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Chen Xiang's words had angered the ten Dan King s, but they could not not not admit it. They accepted Dongfang Lingyun's Nature fruit, of course they had to help Dongfang Lingyun, as for what it was, they did not know.

Dongfang Lingyun gritted his teeth, because it was Chen Xiang who revealed his scheme, causing his reputation in the Dongfang family to decline, and the matter spread very quickly. He knew that it wouldn't be long before the news regarding this matter would spread throughout the entire New World, and at that time, he might even be punished by the Dongfang family.

"Chen Xiang, since you claim that you can produce two high quality Small shaping Dan, I believe you truly have the ability. Why not let everyone see for themselves, firstly, let everyone from far away see clearly, and secondly, you can also obtain a Nature fruit, why not?" Ling Chen calmed down and said indifferently.

One Nature fruit was already his bottom line. If he increased the bet again, if Chen Xiang really refined it, then it would be a huge loss.

Chen Xiang smiled slightly: "I am not here to cause trouble, I just feel that the establishment of the Dan Alliance is a good thing for the new world. To be able to let many famous alchemist communicate and spread the word of alchemy, this brat is able to refine two Small shaping Dan s in one go, that's only because I view them seriously, I definitely cannot sacrifice a large amount of medicinal ingredients for the sake of success.

"Then I would like to ask little friend Shen to enlighten us." Although Ling Chen agreed with Chen Xiang, he didn't care too much about concocting pills. As long as they could sell the pills, they would definitely sell anyway, no matter how much or how high the quality was. It wouldn't be easy to concoct pills by itself.

Chen Xiang walked up and took out a portion of Small shaping Dan's medicinal ingredients. For Alchemist s to be able to bring medicinal ingredients of this level with them, it meant that he had a certain amount of resources.

Since most of the people present wanted to see the results, Chen Xiang also took out his Yanlong furnace, with this Holy level Dragon Tool's furnace, his speed of refining pills would be even faster.

"Please check." After Chen Xiang took out the pill furnace, he gestured to have Ling Chen take a look inside.

If one was not a proficient in smithing, it would be impossible to see the strangeness of this Yanlong furnace. Yanlong furnace are very famous in both the Heaven Realm and the Sacred Dan Realm, but very few could recognize it so far, even in the Sacred Dan Realm.

After Ling Chen checked it and confirmed that there were no cheating mechanisms inside, he nodded his head.

After that, Chen Xiang quickly started to process the medicinal ingredients. His movements were extremely smooth, causing Fang Sheng, who was beside, to exclaim in his heart.

In the process of processing medicinal ingredients, not only would it be necessary to evenly distribute and remove the unnecessary parts of the medicinal ingredients, it would also allow the user to understand the special characteristics of the medicinal ingredients and familiarize himself with the quality of the various medicinal ingredients. This allowed the Alchemist to accurately judge the quality of the medicinal ingredients when concocting pills.

After the Small shaping Dan s' medicinal ingredients entered the Yanlong furnace, Chen Xiang focused entirely on refining the pill. At the same time, he also operated the Foreseeing Alchemy, seemingly very serious.

Everyone was only looking forward to the results. They originally thought that they would have to wait a bit longer, because most people thought that it would take longer to refine a pill of a higher quality, not to mention producing pills.

But now, they did not have to wait for too long. Not even an hour, Chen Xiang had already opened the lid of the pill furnace and saw two bright red pellets shrouded by a light red mist. Chen Xiang blew lightly, and the mist dissipated, and the two Small shaping Dan released a bright red glow, as if they were spirits br.i.m.m.i.n.g with vitality.

It was clear to the quality that these were definitely high quality Small shaping Dan s, and two of them at that! The people in the great hall all took in a deep breath. While they were shocked by Chen Xiang's refining level, they were also envious of the Good Fortune Pill that Chen Xiang had obtained.

He was the closest to Chen Xiang. When Chen Xiang was refining the fire, the temperature of the weak flames changed endlessly, and he could feel that Chen Xiang did not cheat, using his true ability to refine two Small shaping Dan s in such a short period of time. No wonder he could not help but scold Fang Sheng for spending the medicine, and even said that Dan King like them sat in the well while observing the sky, because he had the qualifications!

The Dan King s kept saying that no one could refine two Small shaping Dan in one go, but Chen Xiang had actually refined one in front of tens of thousands of people.

In terms of strength, Chen Xiang could not compare to those Dan King s, and he could not compare to those who were refining high level pellets, but he was extremely confident in his basics.

Previously, when he refined the lower quality Small shaping Dan, he was complacent and thought himself to be very powerful. Adding that to Ling Chen's bragging, he truly thought that he was invincible, but now, he was severely shocked by Chen Xiang.

"What a pity, someone like him was not invited by the Dan Alliance."

"No wonder. The Dan Alliance s of these people have taken the ten Nature fruit of the Dongfang family, and Chen Xiang is a ten billion bounty person for the Dongfang family. How could they let Chen Xiang join their Dan Alliance?"

"Hehe, it seems that Dan Alliance is not that clean either!"

"As long as there are people in the area, it won't be clean."

Discussions were rife in the hall as the Dan Alliance's reputation was immediately affected. One must know that the majority of the people invited to be guests were people with a high position in the various powers, thus the Dan Alliance had lost a lot of face.

Of course, if those ten Dan King s knew what kind of trash Dongfang Lingyun was, they wouldn't have accepted the ten Nature fruit.

The Dan Alliance's Great a.s.sembly was not that smooth. Originally, they had wanted to raise the profile of their Dan Alliance, let some young members with decent standards go up on stage to refine pills, and then properly brag about themselves. If they weren't exaggerating too much, Chen Xiang would not have gone up the stage.

Right now, not only was his image destroyed, there was also an old guy who lost a Nature fruit. After Chen Xiang obtained that Nature fruit, he only smiled slightly and kept it, then returned back to his seat.

The Nature fruit had not even gotten hot, yet it was already taken away by Chen Xiang just like that. This made the Dan King's heart bleed, but this kind of person who valued his face more than his life would definitely not go back on his words.

Of course, Chen Xiang's pill refining skills not only allowed the audience to broaden their horizons, it also allowed the Dan King s to have a deeper understanding of his pill refining skills.

The Dan Alliance's Great a.s.sembly would continue on, today they were going to elect an Alliance Master. Although the start of the compet.i.tion was not too good, Chen Xiang's appearance made everyone feel that it was worth it.

"Brother Shen's pill refining skills truly make me feel inferior. If you wish to join the Dan Alliance, you can make an application after the conclusion of this conference. We welcome Alchemist like you." Ling Chen laughed, his att.i.tude not bad.

"Next up, the most critical time for us to begin this year's Congress is to elect the Dan Alliance's Alliance Master."

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