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The pair of big white rabbits on Liu Meng'er's chest had already completely jumped out and was being kneaded by Chen Xiang's big hand. Their lips, on the other hand, sucked each other's lips, making sounds of honey being sucked in.

Waves of a delicate fragrance gushed out of Liu Meng'er's jade mouth along with a light groan, as if igniting Chen Xiang's evil fire, causing him to knead even more madly Liu Meng'er's sparkling snow peaks, and grip her pink lotus seeds.

Dongfang Xinyue had long since noticed that Liu Meng'er was very close to her, but she didn't think that Chen Xiang would put her wife's master …

She really did not expect that Liu Meng'er would actually fall for her. If she did not personally see the two of them being so intimate, she would not have believed that Chen Xiang, this brat, would actually be able to capture the heart of such a high and mighty female emperor.

"If this continues, they will definitely …" At this moment, Dongfang Xinyue's mind was in a mess. She could not leave the Vermillion Bird bone, or else she would be frozen by the Icy cold power.

Chen Xiang and Liu Meng'er's lips finally parted. Just when Dongfang Xinyue was about to heave a sigh of relief, she saw Liu Meng'er's misty eyes filled with l.u.s.t, and knew that something even worse was about to happen. Chen Xiang began to kiss Liu Meng'er's jade neck, and then continued to kiss it.

Inside the large array of emotions, Liu Meng'er was also extremely excited at the moment. Her soft bosom stood up slightly, and when she felt Chen Xiang sucking on it, she couldn't help but cry out.

Looking at the chaotic scene, Dongfang Xinyue's face flushed red to her ears. She took a deep breath and anxiously flipped through the thick Refining treasure book s, looking for a way to break the large array of emotions. Otherwise, Chen Xiang and Liu Meng'er would have done something even more embarra.s.sing.

At this time, it was also a test for Dongfang Xinyue. Liu Meng'er's intoxicating moans floated over, every single time striking against her soul. Fortunately she was a woman, but she only felt a little bit embarra.s.sed and embarra.s.sed.

"Found it!" After a moment, Dongfang Xinyue's face was filled with joy as she looked at the place that was filled with the color of spring.

At this time, Chen Xiang was lovingly playing with Liu Meng'er's beautiful snowy mountain, while Liu Meng'er was looking at him shyly. The duo's bodies were crazily magnified in the huge magic formation, causing them to do things they did not dare to do before.

"Meng'er is so big …" How could she be casually toyed with by a man, and … Even giving it back for him to bite … "What am I thinking …" Dongfang Xinyue's mind was in a mess, she could finally see Chen Xiang's ability once again, to obtain both his body and mind.

"Master and disciple... This brat was truly evil, Meng'er had said it before. So that's the meaning behind his words. We're doomed, Dongfang Jing this little idiot is definitely enchanted by him. " As Dongfang Xinyue thought of this, she looked around and very quickly sensed that there was a very weak power in the distance.

"This is the source of power of the great formation. It should be enough to destroy it!" had already taken off Liu Meng'er's clothes from the upper half of his body, and the cherry blossom on the snowy peak was in her mouth. With a wave of her hand, the Innate Qi of fire that was condensed from the snow fell onto the source of the energy.

Boom! Chen Xiang and Liu Meng'er suddenly felt a little cold. The beautiful valley had already disappeared, but Liu Meng'er suddenly became much more clear-headed, and when she turned her head to look, she saw Dongfang Xinyue looking at them with a flushed face. This made Liu Meng'er's beautiful face immediately flush red.

Just as Chen Xiang was feeling satisfied, Liu Meng'er pinched his waist and made Chen Xiang shout out loud. He suddenly saw the scenery around him, saw Dongfang Xinyue sitting on the Vermillion Bird bone, and quickly realized what had happened!

Only now did Liu Meng'er hurry up and put on her clothes, and hide her arrogant and tempting shuangfeng.

"Warm Moon, you … Didn't you go to break the formation? " Liu Meng'er blushed and lowered his head, asking with a low voice.

Dongfang Xinyue turned his head around because Chen Xiang was currently staring at her, causing her to feel an inexplicable sense of fear. I just broke it, or. "Otherwise..."

Chen Xiang was not that shy. After all, he had gotten addicted to it, but unfortunately he did not continue.

"Then you saw it all?" Chen Xiang pretended to be embarra.s.sed.

"En!" Dongfang Xinyue lightly nodded his head, "Even though I don't know how you all managed to get away with it, I won't tell anyone else."

Chen Xiang coughed a few times: "Sisters, you two better hurry up and break the array, if not who knows what will happen next."

It was possible for anything. Dongfang Xinyue was also worried that he would fall into an even more dangerous array, maybe he would become like Liu Meng'er and her …

"Little Scoundrel, it's useless no matter how we call you out just now, you're really into it." Su Meiyao's voice carried jealousy, although she knew that Chen Xiang and Liu Meng'er were already close, she did not object, but when she looked, she could not help but feel a little uncomfortable.

"If it was you, I would have also invested." Chen Xiang laughed dumbly.


Dongfang Xinyue said: "This is the array foundation, as long as we sense the source of the array's energy, we can destroy it and break it. The formation earlier was the same, but the formation is rather simple and crude, thus I was able to easily detect it."

Chen Xiang looked at Dongfang Xinyue strangely, as if he was reprimanding him.

"Hmph, Little Scoundrel, don't let your imagination run wild." Liu Meng'er lightly pinched Chen Xiang and snorted. Of course she knew that Chen Xiang was blaming Dongfang Xinyue for spoiling his good fortune.

"Elder Sister Meng'er, Xianxian already knew about the relationship between you and I. She's not stupid, she knew it long ago." Chen Xiang curled his lips and said.

"What?" She … She actually already knew about it! " Liu Meng'er's eyes opened wide, her jade face flushed red again. Xue Xianxian had pretended that she did not realise it, which meant that she acknowledged him. She did not know how to face Xue Xianxian, which was why she had always had a stone in her heart, but now, she did not need to worry at all.

This sudden joy was accompanied by many complex emotions.

"Don't think too much into it. Let's first break the formation." Chen Xiang caressed her face and smiled, his smile was rather sinister, causing Liu Meng'er to spit on it.

"The source of the formation energy is nearby. There's a very weak spot. Once it's sensed, it can be destroyed and destroyed." Dongfang Xinyue said. He then flipped through the book and continued, "Meng'er, come over here and take a look.

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