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"This is obviously our spoils of war, why should we split half of it with you?" Yan Yanran's cold and angry voice was crisp and echoed within the mountains.

"We've chased for so long, if this beast wasn't afraid of us, it wouldn't have run for its life. We used up a lot of its energy, so you can easily kill it." A handsome man from Thunder Heaven School said.

Don't try to argue with us, we discovered that the Xue Lei Double-Headed Lion was fighting against this beast long ago, and only ran away if we couldn't win against it, and only when we were chasing after it did we run into you guys, what does it have to do with you? Although Yan Yanran and the others did not have many people, they did not want to be at a disadvantage.

The man from the Thunder Heaven School sneered, and made a hand gesture. The ten plus people immediately surrounded Yan Yanran and the others.

After Chen Xiang saw this from afar, he took out a Death-haunting arrow and shot it at one of the Thunder Heaven School s.

The black crossbow bolts silently flew over as fast as light. However, the energy gathered on them wasn't too strong.

The arrow pierced through the thigh of a Thunder Heaven School man, causing him to let out a howl.

"Who is the a.s.sa.s.sin?" The Thunder Heaven School man was immediately shocked. To be able to silently pierce through his thigh, it was similarly able to pierce through a person's head.

was very satisfied with just one arrow being able to achieve such a result!

Chen Xiang and Xiao Chou slowly walked out. Chen Xiang sneered: "Thunder Heaven School right? Did you two rely on your numbers to steal someone's things?"

Seeing that Chen Xiang had arrived, Yan Yanran was ecstatic, and anxiously said: "That's right, they are like that, a sect that is ranked third in a new world, it seems to be nothing more than dog s.h.i.t."

"Chen Xiang!" When Chen Xiang was offered a bounty of ten billion, it was known to many that his portrait was owned by almost everyone.

The people of Thunder Heaven School quickly took out the bounty token from the Storage magic treasure to compare. It was exactly the same.

"That's right, I'm Chen Xiang. The ten billion Spar are right here. If you have the guts, come and take it!" Chen Xiang laughed faintly, not the slightest bit afraid.

To these warriors whose cultivations were not even in the Nirvana Stage, ten billion Spar s was a huge sum of money. Even the Nirvana Stage would be moved by it.

Chen Xiang was far more precious than the Xue Lei Twin-headed Lion that was lying on the ground. The disciples of the Thunder Heaven School immediately looked at Chen Xiang with greedy and malicious eyes.

"The person who got the ten billion bounty from the Dongfang family, he should be an unpardonable scoundrel. Attack!" the leading man shouted.

"You bunch of hypocrites! If you want to kill him, then come over here and find an excuse!" Chen Xiang said in disdain as he looked at Xiao Chou.

Xiao Chou's fists were covered with a golden glow. Seeing that Chen Xiang had nodded in agreement, he stomped his feet hard, and the ground actually cracked.

When Chen Xiang appeared, everyone's attention was focused on him, and they directly ignored the bald man, Xiao Chou. However, they were currently shocked by his strength.

Just as everyone was in shock, Xiao Chou had already flashed into the encirclement of the Thunder Heaven School disciples, and actually walked right into their trap. However, Chen Xiang was not the least bit worried.

"If you want to kill my master, you have to pa.s.s through me first!" Xiao Chou roared, he leapt and descended from the sky, a strange divine power suddenly emerging from his palm, it made people feel as though there was a huge mountain pressing down on them.

When Xiao Chou's palm struck down, the range of the palm's power was very wide, and the strong pressure caused the cover to press down, two people were actually smashed deep into a pulp, their flesh and blood mixed together with the shattered ground, making them look extremely b.l.o.o.d.y.

"Pfft, with such little strength, you want to take my master's head?" Xiao Chou thought that the other side would try to resist, but instead, like a tofu bean, he was slapped flat.

Chen Xiang had a disciple of the Great Strength Race, that was something many people knew. However, Xiao Chou gave off the impression that he was a brat, and that he wasn't that strong.

After Xiao Chou killed the two disciples from the Thunder Heaven School, like a berserk leopard, he rushed towards the other person. Smashing his fist out, he instantly broke through that person's defensive Qi shield and shattered all the bones in his chest.

This young man's head was so berserk, shocking everyone present, even Yan Yanran had her beautiful eyes opened wide.

"You bunch of sc.u.m!" It wasn't that Xiao Chou was too strong, it was just that these people were too weak. When Xiao Chou attacked, he used his full strength.

If his disciple was so powerful, then what about his master? The people of Thunder Heaven School were extremely frightened, they did not dare to take the head of their master, and immediately ran for their lives.

Seeing that someone wanted to escape, Chen Xiang frowned, a bolt of lightning suddenly struck down from the sky. He was already able to use his own mana to control the lightning element Innate Qi in his body, and create a bolt of lightning in the air.

When one's magic power was strong, they could summon the wind and summon the rain. Summoning lightning was also an easy task.

"If you want to take my head, you have to have some ability!" Chen Xiang laughed coldly. The lightning had struck him like crazy, and anyone could tell that he was the one who created the purple lightning. However, no one could feel the aura he was releasing.

After being struck by the purple lightning, his entire body would only be paralyzed for a short while, and then, he would leave it to Xiao Chou to deal with.

"Leave two people alive and tell them to scram back to the Thunder Heaven School. This is the result of bullying any of our sects. Chen Xiang warned her.

Xiao Chou did as he was told, leaving the two of them to run back and then pat his hands: "What third sect, if it's a battle between the younger generation, our Super Martial School will definitely not lose."

Yan Yanran hurriedly thanked Chen Xiang and the others. On the way here, he found out about the Dragon Subduing School that Chen Xiang was talking about and knew that Yan Yanran was also his fellow sect member.

"We just came out. There were a lot of people going in at the beginning, but the number of people getting in became fewer and fewer. The people going in are all gone, and we didn't dare to go in. You guys should hurry up and leave this d.a.m.n place." Yan Yanran advised.

Of course Chen Xiang knew that it was strange, the Super Old Sacred Land in the middle had a dragon trapped inside.

"Xiao Chou, you and them will be outside fighting the Thunder Beasts. Go back when it's about time, I'll go in and take a look myself." Chen Xiang said in a heavy voice.

Xiao Chou was originally here to give it a try, so he nodded his head and said: "I understand, Master, be careful!"

Chen Xiang did not use the Luotian Gate to open up some s.p.a.ce to enter. If there was a huge change in the middle of Super Old Sacred Land, it would not be a wise decision for him to suddenly appear there.

He told Long Xueyi to use the Heaven tour method and go deeper in to see.

"Eh? Isn't this little brat Chen Xiang? Why is he here too! " Liu Meng'er flew down from a mountain and followed behind her.

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