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Earlier, Chen Xiang had already chased away the third ranked Thunder Heaven School, he did not expect to meet a sect ranked second.

"Lu Xianqing, the young master Dongfang and the people from the number one sect are all here. How can you steal the limelight from others?" someone shouted.

Lu Xianqing was someone from the Golden Hero Sword Sect, of course, Chen Xiang had never heard of him before, but he knew that this name would be extremely famous in this new world, and it was far from his name.

Sure enough, when the crowd heard this name, they all cried out in alarm.

"The one who got the number one sword in the Jin Hao Sword Sect. It is said that the Jin Hao sword in his hand was left behind by the patriarch of the Jin Hao Sword Sect when he ascended. It has been tempered by the ninth Nirvana, and it is almost like an immortal weapon!"

"If you take it to the auction, it would be worth at least eight to a billion Spar. It wouldn't be difficult to raise it to ten billion."

"This should be the first sword attack of this new world!"

Seeing that everyone was discussing about the gold-plated sword, Lu Xianqing had a face full of pride. He looked at Dongfang profoundlong from the Dongfang family and smiled slightly: "Brother Dongfang, if you also want this ten billion bounty, when you defeat me, I will give it to you!"

This Lu Xianqing spoke so casually, as if he could beat Chen Xiang. His expression of confidence did not make anyone sick.

If they killed Chen Xiang, not only would they be able to obtain ten billion Spar, they would also be able to become famous throughout the world.

Lu Xianqing slowly pulled out his sword, the sword body releasing a piercing cold light, a sharp killing intent accompanied with the sword body trembling and gushing out, causing everyone to feel even more shocked by the top sword in the New World, this was a treasured sword that had been pa.s.sed down for many years, and had drank the blood of many strong Warriors before, so the number of people who died under it would definitely be many.

"I am Lu Xian from the Gold Hero Sword Sect..."

"Really? Who cares about your name?" As Chen Xiang said that, he punched the air, the power of the fist gushed out, rushing towards Lu Xianqing, while the ground followed the force of the fist, with a crackling sound, it exploded, as though it was pierced by a dragon.

Lu Xianqing was infuriated, she faced the incoming force and thrusted her sword, causing the Sword Qi on the tip of the sword to surge out, a powerful burst of golden Innate Qi poured into the Gold Hero Sword, and on the sword's body that was radiating a cold light, it suddenly flashed with a gold light, and the Innate Qi released out from the sword became even more powerful.

"Weng!" The golden greatsword vibrated slightly. The melodious sound was so enchanting that it made people feel that it was even more precious than the golden greatsword.

After Chen Xiang threw out his punch, he rushed forward, his fists wrapped with the body of the G.o.d of Slaughterers. Slaughter G.o.d's Hand, whatever treasure sword and immortal sword they were, they were all nothing in front of this White Tiger Divine Weapon.

The Innate Qi rushed into the Slaughter G.o.d's Hand, causing Chen Xiang's claws to become even more powerful, as though he could grab onto and shatter everything in the world. Seeing Chen Xiang's hands suddenly filled with a fiendish aura, everyone could not help but feel chills down their spines.

Although Lu Xianqing was shocked, he reacted very quickly. Slashing towards Chen Xiang, the sword left behind a gorgeous beam of golden light in the midst of the hurried killing intent, an aura even more powerful than the killing intent shooting out from the sword seemed to be able to cut through s.p.a.ce.

This was Lu Xianqing's powerful sword strike, but it was not as powerful as everyone thought. This was because the longsword that was glowing with golden light had fallen into Chen Xiang's hands and was firmly held there by Chen Xiang.

That unfathomable grab made it hard for everyone to understand. It was as if Chen Xiang's hand was born with an attraction and sucked Lu Xianqing's sword over, allowing him to grasp the timing and strength extremely accurately. The most shocking thing was that this number one treasure sword in this new world would actually be grabbed by someone else.

Shame! This was the shame of the number one treasured sword in the new world, the humiliation of the Jin Hao Sword Sect.

Lu Xianqing was immediately enraged, his refined white face was filled with killing intent, the veins on his face bulged, making him look extremely sinister, because he knew that he had destroyed the sword's reputation!

Just as everyone was feeling extremely shocked, Chen Xiang's big hand that was covered in white gloves suddenly flashed with a white light. The berserk Dragon Power rushed out, and everyone seemed to be able to hear the roar of a dragon.

"Ding!" A crisp sound rang through the air. Everyone was stunned, as if time had stopped. That golden sword had been broken!

The number one sword in the entire new world was broken by Chen Xiang just like that, causing Lu Xianqing to be completely dumbstruck. This was the Gold Armored Sword Sect's mountain suppressing treasure, he was only rewarded with the use of it for a hundred years because he was an outstanding talent, to actually destroy it now!

Although it was only the first level of Devil Subduing Method, it was created using the Dragon Power. With its might that could cover the entire sky, Chen Xiang who was in a daze was struck until he did not know his own direction, and his head was smashed into the ground.

Sword Destroyer lost miserably, while Chen Xiang only revealed a few moves. Originally, everyone thought that Lu Xianqing was just using his treasured sword to bully people, but now ….

In fact, Chen Xiang bullied others even more. After thinking about it, he felt that it was extremely cruel to use such a divine item to break someone's life-like thing. However, he liked to deal with these people who wanted to take his head.

"My head is here, whoever wants it can take it!" Chen Xiang held the broken golden greatsword in his hand and released a berserk Dragon Power. Using the Slaughter G.o.d's Hand, he twisted the sword into a ball and fiercely smashed it into the ground, creating a huge pit.

When everyone saw Chen Xiang's pair of calm but murderous eyes, they could not help but shiver.

Take his head? Forget about his head, whether he could even touch her hair was one thing! Lu Xianqing's strength was probably strong enough, with the powerful treasured sword, but he was slapped by Chen Xiang until he was like a dog eating s.h.i.t, who would dare to go up against him?

He was only waiting to see what would happen. He felt that he would have to wait until Chen Xiang had exhausted most of his energy before going up, otherwise, he would end up like Lu Xianqing.

No one dared to duel one on one, but if more people joined hands, they might be able to win.

Two against one, this was something that would be looked down upon. But now, no one looked down on those two, because Chen Xiang was too strong, he definitely wouldn't be able to beat him alone, but if it was two, then maybe it would be possible.

"I thought that there would be a good opponent in this new world, I didn't expect that they would all be trash!" Chen Xiang coldly snorted. Within the Hundred refining realm, he did indeed have very few opponents.

"Great Strength Duo Xiong, Great Strength Gate!" Very quickly, someone recognized the two men.

"Giant Strength Gate, ranked fifth in the new world."

Chen Xiang's Super Martial School does not have a ranking, but he easily defeated the sect's second ranked disciple. "

was not afraid of the two of them fighting together, since he had the time now, he might as well train with it.

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