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At that time, Chen Xiang thought that Dongfang Jing was very strong, but now that he saw Dongfang profoundlong's strength, he understood why that little idiot Dongfang Jing could win against Dongfang profoundlong, because Dongfang profoundlong only had a strong mouth.

Although Dongfang profoundlong's cultivation was not bad, and the Innate Qi was also very rich, he still had very little experience in actual combat, and was even worse than his younger brother, Dongfang Yao.

Dongfang profoundlong came from a distinguished background, and had never suffered through anything since he was young. He had only cultivated by relying on pills, and he had never suffered like this before. He never thought that his beautiful nose would be smashed by someone else.

"You … "You …" Dongfang profoundlong was so angry that he couldn't speak. Actually, even if he was given a chance to speak, he didn't want to speak because the moment he spoke, his nose would hurt and his teeth would fall.

"Young Master Dongfang, didn't you say that you won't rest until we die? Didn't you say that for the sake of our family's glory, we can even forsake our lives? You have destroyed the honor of your Dongfang family, why don't you just die? " Chen Xiang looked at Dongfang profoundlong who was covering his nose, and approached him step by step.

"Chen Xiang, ten years is not too late for a gentleman's revenge. As long as I, Dongfang profoundlong, do not die, there will be a day when I will seek your revenge. The glory of the Dongfang family will never be ruined by me!" Dongfang profoundlong covered his nose, and said some impa.s.sioned words.

Everyone could see that Dongfang profoundlong was only good at talking, and the others were not strong enough, but now they looked at him as if he was a joke.


Chen Xiang slapped out his palm, the strong tremors caused the ground to crack, the force of the Heaven Blasting Palm enveloped Dongfang profoundlong, the force of the palm hit Dongfang profoundlong's face, causing the blood in Dongfang profoundlong's body to surge, the blood and energy in his body surged, it sprayed out of his mouth, at the same time, Dongfang profoundlong's teeth had shattered from the shock, and he flew out together with the blood tiger.

"You think someone like you, who sold his father for honor, is worthy of talking about glory? Not only did you not help your father fight against the Dongfang Lingyun who suppressed your clan leader's bloodline, you even came to harm your father? Do you know how powerful the weapon refined by Dongfang Xinyue was? She could easily make a whole bunch of those bullsh * t Gold Great Swords, but she was forced by Dongfang Lingyun to become enemies with the Dongfang Family. They were originally the glory of the Dongfang Family! "

What Chen Xiang said was all true, Dongfang Xinyue's smithing skills, even Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou were all praising him, such a talent would affect Dongfang Lingyun's governance in the Dongfang family, and would definitely be taken away.

"Didn't you want your father to die quickly so that you could become the next Patriarch? Sooner or later, both your father and Dongfang Lingyun will ascend to the sky. When that happens, the Dongfang family will be yours. Chen Xiang struck the top of Dongfang profoundlong's head with his palm, activating Soul Absorbing Devil Spell to search through his memories.

After all, Dongfang Chaoqun and Dongfang Xinyue possessed the bloodline of the Dong Fang Clan's Patriarch and the Dong Fang Family was theirs. They had no reason to betray their own family that they were in charge of, so there was no need to.

"So that's how it is!" Chen Xiang was slightly shocked in his heart. Not only was Dongfang profoundlong scheming against his father to quickly obtain the position of Patriarch, there were actually other reasons as well.

"To be honest, why did you do this to your father!" Chen Xiang asked. When people used Soul Absorbing Devil Spell, they would always answer whenever they were asked a question, and they would even speak the truth.

"Because I want to quickly obtain the Patriarch's position and the Patriarch's Blood Soul. That way, I can quickly become stronger." Dongfang profoundlong said. Everyone was shocked, Dongfang profoundlong actually admitted to it.

However, everyone was very curious about what the Patriarch's Blood Soul was!

Chen Xiang also satisfied everyone's curiosity, and asked immediately: "What is the Patriarch Blood Soul?"

"It's said that it's the soul of the G.o.d blood. It's said that it's used only when the Patriarch is in the Nirvana Doom, so the person can't die while crossing the Nirvana Doom, and it's placed in the family's treasure grounds."

Nirvana Doom was the nightmare of countless warriors. With this, wouldn't they be able to cultivate to the next level without a hitch?

"Then did you get the Patriarch's Blood Soul? Where is the Patriarch's Blood Soul now? " Chen Xiang asked again.

"No, the Patriarch's Blood Soul is being guarded by Dongfang Lingyun, he wants to use the Patriarch's Blood Soul to fly to the Heaven Realm through the Nine Nirvana Tribulations, because as long as the Patriarch of the Dongfang family ascends or dies, the Blood Soul will follow the Patriarch. At that time, the new Patriarch's Blood Soul will descend onto the new Patriarch, and the Patriarch can use it with the members who possess the Patriarch's bloodline."

The Patriarch's Blood was indeed a miraculous thing, no wonder Dongfang Lingyun did whatever it took to get the Patriarch.

"Since you possess the bloodline of the Patriarch, you will definitely be able to use the Patriarch's Blood Soul to travel through the Nirvana Doom in the future. Why did you betray your father?!" Chen Xiang asked.

In fact, the Patriarch's Blood Soul can only be used by people of our Patriarch's bloodline, but my Patriarch's bloodline is unexpectedly thin, and only by fusing with the blood in my father's body can I use the Patriarch's Blood Soul. Dongfang Jing and Dongfang Xinyue are the blood of females, so they are not suitable for me to use, so maybe their Patriarch's bloodline is not pure either.

Dongfang Lingyun and Dongfang profoundlong were doing it for the Patriarch's Blood Soul, and Dongfang Lingyun was almost flying up, which was the most important thing to him, and Dongfang profoundlong not being able to use the Patriarch's Blood Soul was the most regretful thing that he had done.

That was why they were plotting against Dongfang Chaoqun. In order to ascend in power, Dongfang Lingyun and Dongfang profoundlong had done such a thing.

Furthermore, Dongfang Lingyun was still expanding and slaughtering those who opposed him. If this continued, the new world would not be able to unite, and the only way to stop would be to pull Dongfang Lingyun, the Patriarch, down.

This was also the reason why Chen Xiang was doing this. These things were all said out by Dongfang profoundlong, and if so many people heard it, it would definitely spread out and spread to the ears of the people from the Dongfang family. At that time, those people who were deceived by Dongfang Lingyun would definitely be shaken.

If Dongfang Chaoqun and Dongfang Xinyue took advantage of this opportunity, they would definitely be able to take back the Dongfang family's power!

"Seeing as you are speaking the truth, I will let you go today. Your father will personally punish you." Chen Xiang knocked Dongfang profoundlong out with a palm.

Chen Xiang's methods had already caused these people to be deeply afraid. Even if it was a hundred billion bounty, most likely no one would dare think of targeting Chen Xiang's head.

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