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Seeing the beautiful female slave being so obedient, Chen Xiang felt like he was dreaming.

"This is too much of a joke!" Chen Xiang took a deep breath, he could not believe that Master-servant Contract was real, sometimes women would squirm and squirm, but when they were refreshed, they made people shocked, just like when Dongfang Xinyue was in his current state.

Liu Meng'er only let out a light snort. It was already too late for her to stop him, so it was useless to say anything now.

"Master, although I'm your slave, that doesn't mean you can do anything to me." Dongfang Xinyue smiled gently, it was a smile that was extremely ambiguous: "Master, don't bully this slave!"

Chen Xiang wanted to bully her, but he needed strength to do so. This beautiful female slave was much stronger than him.

Hua Xiangyue was charming and beautiful, Dongfang Xinyue was gentle and lovely, and to have these two beautiful female slaves, Chen Xiang would definitely cause others to be jealous to death, but until now, only a few people knew about it.

"Meng'er, are you jealous?" Dongfang Xinyue stuck out his tongue and laughed.

"No... "Yeah, a little, but you're not his first female slave. There's another little demoness who's much stronger than you." Hua Xiangyue was not one bit inferior to this Dongfang Xinyue.

Just when she wanted to find out more about her "sister" that she had never seen before, the dry lake suddenly shook, and a loud sound of tidal waves could be heard. A large amount of water suddenly rushed out from an unknown place, and rushed towards the center from both sides of the lake.

"Hurry up!" Liu Meng'er cried out in alarm as he and Dongfang Xinyue dragged each other and left the bottom of the lake at their fastest speed.

Just as they ran away, a huge black hole suddenly appeared where they stood. The water that had always been rushing into the hole from both sides formed a whirlpool, spinning crazily. Standing on the surface of the lake, it looked like a giant beast was crazily devouring the lake.

Fortunately, Liu Meng'er and Dongfang Xinyue were very fast, they were able to leave the bottom of the lake, and just as they heaved a sigh of relief, pieces of flaming stones suddenly fell from the sky, and every boulder was as big as a small mountain.

The huge rock was burning with raging flames as it landed heavily on the ground. It exploded into a wave of scorching Qi and waves of tremors. The rumbling sounds were incessant, as if the earth was roaring.

"That dragon is right, this place is really dangerous. There are powerful formations everywhere!" Dongfang Xinyue said as he frowned, he then waved his hand and shattered a gigantic meteorite that was falling down from above.

Seeing those fragments falling like countless meteors, Chen Xiang felt that they were not an illusory magic array, but a genuine meteorite from another world.

Liu Meng'er and Dongfang Xinyue pulled Chen Xiang and ran. If they continued to stay here, they would be killed by those unknown formations.

"These formations should all be from the Divine Book. I think that someone must have stayed here for a very long time and even learned to set up the formations on it. That's why there are so many strange and powerful formations here." Dongfang Xinyue looked behind him at the place that seemed to be filled with countless natural disasters. His heart still had a lingering fear.

This was a world of array formations!

When they saw the ruins, they heaved a sigh of relief. Although this place had a dragon, it was much safer than the terrifying place they had come from.

Dongfang Xinyue took out a two storey wooden chest, and placed the divine book on the top shelf. This was a copy she made, it could be quickly copied.

"Meng'er, I originally wanted to give it to you!" Dongfang Xinyue only wanted to enter a dungeon, and the many array formations inside were enough for her to learn for a very long time.

Chen Xiang also wanted to learn, but he had a headache thinking about those countless Spirit grain. Furthermore, with his young age, it was difficult for him to study these complicated things, furthermore, his current strength was still very weak, it would be difficult for him to control the large array.

"Sister Warm Moon, do you know what female slaves usually do for their masters?" Chen Xiang asked with a smile.

"What do you want to do?" Dongfang Xinyue thought for a bit, her beautiful face was at a loss, and she shook her head.

"When I sleep, you have to warm my bed, you have to coax me to sleep. When I shower, you have to help me scrub my back, the best would be to bathe together with me …" As Chen Xiang just finished speaking, he felt Liu Meng'er emit a burst of ice-cold aura, causing him to quiver.

"This female slave is too strong. You can't control her. She is temporarily under my control. I will help you train her well!" Liu Meng'er said with a serious face, making Chen Xiang secretly look down on her.

Dongfang Xinyue laughed, "Yes, Madam!"

Chen Xiang sighed in his heart. He felt that if he wanted to truly obtain the two beautiful female slaves, he had to first make Liu Meng'er submit to him.

"Warm Moon, Xiangyue! Hehe, it seems like you are born to be this young master's female slaves. Chen Xiang laughed lowly.

"What?" Hua Xiangyue is your female slave! " Dongfang Xinyue exclaimed.

"Yeah, she's the same as you, she also has Master-servant Contract like me, but it's just that she's temporarily not under my control." Chen Xiang looked at Liu Meng'er in displeasure.

"Didn't I worry that you guys would play with fire? With your little strength, you will definitely be tormented to death by a little demon like Hua Xiangyue … " As Liu Meng'er said that, his face couldn't help but turn red, and his voice became much weaker: "Those who train in Innate Qi, when men and women combine, they will unknowingly enter a strange state. No matter how head-on their Innate Qi is, when combined, it will always be perfectly compatible, but when the difference is huge, it will bring a great deal of harm to the weak."

Chen Xiang looked at Dongfang Xinyue and Dongfang Xinyue's jade face was also red. She nodded: "This is real, you don't know?"

Chen Xiang shook his head: "No one told me!"

"Now you know, this is called dual cultivation." Liu Meng'er said in a low voice.

Chen Xiang now understood why Liu Meng'er and Hua Xiangyue always tried to find an excuse not to let him eat them.

"Then why didn't Xianxian and I notice it when we were doing it?" Chen Xiang asked again, causing the two girls' faces to turn red again. They had lived for so long, yet they had never enjoyed such a feeling.

"You and Xianxian … Do you do it often? " Liu Meng'er's blush had already spread all over her jade neck. It was indeed very embarra.s.sing for her master to ask about this sort of thing about disciples.

"No, it was just one night, sigh …" Chen Xiang sighed.

"It happened before you knew it, of course you wouldn't feel it, and it was only for one night …" Liu Meng'er looked bashful as her voice became softer.

"Cough, cough, it's time to leave!" Chen Xiang felt that the atmosphere was extremely awkward, he anxiously changed the topic, and shouted towards the forest: "Old Dragon friend, do you want to go out for some fresh air?"

Chen Xiang suddenly felt that this blue dragon was not bad. If he could befriend it, then he would have an even more powerful backer in the future.

"If I don't go out, the situation outside will be over. It's safer for me to hide here." The dragon had answered.

"Coward." Chen Xiang snorted.

"Hmph, at least I'll live longer than idiots like you who aren't afraid of death." The dragon disdainfully said, "Hurry up and f * * k off. This is so noisy. They're all young people, yet they say such shameful things. How shameless!"

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