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When the clear water fell onto the four silver-masked Ghost Killer's bodies that were entangled by water vines, the four silver-masked Ghost Killer s suddenly let out heart-wrenching sounds, and then turned into a pool of blood!

Upon contact, the surrounding trees immediately withered and died, and the fallen leaves were all black!

Seeing that, everyone quickly distanced themselves from the place where the water ball exploded, worried that the poison would spread over from the air, many of them held their breaths, releasing Innate Qi's barrier, they were worried that the silver masked Ghost Killer would be killed.

"Not bad, you know how to use such a powerful poison!" Chen Xiang wiped off the poison that was on his face. He looked like a chicken that had just been splashed with water, how did he look like someone who had been splashed with the poison?

Everyone watched dumbstruck. They had personally witnessed the four silver-masked Ghost Killer s on the ground being turned into a pool of blood by the poison, leaving behind only their silver masks. However, Chen Xiang was still unharmed.

Their poison was actually useless against Chen Xiang, which was also what they relied on the most. Their Innate Qi might not be too strong, but they specialized in speed and poison, which was why their Ghost Killing School had the most outstanding poison master, which was why their Ghost Killing School had become so powerful.

Just as they wanted to escape, they felt a chill run through their bodies. The water vines wrapped around their bodies, preventing them from moving.

Chen Xiang's technique was still very useful, especially against those who were weaker than the tyrannical warriors. It was very deadly, as long as they were caught in it, it would be hard for them to escape.

The six silver-masked Ghost Killer were hidden together by the water vines and then slowly dragged over. With a wave of Chen Xiang's hand, the poisonous water that fell to the ground a moment ago gathered together and gathered into Chen Xiang's palm.

"You guys are really ruthless. In order to achieve your goals, you don't even want your companions!" The cl.u.s.ter of poisonous water on Chen Xiang's palm miraculously floated around, causing the silver-masked Ghost Killer s to tremble from head to toe when they saw it.

Everyone could see that Chen Xiang was going to use the poison to kill the six silver-masked Ghost Killer s. As expected, just as the six silver-masked Ghost Killer s cried out for mercy, the poison had already exploded on top of their heads.

Under the bindings of Chen Xiang's water vines, these six silver-masked Ghost Killer let out miserable howls, as their bodies were slowly corroded by the poison and turned into a pool of black blood.

At the same time, they besieged Chen Xiang, making him look like a drowned chicken, but in the end, all that was left of his corpse and bones. Although Chen Xiang did not have that frightening silver mask on his face, his faint smile made people even more terrified.

"Young Master Dongfang, we meet again. The last time you stabbed your father in the back, it was really hard to forget!" "From the looks of it, you did it pretty well!" Chen Xiang walked towards Dongfang profoundlong with a smile.

The matter of Dongfang profoundlong tricking his father had long become a topic of discussion in this new world. Many people could tell that Dongfang Chaoqun had seized this opportunity to incite them, and in order to not be purged by Dongfang Lingyun, Dongfang profoundlong did not hesitate to betray his father in order to become the Clan Chief in the future. Of course, there were other secrets as well.

Last time, Chen Xiang had used his Death-haunting arrow to secretly shoot at Dongfang profoundlong's thigh, but Chen Xiang did not feel that it had caused any mental trauma for Dongfang profoundlong, because he had used the role model Huang Jintian, this crazy old man, to scare him. In Dongfang profoundlong's eyes, being ambushed by someone who was strong was something to be proud of.

Right now, Chen Xiang wanted to make Dongfang profoundlong feel guilty, and at the same time, wanted to make the Dongfang Family to waste more pills to save Dongfang profoundlong, because the Dongfang Family's patriarch only had one bloodline that he could inherit.

Chen Xiang felt that if he was lucky, the Dongfang family's bounty on him might even increase a little. Now that there were so many people watching, if Young Master Dong Fang got ravaged and Dongfang Lingyun didn't make a sound, he would definitely be underestimated.

"Chen Xiang, you killed my twin brother. Do you still want to kill me?" Dongfang profoundlong's face was ice-cold, not the slightest bit of fear.

"A man like you, would you care about your dead brother? You even dare to poke at your father, what do you care about kinship? " Chen Xiang laughed coldly, there were truly many guards by Young Master Dongfang's side, and they were all powerful, more than twenty in total.

"Hmph, to deal with a traitor, you have to be ruthless. Even if he is my father, as the successor of the Dongfang Family, I will not let him off so easily. I will sell out my Dongfang Family for my own personal gain." Dongfang profoundlong's words were filled with righteousness and vigor, and it seemed that he really meant what he said.

However, Chen Xiang did not believe it at all. Anyone who knew Dongfang Chaoqun in the slightest would know that Dongfang Chaoqun would definitely not sell the Dongfang family. It was entirely possible that it was Dongfang Lingyun and Dongfang profoundlong.

"What a tough mouth, hehe!" Chen Xiang suddenly laughed sinisterly, his Soul Absorbing Devil Spell could make people speak the truth, but the problem was that he had to let go of Young Master Dongfang's bodyguard first.

"Arrest him!" Seeing Chen Xiang coming towards him step by step, Dongfang profoundlong anxiously shouted, and the 20 bodyguards immediately ran towards Chen Xiang, waving their blades and swords, activating Innate Qi, starting to attack with all their might.

Everyone could not help but admire the strength of the Dongfang family. That thick and violent Innate Qi made many people frightened.

"Tai Chi Dragon Formation!" Chen Xiang's face sank, his hands started to dance wildly, and from beneath his feet, waves after waves of terrifying Dragon Power surged out, turning into many thin and long white dragons and black dragons, revolving around his feet, and quickly swimming in two different directions. They formed into a ten feet wide Yin Yang Taiji array, and started to quickly spin under his feet.

The 20 people who were attacking suddenly increased in speed, but they were not under their control, and flew towards Chen Xiang, the weapons in their hands flying out first, and after entering the Tai Chi Dragon Formation below Chen Xiang's feet, they were all twisted and damaged, some had even exploded.

One must know that the power within the Tai Chi Dragon Formation was compressed by a large amount of Dragon Power. After being strengthened by the profound formation, it became extremely terrifying.

It was a technique from the Taiji Dragon-suppressed kungfu, but it consumed a lot of the Innate Qi and required a large amount of it to support it.

When Young Master Dongfang's twenty bodyguards saw the outcome of those weapons, they were overwhelmed with shock, but it was already too late. The Innate Qi in their bodies were affected by the strong suction force, causing chaos and violence, and he couldn't control them.

After the twenty people were sucked into the Tai Chi Dragon Formation by Chen Xiang, their bodies immediately emitted a "ge ge" sound of their bones shattering. Their bodies were similar to the swords and sabers, they were all broken and bent.

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