would have been used for a long time!" Chen Xiang curled his lips. The shorter the time, the less complicated the Relive Dan was, unlike the previous time used to refine those Heaven level s, which made Chen Xiang a little afraid.

"Earth Grade Low Rank Dan, it's only been an hour since you used a Yanlong furnace. As your Alchemist's level increases, the refining speed will be even faster, and the Alchemist with Fire Soul will be even faster. I don't have a Fire Soul, so it can be considered slow." Su Meiyao said.

Therefore, he could bear with it for the next two days. On the other hand, Chen Xiang was able to use the Heaven tour method and go out to play, to ask around about some things.

As long as they were famous, it would spread very quickly. Dongfang Lingyun's dirty news had already spread to Dan City, and most of them were spread from Heavenly Emperor City, and the people who heard of Dongfang profoundlong's confession all came from many different places in the new world.

It seemed that all of them were at a critical moment, and that most of the people who could come here were Alchemist and some of the big shots, and they were all very patient, so the creation of the Alliance Master was very important to them, because every force needed pills. If they could establish a good relationship with the Alliance Master at the first possible moment, then it would be easier for them to obtain high level pills in the future.

In the next hour, the lid of the furnace was opened by the four Dan King s one by one. The fastest and slowest difference in concocting time was not big, and the levels were about the same. Furthermore, they could be refined within the time that Su Meiyao had expected, which meant that they had a certain level of skill, and were Dan King s who could refine Heaven level Pills.

The Relive Dan that the four of them refined were all of high quality. If they wanted to refine the lower quality Relive Dan, they would take a few hours. If not for Chen Xiang, they would waste all four batches of precious Relive Dan medicine in order to refine the lower quality pills.

"They are all high quality Relive Dan, and the result can now be seen by everyone. I think this should be the peak level for refining Relive Dan. Of course, if our little friend Shen can reach this level, you might be able to refine two pellets in one furnace. " Ling Chen said with a smile.

Yeah, if Chen Xiang can make two small transformations, could this Relive Dan also do the same? This reminded everyone of the fact that Chen Xiang had a large number of Relive Dan, and they all secretly suspected that Chen Xiang knew how to refine Relive Dan!

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