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Seeing these two beauties being tormented to the point that their bodies were drenched, Chen Xiang smiled but did not say a word.

"What are you laughing at? What the h.e.l.l is this?" Liu Meng'er charmingly snorted, taking out a handkerchief and wiping her sweat.

Dongfang Xinyue was also puzzled for a while. She said in a low voice: "This dragon bone is very strong. It should be something like a immortal beast.

"Little brother, are you deliberately making things difficult for us?" Dongfang Xinyue asked gently. That call of "little brother" made Chen Xiang's bones go numb.

"Brat, you're purposely playing with us!" Liu Meng'er pretended to be angry and asked.

Chen Xiang spread out his hands and said: "You're accusing me unjustly, why didn't you say so earlier! Why didn't you ask me for help? "

"Can you?" Dongfang Xinyue was in disbelief.

"What if I do it?" Chen Xiang laughed, seeing his smile, Liu Meng'er knew that Chen Xiang had a way.

Just as Dongfang Xinyue wanted to say something, Liu Meng'er shouted anxiously: "Then why aren't you doing it already!"

If he did not stop Dongfang Xinyue, Dongfang Xinyue would have been taken advantage of by this little scoundrel.

"How much do you want to cut out?" Chen Xiang walked over and shook his head: "I'm saying why are you women trying to be brave. Even after all this time, you still can't get rid of them, why aren't you telling me about it?"

"Hmph, we can't get them all out of the way, but you can?" She knew that Chen Xiang was not an ordinary brat, but no matter what, his strength was limited.

"If you can open it, I'll …"

Seeing that, Liu Meng'er anxiously cut Dongfang Xinyue off, and said softly: "Warm Moon, I got my Fire Soul from this brat, don't look down on him! Many people who were stronger than him have underestimated him. Now, they are all dead, without a single piece of sc.r.a.p remaining! "

Dongfang Xinyue was shocked, to think that Chen Xiang could actually help someone else obtain the Fire Soul, her ability was indeed not weak, she anxiously shut her mouth, she knew Liu Meng'er would not casually say these kinds of things.

"So what?" Chen Xiang laughed: "How about you be my female slave?"

"Die!" Liu Meng'er shouted. She waved her hand and knocked on Chen Xiang's head heavily.

"Open... You must be joking! " Chen Xiang touched his head that was in pain and laughed.

"Luckily you were able to say it, let Warm Moon be your …" Liu Meng'er glared at him with her beautiful eyes. "Kid, you're getting more and more dishonest."

Dongfang Xinyue wanted to say something, but she stopped herself. She actually wanted to ask Chen Xiang if she could get her a set of Fire Soul, but she knew that it would require a lot of rewards.

Chen Xiang thought: What's wrong with that? Hua Xiangyue is my female slave!

"Hurry, we found a big secret inside the Refining treasure book. After we crack it, we should be able to obtain a map." Liu Meng'er urged.

Map? The Refining treasure book has a map? This caused Chen Xiang to be secretly surprised, the Refining treasure book was Li Tianjun's, and the things left behind by this guy, were they not good stuff?

Dongfang Xinyue nodded his head: "The profound Spirit grain in this Refining treasure book isn't complete, but someone has deliberately left some clues inside, which can help us find something even more comprehensive."

Chen Xiang also wanted to know the secret inside. He took out the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword and fed it to the Heaven fire, and then, like cutting tofu, he cut off a small piece of the bone according to the marks on it.

This caused Liu Meng'er and Dongfang Xinyue to be dumbstruck. They had spent so much effort and had only made a few scars, but Chen Xiang had easily cut them open.

With the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword's divine tool coupled with Chen Xiang's powerful Heaven fire, he could easily cut apart the Vermillion Bird's skeleton. Furthermore, the Vermillion Bird's skeleton was already taken in by Chen Xiang, it had a high defense.

Refining the Vermillion Bird's skeleton was also very difficult, as the Vermillion Bird itself was a fire attributed Divine Bird, so of course the bones would find it difficult to melt. In the end, Chen Xiang had no choice but to partic.i.p.ate and use its Heaven fire to melt the bones.

The process was extremely complicated, even Chen Xiang was completely baffled by it. The biggest headache was carving those very complicated Spirit grain onto the surface, then sculpting the melted materials with his mind and adding other materials. Some of the materials were even a layer of Spirit grain, covered with one kind of material, and then carved another …

On top of Chen Xiang's Green dragon demon-slain broadsword, there were countless small Spirit grain. For example, in a small dot, there was just a Spirit grain Array, and those Spirit grain not being refiners had shrunk countless of times, carved into a dot, the refining process for the divine tool was extremely huge. Chen Xiang felt that if he were to cut open the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword, he would see some extremely complex Spirit grain.

And Death-haunting arrow s were nothing to these two beauties, especially when they worked together. It would be completed very quickly.

In just two days, all the parts of the Death-haunting arrow were a.s.sembled.

The new Death-haunting arrow was a bit larger than the previous one and looked very domineering. Although the material was fiery red in color, in order to prevent it from being dazzling, it would add something and turn it black. After all, it was used to trick people in the dark.

When Chen Xiang held it in his hand, he felt that it was very handsomely made, and that its appearance was very beautiful. It was hard to imagine that this was designed by a delicate beauty.

"Let's give it a try, it should be able to help you use the Nirvana Stage. Because of the materials, it can condense a very strong energy." Dongfang Xinyue wiped his sweat and looked at the large piece of Vermillion Bird bone.

This would allow them to refine many powerful things, but only Chen Xiang could melt and cut them off, this was also what made them feel depressed.

After binding it with blood, Chen Xiang held onto the Death-haunting arrow, he secretly channeled his energy, causing the ground to slightly tremble, but very quickly it calmed down.

Chen Xiang had released the Dragon Power, and upon its appearance, the strong energy would immediately create a huge pressure, but it was quickly absorbed by the Death-haunting arrow, condensing the Dragon Power into a black Qi arrow. Although it looked like there was no Qi, Chen Xiang could feel its power.

"This is the Dragon Power?" Dongfang Xinyue's beautiful eyes flashed with a surprised light. As she was practicing the legendary Taiji Dragon-suppressed kungfu, the person who could use the same kind of power as a dragon, was extremely surprised.

only wanted to test if he could condense his Dragon Power. After seeing that it could be condensed, he smiled in satisfaction. "Thank you, sisters, for this bone as a reward.

He took out the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword and cut it in half.

"We can't cut it, and we can't melt it. What's the use of saying that we have to come? Would you like to see it? " Liu Meng'er muttered.

Looking once again at Chen Xiang's Green dragon demon-slain broadsword, Dongfang Xinyue was able to discern something. This blade was extremely powerful, especially those small Spirit grain that were flickering on top.

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