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Amidst the hissing of the crowd, Fang Sheng had no choice but to collect the medicinal ingredients for the Three Purities Pill and take out a portion of the medicinal ingredients needed to refine the Small shaping Dan. Only then did the hall become quiet.

The moment the Small shaping Dan s' medicinal herbs appeared, some of the sects that specialized in relying on demonic beasts widened their eyes. This Small shaping Dan s had a certain chance of comprehending the profound beasts' transformation technique, and could change into the shape of a profound beast.

Goblin beasts could only take form in Nirvana Stage, but many Goblin Beasts could only block them by blocking their way to the profound beasts. If they take human form and cultivate human martial arts, they would become stronger.

Those sects and demon beasts that raise demon beasts, once they transform, will become their most loyal friends because they have the Master-servant Contract s.

Although Small shaping Dan only had a certain chance of being transformed by a mystical beast, they were still very popular. If this cauldron was completed, there might even be a chance of an auction at the scene.

Under the patient wait of the crowd, the nervous Fang Sheng heaved a sigh of relief. Opening the blue pill furnace, he saw a pill that was not completely red.

"It's a success!" Ling Chen also heaved a sigh of relief, "For our little friend to be able to refine a lower quality Small shaping Dan at this age is already an extremely difficult task."

Chen Xiang sneered in his heart, the quality of those medicinal herbs was not bad, if he was the one refining them, then they would at least be two of the highest quality medicinal herbs. The last time he was in Sacred Dan Realm's pill refining compet.i.tion, he used rotten medicinal herbs, which allowed him to refine two of the highest quality Small shaping Dan.

Although the inferior quality had disappointed everyone, it was not bad. After all, he was still very young.

"I think there are quite a few friends here who want to buy this pill. Why don't we do an auction?" Ling Chen saw that everyone's expression was much better, and anxiously smiled.

Wu Kaiming looked at Chen Xiang. He had always been looking forward to Chen Xiang doing something, but Chen Xiang's expression was still calm.

"This brat is not talented. He was only able to refine this low quality Small shaping Dan, he is just showing his disgrace." Fang Sheng stood up with a hint of a proud smile on his face, because he saw that many people wanted to buy the Small shaping Dan he had refined.

Ling Chen laughed and patted Fang Sheng's shoulder, "I know there are many old Alchemist who are disappointed, but after all, Fang Sheng is just a young man, it's already not bad that he can do this. Among the younger generation, he is considered outstanding, otherwise he would not have been able to become an ally of our Dan Alliance."

"The number one young Alchemist of the eighth level, this t.i.tle shouldn't be too excessive for him, right?"

The Dan Alliance was simply bragging about how powerful his own Dan Alliance Alliance members were. Since the other party had extended his face out for someone to slap, Chen Xiang could not sit still either.

"Isn't that saying a little too arrogantly?" Chen Xiang suddenly said indifferently, his voice was neither loud nor harsh, but it could be heard by the people around him. It could be seen that he had used the Innate Qi skillfully, causing many of the experts to exclaim in admiration.

"Oh? Could it be that this brother is able to find a Alchemist of the eighth level that is even more powerful than little friend Fang? " Ling Chen frowned, to think that there would be someone trying to mess things up. Of course, to deal with this kind of person, he had to make them submit wholeheartedly.

"It's Chen Xiang!" someone shouted.

Although Chen Xiang was dressed up slightly, people with good eyesight could still recognize him. Wu Kaiming was happy in his heart, he knew that a good show was happening.

Those people in the private rooms, who were more familiar with Chen Xiang, all smiled slightly. This brat Chen Xiang, was always present, and was specifically aimed at opposing the strong powers. It was already a miracle for this kind of person to be able to live for so long.

"Heh heh, this kid is untalented and is only recognized as the youngest of the Mortal Martial Realm's top Alchemist s." Chen Xiang's voice was filled with ridicule, and he did not feel like this was arrogance, because this name was publicly accepted by the Mortal Martial Realm.

"Please advise me!" Naturally, Fang Sheng had heard of Chen Xiang's affairs. He also wanted to see what capabilities Chen Xiang had to actually dare to clamor here.

The other nine Dan King s in the box were all secretly furious in their hearts. There was actually someone who was so bold as to try and ruin the stand of them ten Dan King s, but what could they do? If he kicked them out, wouldn't that be a joke to the guests that were invited?

"I wonder how many batches of Small shaping Dan that you have refined, Brother Fang?" Chen Xiang stood at his position and asked.

Since it was Chen Xiang, everyone knew that there would definitely be hope, especially those who were slightly dissatisfied with the Dan Alliance. They all waited silently for Chen Xiang to do something.

"I can't remember, but I can still refine it in the end!" Fang Sheng was still extremely confident, because at his age, it was really rare for him to reach the eighth level of Alchemist.

Chen Xiang laughed: "This means that Brother Fang has refined quite a few, but how can the quality be so poor? Furthermore, the pills produced are still too few! "

"Chen Xiang, all of the Alchemist here know that Small shaping Dan only produced one pellet, and the difficulty of refining it is extremely high. Ling Chen immediately sneered.

All of the Alchemist nodded.

Chen Xiang laughed: "My luck is good, I have also refined several batches of Small shaping Dan, I only produced two pellets, and its quality is high, I am not trying to steal from the wrong point of view, from my perspective, Brother Fang's pellets are only a waste of medicinal ingredients."

"Everyone can say that, but if you want to convince people, you have to show your true abilities, no? You can produce two Small shaping Dan, do you think that my Dan King came from nowhere? " Ling Chen laughed, his laugh was filled with contempt, with a trace of anger.

"If you want to cause trouble, then kick him out!" An elderly voice came from the private box. One could tell that it was a Dan King with a lot of power.

"What if I can refine it? In my opinion, you Dan King are just sitting in the well and watching the sky. " Chen Xiang shook his head and sighed, then turned and left: "This Dan Alliance's standards, are truly disappointing.

Chen Xiang had been to the Sacred Dan Realm before, so he truly had the qualifications to speak these words to them.

"Wait a minute, if you can refine two high quality Small shaping Dan, I will give you the one that Brother Dongfang gave me. If you can't, then why don't you stay in the Dan Alliance for a hundred years?" The old man said disdainfully, he thought that Chen Xiang was just bluffing.

At first, Wu Kaiming was a little worried, but when he saw Chen Xiang's calm face, he knew that the old fellow was about to suffer.

"Nature fruit? I have quite a few of these things, but they're too lowly in my eyes. A single Nature fruit is enough to win over the hearts of others. "Let's trade for something else." Chen Xiang shook his head and laughed.

Everyone was shocked, Chen Xiang was not trying to mess things up right now, but was trying to provoke the Dan King to reach their bottom line by mocking them for being bribed by Dongfang Lingyun, but what he said was too empty words, Nature fruit s were still very precious, how could Chen Xiang have many of them?

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