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Everyone decided in their hearts that when they saw it with their own eyes, they would become even stronger. In the future, when they saw Chen Xiang, they would definitely not show any hostility, or else they would be like the people inside the Tai Chi Dragon Formation.

In merely an instant, Chen Xiang used thirty percent of his Innate Qi. For someone like him, who had a thick Innate Qi, this was a huge consumption of his energy.

The twenty elites of the Dongfang family were taken care of just like that. Their bones were almost all broken. Although they did not die, they suffered serious injuries.

Dongfang profoundlong originally wanted to run, but after seeing that all his bodyguards had been taken care of, he knew that he wouldn't have the chance to.

It was only natural for Chen Xiang to attack Dongfang profoundlong. Who asked the Dongfang family to place a ten billion bounty on Chen Xiang? And now that Chen Xiang had such a good opportunity to deal with him, he would definitely not be lenient.

Dongfang profoundlong was a little afraid in his heart, but he could not let his reputation lose here. He took out a sharp sword, and saw that it was actually a pretty good grade treasure.

"You didn't run away, that's really out of my expectations!" Chen Xiang sneered as he walked over. Now that there were so many people watching, he definitely had to make this Dongfang profoundlong spew out the matter of him cheating his father and son.

"Our Dongfang family issued a bounty, we never thought of doing it ourselves, so as to not let others say that our Dongfang family didn't pay the price, but now you're the one who forced me to do it. Today, let's call it quits!" Dongfang profoundlong had a very confident look on his face, as if he could pierce through Chen Xiang's throat with his sword.

"That sounds good, but I'm not your father, so don't think about stabbing me in the back." Chen Xiang laughed heartily: "Of course, even if you recognize me as your father, I won't take you in, lest I get cheated by you."

Dongfang profoundlong suddenly laughed out loud: Chen Xiang, you are truly arrogant, the fact that my Dong Fang Family can stand on this new world and become the number one clan, the strongest power, this is not a coincidence! Don't think that just because you learned a powerful mystical technique, you think that you can be so arrogant, don't look down on me!

As the strongest member of the Dongfang family, for the glory of the family, even if I have to sacrifice my life, I will not lose. I am not afraid of death, the honor of the family is more important than my life, and when my father betrayed the family, I had to endure excruciating pain to kill him. Chen Xiang, you have insulted my family many times, but today, I will use your blood to wash away all of this!

His words were full of arrogance, causing others to silently admire him, but Chen Xiang knew that what he said was all nonsense.

Chen Xiang suddenly flashed, his speed was extremely fast, Dongfang profoundlong only saw a shadow flash by, followed by a burning pain on his face.

Everyone originally had a little admiration for Dongfang profoundlong. They were just planning to see how he would fight with Chen Xiang, but who knew that the self-confident Dongfang profoundlong would actually be ruthlessly slapped in the face by Chen Xiang?

Dongfang profoundlong's glorious image in the hearts of everyone suddenly plummeted!

Is this Young Master Dongfang? How is this possible? To have one of his teeth knocked out with a single slap, wasn't that a little too weak?

"Chen Xiang, you … "Shameless, you dare to plot against me …" Dongfang profoundlong looked at the teeth on the ground, which were lying on a pool of blood, and felt incomparable rage. Originally, he had a lot of words to say to enrich his image, but Chen Xiang didn't let him say anything.

Chen Xiang had to admit that this Dongfang profoundlong's mouth was indeed quite sharp. His ability to fool and act was top-notch, if he hadn't personally witnessed Dongfang profoundlong sneakily attacking his father from behind, he would definitely have been fooled as well.

"Who asked you to speak so much nonsense!" Chen Xiang coldly snorted. "Don't you know that when you're facing your enemies, you can't slack in the slightest?"

"I, Dongfang profoundlong, have always competed fairly with others, and only a despicable, shameless and despicable person like you would do such a thing." Dongfang profoundlong surprisingly wiped away the blood from the corner of his mouth with an extremely calm and collected expression.

Chen Xiang suddenly felt that the little fool Dongfang Jing was most likely being duped by her big brother.

"Chen Xiang, look at the sword!" Dongfang profoundlong shouted loudly. When competing with others, letting them see his moves was indeed a very upright action.

Of course, Dongfang profoundlong was not a fool like that, he was first to stab the sword and then shout, and his sword was much faster than his mouth. When he stabbed forward, his voice had just reached everyone's ears, but it seemed like he was really reminding Chen Xiang.

Just as he was about to use the profound Gang Finger to break the sword tip, he suddenly felt a resistance. One must know that he was wearing a White Tiger Gloves on his body right now, and with the power of the Slaughter G.o.d's Hand, even if he did not use the Dragon Power, he could still break all of those powerful treasures easily.

However, this sword did not exist. He realized that the quality of this sword was far better than the one he had twisted into a ball.

Dongfang profoundlong's forehead started to perspire, he did not expect Chen Xiang's fingers to be so powerful, grabbing onto the sword tip, preventing him from pulling it out.

"Humph!" Chen Xiang suddenly grabbed onto the sword blade, slipped, and directly slid onto the sword hilt, releasing a strong burst of energy, producing a huge impact. Chen Xiang directly grabbed onto the sword and used the sword hilt to ruthlessly stab Dongfang profoundlong, and then seized the sword.

"This is something that Dongfang Xinyue refined, the quality is not bad, it is much better than that bullsh * tty golden greatsword." Chen Xiang looked at this sword. Dongfang Xinyue had indeed given a lot for the Dongfang Family and had expended a lot of effort to refine weapons for their families. However, in the end, he had the reputation of a traitor to his family.

After he kept his sword, Dongfang profoundlong suddenly attacked ferociously. His fists were extremely powerful, the Innate Qi roared, and when he punched over, it was like a roaring lion, heavily smashing onto Chen Xiang's face.

Dongfang profoundlong was secretly happy. Just as he revealed a surprised look on his face, it immediately disappeared, because not only did Chen Xiang not lose his teeth and vomit blood, he did not even turn his head.

"I'm not like you. I'm not someone who would be casually ambushed by others!" Chen Xiang laughed sinisterly, the Innate Qi on his fist turned into a white tiger head filled with killing intent, letting out a terrifying roar, it smashed towards Dongfang profoundlong's face.

"Ahh …" Dongfang profoundlong let out a blood-curdling scream. Chen Xiang's fast and fierce White tiger G.o.d fist smashed into Dongfang profoundlong's nose, smashing his nose down, causing blood to flow out.

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