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The Refining treasure book was left behind by the Dan King Li Tianjun, and this Li Tianjun was also a strange person. Not only was he well versed in the dao of pills, he could also travel through many different worlds, leaving behind this extremely profound Refining treasure book.

"It was left to me by a senior." Chen Xiang said casually: "How's your learning progress? "Can you refine some powerful items based on the content inside?"

"The Refining treasure book contains a lot of things, including talisman crafting, formation setting, and artifact forging. If you want to learn, you must first understand those Spirit grain and integrate them before being able to use them in a deeper level." Dongfang Xinyue's face was full of excitement.

"Oh right, what kind of powerful things did you steal from the Eastern profound Realm? actually caused the spirit energy of the entire Eastern profound Realm to fall. " Chen Xiang deliberately asked, but Dongfang Xinyue had actually not stolen anything.

Sure enough, when Chen Xiang asked about this, she was very angry: "I didn't steal anything. There is a lifeline of spirit energy at the bottom of the Eastern profound Realm, I don't know what it is like exactly. There are ten entrances in the Eastern profound Realm that lead down, and there is an entrance where I live."

"When I left, something like this happened. Those old guys must have deliberately taken away the Qi Lifeline and planted it on me. That's so infuriating!"

The angry look of this beauty was so cute that Chen Xiang really wanted to anger her again.

Dongfang Xinyue did not know about the Vermillion Bird's remains that were buried deep underground. This made Chen Xiang feel at ease to use it in the future. There was a terrifying fire underneath the Eastern profound Realm, even immortals could be killed if they entered. He guessed that no one in the Dongfang family knew about the Vermillion Bird's remains.

"Elder Sister Meng'er, how is the reform of my Death-haunting arrow progressing?" This was one of the reasons he was looking for Liu Meng'er right now.

"How would I have the time to change? I do have a plan, but you know a lot of things that happened after that. I don't even have the time to figure it out." Liu Meng'er took out the Death-haunting arrow, her beautiful eyes flashed, and she laughed: "How about I help you modify this with Warm Moon, and make this thing even more powerful?"

Dongfang Xinyue took the Death-haunting arrow and looked, then snorted: "This thing is truly damaged, but it is also a pretty good weapon, but its grade is too low, the power that it condenses is too weak, it is difficult to harm powerful people, it indeed needs to be greatly improved."

The two beautiful women were both smithing experts, so the things they refined together were definitely very powerful. Chen Xiang had heard Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao say often that there were many powerful immortal equipment that were made by a group of people in the Heaven Realm.

"Not only is this Dongfang Xinyue alluring and peerless, she is kind, gentle, and powerful. She is also in danger now, and if I try my best to give her some benefits, it wouldn't be difficult to keep her by Elder Sister Meng'er's side. This kind of woman must not be let go easily."

Chen Xiang calculated in his heart. Using the resources in his hands, forget about a Nirvana Stage's artificer, even an Immortal would be able to save him.

"Sister Warm Moon is really an expert, seeing through everything with one look!" Chen Xiang immediately praised: "If you and Elder Sister Meng'er had worked together to refine it, this Death-haunting arrow would definitely be very strong!"

Seeing Chen Xiang call him "Warm Moon Sis", Liu Meng'er knew that this little scoundrel's motive was not pure, and secretly rolled his eyes at him.

Dongfang Xinyue smiled gently: "I have never teamed up with others to refine it, but I have always wanted to try, it's just that finding a good partner is very difficult, now I have found one!"

"We will work together to refine the best ones, but the materials are too hard to find. Little brother, you have to know, this weapon requires a great amount of energy. If the material is not good and it can't withstand strong enough energy, then it would be a waste."

How could Chen Xiang not know? Of course, as far as the Vermillion Bird's skeleton was concerned, it was a material for the G.o.d level. If one were to refine such a large skeleton into an immortal weapon, it was unknown how much of it would be refined!

Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou took out the smallest piece of bone from the Vermillion Bird's skeleton. It was unknown which part of the skeleton was it, in short, it was as big as a bed, and this little bit of bone, to the Vermillion Bird's skeleton, was only equivalent to a strand of hair.

"How's the material?" Chen Xiang suddenly took out a large piece of fiery-red bone. The bone emitted a weak yet powerful heat, which shocked the two beautiful women who knew a lot about flames.

"What kind of bones are these? A dragon bone? "But that doesn't seem to be the case. There's no aura unique to dragons." Dongfang Xinyue frowned as she looked at the bone. Her jade-like hand gently caressed it, the bone was as smooth as jade, it felt very good to the touch, and it was a little warm.

"Can you help me change the Death-haunting arrow even more? All that's left are the rewards for the two sisters. " Chen Xiang said sweetly.

Liu Meng'er was no longer surprised by what Chen Xiang had. He had three divine artifacts, and these top quality materials could be easily compared to those three divine artifacts.

"It's simple for us to have good materials. Let's start now." Liu Meng'er looked at Dongfang Xinyue and smiled slightly.

The two beauties had changed into a set of close-fitting clothes that were convenient for work, outlining their curvaceous and charming bodies, making Chen Xiang's eyes constantly swivel above them.

Very quickly, the Death-haunting arrow was dismantled into pieces. The two women only needed the Spirit grain on top and reference the structure inside, then they started to design the shape …

Although this was the first time they had worked together, they had a very close understanding of one another. Chen Xiang suddenly realized something worth being happy about, that Dongfang Xinyue did not have a Fire Soul, and furthermore, when she saw that Purple Frost Fire Soul, she was extremely envious.

The quality of the Purple Frost Fire Soul was slightly better than the one Chen Xiang had fused with back then. Alchemist and the equipment forger were similar, and they relied heavily on fire.

As long as the people from the Fire Divine Palace were still here, Chen Xiang would be able to obtain a lot of Fire Soul s. According to his knowledge, the Fire Divine Palace above the Heaven Realm had a lot of people who possessed Fire Soul s, and the vast majority of people came here through plundering.

"Give her a Fire Soul, will she sleep with you for the night?" Long Xueyi asked with a smile.

"f.u.c.k, don't let your imagination run wild. I'm not that kind of person, and she's not that kind of person either." Chen Xiang snorted.

"I can't cut it!" Dongfang Xinyue was sweating profusely, it was the same for Liu Meng'er, the bones were too hard, although the two girls were Nirvana Stage's top warriors, they had been busy for a long time, and could only leave behind a small mark.

Seeing Chen Xiang looking down on them, these two mature and charming beauties couldn't help but blush. They had actually lost face in front of a little kid, which made them feel ashamed.

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