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Seeing Liu Meng'er releasing such a strong cold Qi, the elders all anxiously used their powers to block the cold Qi that was attacking the weaker people on their side.

"How dare you touch Warm Moon!" Liu Meng'er's voice was filled with incomparable majesty and fury, and an even more intense cold Qi was released from her voice, causing Dongfang Lingyun to feel somewhat fearful.

"Icewind magic kungfu, you are Chen Martial Continent, Divine Weapons Heavenly Country's Liu Meng'er!" Dongfang Lingyun had also done a very detailed investigation on the experts in the Chen Martial Continent.

"Humph!" Liu Meng'er swept the three elders with his cold gaze, not a single bit afraid.

Sensing the cold Qi, Chen Xiang also shivered, his crossbow arrow aimed at an elder who had suddenly stopped in his tracks. He poured his strongest power into the crossbow, Dragon Power and Devil-suppressing holy power, and the two types of power merged together, through the unique Spirit grain above the Death-haunting arrow, they transformed into a crossbow arrow made of black Qi.

"He should be an elder who has survived the Nirvana tribulation. Let me see what kind of damage this Death-haunting arrow can do to him!" Chen Xiang released the arrow, the black arrow flew past soundlessly, but the elder sensed the power of the arrow and immediately released a Innate Qi Barrier.

When the arrow hit the Innate Qi barrier, it dissipated without a single ripple.

"This is the difference!" Chen Xiang sighed. If the arrow had landed on the person who had survived the tribulation of Nirvana Stage, it might have had some effect. However, it was like an egg striking a stone to the Elder who had survived the tribulation of the Eighth Nirvana.

"What kind of scoundrel dares to secretly attack someone?!" The elder roared in anger.

Chen Xiang had a bright idea and quickly imitated his master Huang Jintian's voice and started to laugh crazily, "You guys, if you don't dare to deal with Super Martial School, then you specifically came here to bully women right? What's the difference between things like you and the demons in the demon realm?"

Hearing Huang Jintian's voice, the faces of Dongfang Lingyun and the three elders changed, and they anxiously brought their people to flee.

"Dongfang profoundlong, let me give you a taste of my arrows!" Chen Xiang aimed at Dongfang profoundlong's thigh and shot an arrow. The strong arrow instantly pierced Dongfang profoundlong's thigh, causing a burst of blood to blossom, Dongfang profoundlong immediately let out a miserable scream.

Seeing that, Dongfang Lingyun grabbed Dongfang profoundlong and ran. In the blink of an eye, all the people from the Dongfang Family had left.

The ice around him started to melt as Chen Xiang walked over with a smile.

"These guys were almost killed by my master last time, but now they ran away when they heard my master's voice." Chen Xiang grinned.

Who would know if they were killed in a place like this? Dongfang Lingyun and the others did not want to die in such a useless manner.

"Do you really hate Dongfang profoundlong?" Dongfang Xinyue asked.

"Of course, who told him to keep deceiving that little fool." Chen Xiang curled his lips and said.

Of course, Dongfang Xinyue knew who that little fool was. He was her niece, Dongfang Jing.

"Oh right, why is this Dongfang Lingyun so concerned about Dongfang profoundlong's life and death?" Chen Xiang had betrayed his father, so he might betray Dongfang Lingyun in the future as well.

"Dongfang profoundlong possesses the bloodline of the Patriarch, so the Patriarch can only be inherited by our bloodline. Otherwise, the Dongfang family will meet with misfortune. This is the teachings of our ancestors." Dongfang Xinyue sighed: "But who would have known, my brother's two sons are both this kind of people. Dongfang Yao stole the ancestral treasure, killed his teachers and escaped. I want to kill them too. "

Liu Meng'er said: "Why didn't you kill Dongfang profoundlong with one arrow just now?"

Chen Xiang shook her head: "I was worried that Warm Moon Big Sis would feel uncomfortable, so I thought it was better not to."

The people from the Dongfang family had been searching for a way out of this place the entire time. It seemed like those who had entered were all trapped inside, and Dongfang Xinyue was a master of formations, so breaking this array was naturally not a problem for him, and Dongfang Lingyun felt extremely helpless. He was the most powerful person in the Dongfang family, but he was trapped here in this d.a.m.ned place.

"Chen Xiang, why did you give this little idiot Relive Dan to Jingjing? You've known her for a long time? " asked. She had heard from Liu Meng'er that Chen Xiang was a philanderer, she only knew how quickly Chen Xiang treated Dongfang Jing.

"I thought she was cute, so I gave it to her! The last time she pretended to be me in Heavenly Emperor City, I followed her and fought with her. I found out that she was easy to deceive, and became friends with her. " Chen Xiang said with a serious face, but his mind was thinking about the big rabbit on the stupid beauty's chest.

She refused to believe that Chen Xiang did not take advantage of her. She was worried that if this were to continue, even Dongfang Xinyue would be killed by this little scoundrel.

After arriving at the center, Chen Xiang took out the Luotian Gate, and asked with a serious expression: "Are you ready? There's an angry dragon inside. After being locked up for so many years, once we enter, he'll definitely attack us. "

"I'm ready. I can use my formation plate at any time." She also wanted to see what that dragon looked like. There weren't many dragons in Mortal Realm, so there were even less who could see it.

Liu Meng'er was also looking forward to it, but they did not know that Chen Xiang had already killed a very powerful Boa dragon.

"What is this?" When Dongfang Xinyue saw that the Luotian Gate in Chen Xiang's hand had many miraculous Spirit grain, she curiously and immediately brought her beautiful face closer. When Chen Xiang felt the intoxicating fragrance enveloping him, he couldn't help but turn around, and her lips actually touched Dongfang Xinyue's beautiful jade face.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Dongfang Xinyue tenderly called out, covering her face with her hands, her face full of bashfulness as she looked at Chen Xiang. Her face was completely red, and her heart was thumping hard.

Chen Xiang being able to kiss the beauty's face made him extremely happy, but he was extremely calm. In order to prevent Dongfang Xinyue from investigating further, he anxiously coughed twice: "Cough cough, this is a powerful treasure that senior gave me, are you ready? I will open a door, and enter the Super Old Sacred Land!"

As the dimensional door opened, Dongfang Xinyue was quickly attracted by it. This kind of spatial type treasure was extremely rare, and the refining process was extremely complicated as well.

"Let's go in together, because it will close in an instant." Chen Xiang did not wait for the two girls to react as he pulled their jade hands and entered the dimensional door.

How could Liu Meng'er not see Chen Xiang taking advantage of others? Seeing Chen Xiang's guilty look, she secretly felt jealous, but now was not the time to speak.

Entering the spatial gate, they appeared in a pile of ruins, where a burst of intense dragon aura could be felt, Dongfang Xinyue anxiously took out the array disc.

Just then, a huge blue dragon flew over from the forest far away. Just as Dongfang Xinyue wanted to release the large array, the blue dragon flashed and turned into a middle-aged man dressed in blue.

"Why is it you again? Brat, are you done yet?!" That handsome middle-aged man pointed at Chen Xiang and shouted.

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