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There were many rooms in the VIP rooms, and the people inside were all people who were part of the leaders of the big clans in the New World, while in the Main Hall, many people were complaining that they did not have a room, after all, the majority of people who were invited thought that they had decent strength, being looked down upon by the Dan Alliance, made them feel very satisfied.

There were many warriors that had experienced the Eight Tribulations, but that did not mean that they were the strongest. The ones sitting in the private box were not necessarily the strongest, it was just that their relationship with the Dan Alliance s were good, or their powers had powerful Alchemist s that had joined the Dan Alliance.

"The Fire Divine Palace has a private room. If the Elder Dan or Hua Xiangyue comes, there might be one too." Chen Xiang looked at the rooms above the hall and muttered.

"Dongfang Lingyun is here, he is our Super Martial School's enemy, the last time he came to the Super Martial School to clamor, he has not avenged himself yet!" snorted coldly. He and Gu Dongchen had already started planning out how to capture Dongfang Lingyun, or else their Super Martial School would definitely be laughed at.

Chen Xiang felt that it was somewhat inconceivable. This Dongfang Lingyun still had the mood to run over here right now, so the scheme between him and Dongfang profoundlong should have already been spread out.

Just as Chen Xiang was feeling suspicious, amongst the thousands of people in the hall, some were already discussing softly, talking about Dongfang profoundlong colluding with Dongfang Lingyun to murder the patriarch of the Dong Fang Clan for the sake of the Patriarch's Blood Soul.

Wu Kaiming also heard of this news very quickly, and this happened inside the b.l.o.o.d.y Thunder Mountain Sea yesterday, and all of this was forced out by Chen Xiang.

"Junior Martial Uncle, you're amazing!" Wu Kaiming gave Chen Xiang a big thumbs up.

"If nothing unexpected happens, this Dongfang Lingyun is going to fall. Did he come here to seek protection?" Chen Xiang suddenly started to worry, all of the Dan King s dared to say anything to save Dongfang Lingyun.

After Dongfang Xinyue had merged with the purple Fire Soul and eaten Chen Xiang's Eternal Dan, his strength had become even stronger than before.

Everyone came one after another, and when they were waiting for the start of the compet.i.tion, everyone started to discuss about Dongfang Lingyun.

When the hall was almost full, a middle-aged man with an ordinary appearance suddenly walked up the high platform.

The founding meeting of the Dan Alliance will begin now. I am one of the ten elders of the Dan Alliance, Ling Chen! All ten of us elders are from Dan King and are capable of refining Heaven level Pills. Six of the Dan King s have given up on fighting for the position of Alliance Master, including me. "

Under the influence of many people, Dan King were mostly old fellows with white beards, but this Ling Chen, who looked like a middle-aged man, caused an uproar at the side of the hall.

"Once again, our Dan Alliance thanks our old friend Dongfang Lingyun for giving us the ten Nature fruit as gifts …"

Chen Xiang cursed in his heart, these Dan King s were too careless, each of them bought one Nature fruit.

Those who were invited, were all well-informed, and there were even a few thousand members of the Dan Alliance s among them, were all shocked upon hearing the Heaven level spirit medicine, Nature fruit. After a moment of silence, a buzzing sound of discussion could be heard.

Now, it would be even harder to kill Dongfang Lingyun. With the protection of the Dan Alliance, who would dare to offend him?

"d.a.m.n it, when will I also bring out some Nature fruit to bribe some stronger Dan King s? I'll p.i.s.s this Dan Alliance off." Chen Xiang suddenly felt very unhappy. The ten Dan King s were still too little in comparison to the fusion of multiple worlds into a new world.

"Now, let's talk about the division of Alchemist levels that the ten of us elders have discussed. Everyone, listen carefully …"

After Chen Xiang finished listening, he cursed loudly. In this new world, the Alchemist s were divided into Level 1 to 9 Alchemist s.

Alchemists needed to know how to refine three mid-grade Ground level pills, while the Pill Sect needed to know how to refine three high-grade Ground level pills. As for Dan King, what about Alchemists? As long as they knew how to refine Heaven level Pills, they would be considered Dan King!

This level was much easier to differentiate, especially the Dan King. According to this standard, Chen Xiang felt that there would definitely be a lot of them.

"Junior Martial Uncle, now that you know how to refine three high grade profound level pills, you should be a Level Eight Alchemist. You can be considered to be very high!" Wu Kaiming laughed.

Chen Xiang groaned. In fact, he was about to become a level nine Alchemist. With his current age, to be able to reach this level was already an incredible feat in this new world.

"Among us Dan Alliance, the youngest one is a Level 9 Alchemist who is only 100 years old. He looks young now, so he should be the strongest young Alchemist in this new world." Ling Chen shouted.

To be able to refine three kinds of Earth Grade Low Rank Dan s and become a ninth level Alchemist before the age of a hundred, this was indeed shocking.

"The youngest Alchemist is at the eighth level, most likely his martial uncle!" Wu Kaiming said.

"I don't care, if you want to be, then be the youngest Dan King." Chen Xiang chuckled, "As long as I can refine a Heaven level Pill, I can become a darned Dan King, haha …"

After the crowd quieted down, Ling Chen said with a laugh, "I know that everyone wants to see the appearance of a level nine Alchemist refining Earth Grade Low Rank Dan. However, everyone knows that although it is not easy to obtain medicinal herbs from the Earth Grade Low Rank Dan, the youngest level eight Alchemist is willing to come up and make a fool of himself."

"All the Alchemist s that our Dan Alliance has invited to join are publicly acknowledged to be the most outstanding Alchemist s. We will definitely not disappoint anyone!"

The youngest level eight Alchemist went up on stage. He was actually one of the Fire Divine Palace.

"At the age of sixty, he will be able to refine three high grade profound level pills and become a Alchemist of the eighth level. As long as we continue to work hard, we will soon be able to become a Alchemist of the ninth level." Ling Chen smiled and said: "This young friend here is Fang Sheng from Fire Divine Palace."

Wu Kaiming really wanted to shout "bulls.h.i.t" once, because Chen Xiang was the youngest Alchemist of the eighth level, even though he didn't partic.i.p.ate in the Dan Alliance's a.s.sessment.

He looked like a young man in his twenties. However, because his cultivation rose quickly and he took pills all year round, he could maintain his young appearance and not age, so Chen Xiang guessed that Fang Sheng was at least a late stage Hundred refining realm warrior.

"Are you refining the Three Purities Pill?" Wasn't refining such a simple high grade profound level pill just to fool people? " Chen Xiang secretly despised him in his heart.

Many Alchemist could tell that Fang Sheng was concocting the Three Cleansing Pills. Some people were straightforward, and had already made sounds of ridicule, this was the least difficult of the high grade profound level pills, although it was used to cure poisons, the detoxification effect was not very good. One would need to recuperate for many days before being able to completely cure the poison.

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