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Chen Xiang originally wanted to go find Yun Xiaodao and the others to see how their progress was, but he met Wu Kaiming.

"Little martial uncle, I've been looking for you for a long time." Ever since Wu Kaiming pa.s.sed the Nirvana Tribulation, he had become much younger and looked much more lively. However, he still spoke like an old man.

"What is it?" Chen Xiang asked as he walked.

The headquarters for the construction of the Dan Alliance in the Continent of the King is more or less finished, and there are still many Alchemist that have gathered here. It is said that these Dan King are going to conduct a compet.i.tion to elect an alliance master, do you know of this news? "Su Yun said. Wu Kaiming said. He was a member of the Wu Clan, and was the most informed about the Continent of the King.

"I don't know!" Chen Xiang also wanted to go watch the Dan King compet.i.tion: "When do we start?"

"Starting tomorrow, I heard that the Alchemist s that are invited to the Dan Alliance are all famous in their world. Second Senior Sister and Hua Xiangyue also received the invitation, but they did not go." Wu Kaiming said.

Chen Xiang rubbed his nose and said: "I am considered quite famous in Mortal Martial Realm, didn't they invite me?"

Wu Kaiming shook his head: "Your talent is not bad, but you do not have enough experience. Maybe they really look down on you. Even though you have Relive Dan, they knew that you did not refine it. "

"You're underestimating me!" Chen Xiang grunted softly, "Then are there any other young Alchemist s being invited to join the Dan Alliance?"

"Of course there is." Of course there is. Wu Kaiming laughed: "Junior master, I am sorry for you, I was actually looked down upon by this group of people."

Chen Xiang just shook his head and smiled, but he still planned to join in the fun, "How can I go watch the Dan King compet.i.tion to refine pills?"

"What is it? Junior Martial Uncle, you want to go and ruin everything? " Wu Kaiming laughed craftily: "Although I am not Alchemist, I am still invited to watch. I can bring you there."

Chen Xiang laughed: "Little baldy, I'll be troubling you then."

Wu Kaiming said: "It's nothing, that's right, Junior Martial Uncle, do you have any good pills to sell recently?"

"There are some profoundyang fire Dan s, Small shaping Dan s, and even Dinghun Dan s." Chen Xiang thought for a while and said, these were all high grade profound level pills.

"There's still a little Chunyuan gold Dan you want?"

Wu Kaiming opened his eyes wide: "profoundyang fire Dan s, Small shaping Dan s and Dinghun Dan s are all rare high grade profound level pills, especially Small shaping Dan s and Dinghun Dan s. When I first heard about them, I was still a warrior of the Hundred refining realm."

"You can even refine these pills?" Wu Kaiming asked.

"Of course. Otherwise, how could I have so many?" Chen Xiang chuckled, "If you and a lad ever need anything in the future, come find me."

"If we sell the Small shaping Dan to the Beast Martial School, we can definitely sell it for a good price. Many sects that rear Demonic Beasts also need them very much, and can sell them as Ground level Pills." Wu Kaiming's eyes lit up, "Junior Martial Uncle, you have so many rare pills, maybe you can make that scene even more beautiful."

Chen Xiang laughed, "Don't think so badly of me. I'm only going to exchange some potion concocting techniques with them, then casually sell some medicinal pellets."

Wu Kaiming secretly despised Chen Xiang. If he had to say it, he would just go and make a fool of others while he was at it.

Although the New World was very big, to the number of martial artists competing, some high levelled pills were still very precious. For a rich person like Chen Xiang, as long as he worked hard enough and opened a pill shop to sell pills, he would definitely become a well-known figure. It wouldn't be long before he made a name for himself.

There were only a few thousand invited Continent of the King s. In this new world, it could be said that there were very few of these people, and the majority of them were pretty good Alchemist s.

"That is the Dan Alliance's tower. Alliance head will be created on the first floor and can enter the stage tomorrow. At that time, the alliance members will have a pill refining compet.i.tion and a few Dan King will compete to decide on Alliance head." Wu Kaiming said.

"What is this Dan Alliance trying to do?" It was true that it was good to gather many talented Alchemist s together. Alchemist's position was originally high, and with so many Alchemist united, it was definitely a very strong force.

Wu Kaiming thought for a moment, then said: "It seems to be for an exchange, but they must have thought that it was profitable, at least I think that's good, if I were to come to the Dan Alliance to ask for pills, it would be much easier, after all, there are elite Alchemist from all over the world gathered here."

There were many empty areas above Continent of the King. Not only did the Dan Alliance build a tall tower, he even created a huge city. It was said that the Spar were all produced by the Dan King and they invited many people to build such a huge city with the fastest speed possible.

The Dan King was very rich, and it was a joint venture between several Dan King s, at the same time, some of their allies had produced Spar s, so the Dan Alliance could be said to be the wealthiest power, even if there were no strong experts, no one would dare to offend the Dan Alliance.

Chen Xiang and Wu Kaiming strolled around the city. Although it had just been established not long ago, all of the shops here had already been sold out, and those rich shops could only be bought by the members of the alliance of the Dan Alliance. In other words, in this gigantic Pill City, the good locations were almost all bought by the Dan Alliance.

"This group of people are too bored. They want to use a different method to earn Spar." As Chen Xiang walked on the street, he saw a few closed doors of shops. All of these were bought, but were not opened for sale.

Wu Kaiming could tell that Chen Xiang had the intention to open a shop, and he knew that Chen Xiang could obtain a lot of rare and precious herbs to refine pills. If he were to open a shop here, based on the rare and precious pills that he sold, no matter how c.r.a.ppy the place was, as long as they were advertised, it would definitely be very lively.

"Junior Martial Uncle, my Wu Clan has some prestige here. Do you want me to help you get a relatively large store?" Wu Kaiming asked with a smile.

Chen Xiang thought for a moment, then nodded: "Okay, help me arrange a shop first, when I have time in the future, I will carefully plan how to open it."

In fact, he planned to work with the Dan Fragrance Pure Land and occupy a position in the Pill City. He wanted to earn a lot of money from the Spar, but he would have to discuss this with Hua Xiangyue after seeing him.

Many members of the Dan Alliance were originally from the same sect or clan, so once Dan City was established, they all opened shop here, affecting the business of many other continents. Chen Xiang guessed that even the Dan Fragrance Pure Land was affected greatly.

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