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Great Strength Sect, the moment they heard the name, they immediately knew that the people in the sect were cultivating a type of martial arts that allowed them to be extremely powerful. This Great Strength Duo Xiong's body looked to be stronger than most of the Hundred refining realm's warriors, and his physique was also outstanding, unlike Lu Xianqing's, who was without the golden greatsword, his strength was greatly reduced.

"You all want to attack together?" Chen Xiang asked. The two big men gave him a sense of masculinity, he did not seem like the type of person who would take advantage of others.

"Of course not!" One of the taller men said, and he put away his giant axe.

"I just don't want anyone to disrupt the fairness of the fight between us. I will make my junior brother look good and not let others plot against him!" He looked at Chen Xiang: "How about we compete in terms of physical strength?"

Chen Xiang smiled slightly. In terms of physical strength, he felt that there were very few people in Mortal Realm that could beat him.

"I am from the Giant Strength Sect!" Bao Li cupped his hands towards Chen Xiang.

From the looks of it, he only wanted to exchange pointers with Chen Xiang, and not take the bounty. When he was watching the battle between Chen Xiang and Chen Xiang, he realized that his body was strong, and thus his heart burned with fighting spirit.

"Let's fight!" Chen Xiang kept the White Tiger Gloves. The other party was a good person, he did not want to take advantage of them.

"Receive my attack!" With a loud roar from Bao Li, the thunderous roar shook the forest and caused all the birds in the forest to leap into the air.

Looking at this berserk bull that looked like an angry bull running towards him, Chen Xiang praised in his heart. It was not easy to cultivate one's body to such an extent.

Just the strength of his fleshly body was so strong, it made many young warriors, who mainly trained in Innate Qi, shocked. If it was said that only the strength of the fleshly body, other than Chen Xiang, no one else would dare compete with him.

Bao Li did not use the power of the Innate Qi, so his speed naturally decreased by a lot, but it was still quite impressive. When his iron fist struck down, it even made a sound like it was. .h.i.tting the air, which was very scary.

As the fist struck towards Chen Xiang's chest, Chen Xiang didn't dodge or block it at all. He also struck back with his fist, the speed of his punch being slightly faster than Bao Li's, to the point that when Bao Li's fist had just touched Chen Xiang's clothes,'s fist had already struck his chest.

With a dull boom, Chen Xiang's fist carried a strong force as it violently smashed into Bao Li's large body that was like steel. Bao Li let out a low snort and retreated a few steps, as blood involuntarily flowed out from the corner of his mouth.

It was just a single punch, but without using Innate Qi, he managed to injure the tyrannical body. This caused everyone to be dumbstruck, Chen Xiang's body was actually also very strong.

"I... I've lost! " When Bao Li was speaking, he spat out a large mouthful of blood. He could tell that Chen Xiang had already shown mercy, otherwise, he would not be able to stand up now.

Bao Li was supported by his junior brother into the crowd. The strength that Chen Xiang had displayed was more and more shocking, and it was no wonder that he had the ability to kill Dongfang Yao.

"Ten billion Spar, there are actually so many stupid pigs giving up for that f * cking morals." A sinister voice came out, whoosh whoosh whoosh, a dozen or so skinny men in black robes and silver masks, suddenly descended from the sky, and surrounded Chen Xiang.

"Ghost Killing School, this is a sect that specializes in training cold-blooded a.s.sa.s.sins, and is ranked ninth in the new world's rankings. It is said that their names are all numbers, and no one knows the ident.i.ty of any of the disciples in Ghost Killing School."

It is said that there are only a hundred silver-masked Ghost Killer in the Ghost Killing School, and ten of them are enough to kill a ranker who had just entered the Nirvana Stage. The strongest in the Ghost Killing School is the Golden Face Ghost Killer, and the weakest is the tungsten faced Ghost Killer!

Shocked discussions sounded out from the crowd.

had heard of this Ghost Killing School before, when he was wandering around Sky Emperor City, he had heard many people talking about it. This was an extremely outstanding a.s.sa.s.sination organization, the weakest was a wooden mask, then an iron mask.

Chen Xiang was surrounded by ten silver-faced Ghost Killer s. As long as there were Spar s, these killers, regardless of whether they were women or children, would all attack viciously. There were many a.s.sa.s.sins in the a.s.sa.s.sin's guild that had bottoms, but none in the Ghost Killing School. As long as they had Spar s, they would kill everyone! What about Chen Xiang who has ten billion Spar s?

Seeing Chen Xiang being surrounded by these 10 silver faced Ghost Killer, everyone felt chills down their spines, because they did not realise that there was a Ghost Killer here earlier, and so many people did not notice their existence.

The Ghost Killer was an a.s.sa.s.sin with a strong concealment ability. If they were discovered, they were not worthy to be the silver-faced Ghost Killer.

Very few people had seen the Ghost Killer take action, because those that they had seen were basically all dead, and now they had to do it in front of so many people? This caused many people to be afraid, afraid that the Ghost Killer would make a move on them after he killed Chen Xiang, even though there were thousands of people watching.

A silver-faced Ghost Killer suddenly made a hand gesture, and four of them disappeared, leaving with an extremely fast speed, while the remaining six surrounded Chen Xiang, holding a very thin and long sharp needle, they pierced towards Chen Xiang. Whoosh.

The six places that he had stabbed out were also extremely deadly. If he had been stabbed in one place, even if he didn't die, he would still be seriously injured. What was even more frightening was the poison smeared on all six of the needles.

This was the first time Chen Xiang had encountered a group attack with such speed. No matter how fast he was, it was difficult to escape, and the Innate Qi in his body did not even have time to explode, as the six needles had already pierced towards him.

When they saw that Chen Xiang was about to be pierced through to death by the needles, everyone broke out in a cold sweat. However, the six needles were disappointing, because they only pierced through his clothes and not his body!

Chen Xiang was someone who possessed a divine tool like the profoundwu diamond armour. If he was pierced by these six ordinary weapons, the person who created the profoundwu diamond armour back then would have been killed.

Therefore, Chen Xiang knew that even if he couldn't dodge it, nothing would happen to him. The silver-masked Ghost Killer was indeed strong, trained well, and had a tacit understanding with each other, making people tremble with fear upon seeing him. Everyone believed that if they were to be attacked like this, they would definitely die!

Even though the six needles failed, the four silver-masked Ghost Killer s that had just disappeared immediately appeared and continued to attack Chen Xiang's head with them. Their speed was extremely fast and it only happened the instant after the six silver-masked Ghost Killer s failed.

Chen Xiang had long since prepared himself for the four silver-faced Ghost Killer s who had disappeared just now. When the four long needles pierced towards his head, the four water vines became even faster, and just as the four long needles were about to touch Chen Xiang's hair, they caught up with the four silver-faced Ghost Killer s, and with a fierce tug of the water vines, smashed the four silver-faced Ghost Killer s to the ground.

The six silver-faced Ghost Killer s had already retreated away from Chen Xiang's attack range. Although four of their companions were grabbed by Chen Xiang, they did not have any intention to save him.

The water ball exploded before it could even touch Chen Xiang, sending waves of water splashing everywhere, splashing Chen Xiang's entire body.

"It's highly toxic!" A person shouted in shock as he retreated a few steps.

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