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After waiting for a while, the little beauty who was humming a tune without taking off her clothes, made Chen Xiang go crazy with anger.

"d.a.m.n it, even taking off her clothes is so slow. She really is a woman." Chen Xiang thought.

"Take it off, take it off …" Long Xueyi the little Rhinoceros also unexpectedly urged on.

Under the expectation of the two bad guys, Chen Xiang and Long Xueyi, the little beauty finally took off her men's clothes, and inside, she was wearing a woman's clothes. This made them secretly clench their teeth.

As expected, the little beauty wanted to bathe in the lake. With her back facing Chen Xiang, her movements were graceful and captivating.

Her snow-white body suddenly appeared in front of Chen Xiang. Her long legs, beautiful b.u.t.tocks, alluring waist, and pink back that made people want to kiss her, all of them released a wild and soul-stirring aura, causing the evil fire in Chen Xiang's lower abdomen to rise.

The little beauty kept the clothes inside her storage ring, tied up her hair and walked into the pool. In that moment, Chen Xiang saw something that had a strong visual impact.

"He went down, what a pity!" Long Xueyi sighed.

The little beauty was soaking in the water with a cheerful smile on her face. She was humming a tune while enjoying the warm spring water.

"Little Scoundrel, what do you plan to do now?" Su Meiyao scoffed, her voice carried a faint sour taste.

"Of course it's to go down and capture her alive, and then … "And then..."

Chen Xiang hastily interrupted Long Xueyi's daydreaming: "Then it's your turn, you little bad dragon, there's no hope anymore. It seems like only I can subdue you!"

"Hng hng!"

Chen Xiang laughed: "Little bad dragon, is there any way to steal the storage ring on your finger?"

After Long Xueyi heard this, he began to giggle: "Little Scoundrel, you're the one that's hopeless! To me, this is just a small matter! "

Long Xueyi was more proficient at using the ability of taking things out of the air than Chen Xiang, in that instant, a storage ring flashed towards him, and the little beauty was humming a tune, not realizing that her storage ring was stolen.

Chen Xiang floated gently and arrived at a tree at the side of the pool. He sat on top of the tree and looked down at the little beauty in the pool.

This little beauty's strength could be considered quite good. She quickly discovered that there was movement on the tree. After a moment of shock, she raised her head and saw a man wearing a mask sitting on top of the tree, staring at her with his eyes.

What surprised Chen Xiang was that the little beauty did not panic at all. Instead, she looked for her storage ring at once, but did not manage to find it. Only now did she start to panic, and immediately covered her chest with her hands.

"Who are you? Hurry up and return my storage ring back to me. " The little beauty's jade face was filled with embarra.s.sment and anger. Although her voice was anxious, it revealed a very natural gentleness.

Chen Xiang laughed: "I'm here to take your head, you're worth ten billion!"

The little beauty's body trembled as she bit her lips and shouted, "Since you know I'm worth ten billion, then hurry up and leave!"

never thought that this little beauty would actually be so brainless. No wonder she would pretend to be him, even daring to come to this kind of place to bathe after pretending.

"Goodbye then!" Chen Xiang had actually left.

Thinking about how Chen Xiang had obtained her storage ring, the little beauty anxiously shouted out, "Scoundrel, quick …. "Come back quickly and give me back my clothes."

Chen Xiang landed on the side of the pool and stared at that beautiful and delicate face. She was a beauty that was filled with gentleness and gentleness, but within gentleness and gentleness, she did not lose her charm.

"You little fool, do you think I'll return your clothes?" Chen Xiang laughed.

"I... I have not offended you, why did you steal my storage ring? Give me back my storage ring, I will give you the Spar. " The little beauty became anxious. Chen Xiang was looking at her from such a close distance, causing her to tighten her legs and cover her chest.

This little beauty was so adorable that Chen Xiang couldn't bear to tease her.

"Why are you pretending to be Chen Xiang?" Chen Xiang's gaze became more fiery, causing the little beauty to lower her head. He never thought that this powerful fake would actually be so stupid.

"My brother told me to do it. He said that he could attract Chen Xiang here like this, and he really did come in the end. As long as I agreed, he would agree to let me play by myself. Originally, Chen Xiang wanted to punish her severely, but facing such a simple and innocent little girl, he couldn't be ruthless in his heart.

Chen Xiang laughed, "Then, what is your name? Who is Dongfang Yao to you? "

"Dongfang Yao is my second brother, but he was sent to Devil-subduing College by father a long time ago, but when my brother said that his power and influence was gone, he was sent away." The little beauty didn't know why, but she felt that the person in front of her who wore a mask had no ill intentions. She smiled sweetly at Chen Xiang: "I'm called Dongfang Jing, they all call me Jingjing, what about you?"

Chen Xiang didn't expect this little beauty to be so naive. In an instant, she lost all caution against her enemies, and if he tricked her into selling them, she would even help him count the money.

"My name is Chen Xiang!" Chen Xiang took off his mask, revealing a mouthful of white teeth. He felt that this was the most honest smile he had ever had, but it still made Dongfang Jing scream in fear.

Dongfang Jing, who was in the water, anxiously retreated. In her eyes, Chen Xiang was like a demon, which made it hard for Chen Xiang to understand, although his looks could not be ranked in the Chen Martial Continent, but it was still not bad. Why does this little beauty look like she saw a ghost?

"What are you afraid of?" Chen Xiang knew that Dongfang Jing would answer any questions he asked.

"You're a big bad guy, big devil, big... "..." Dongfang Jing frowned, and looked at Chen Xiang with vigilance.

Chen Xiang summoned his Green dragon demon-slain broadsword, surging killing intent in all directions. His voice was filled with anger: "Who said it? I will chop him into pieces and feed him to the dogs, and you actually slander me like this! "

"My big brother said it. He said you killed second brother, even though second brother is also a bad guy." Dongfang Jing answered Chen Xiang honestly.

"Your big brother is also a bad guy, I'm going to kill him." Chen Xiang sneered.

"You can't beat my big brother, you're just courting death by looking for him." Dongfang Jing said anxiously, as though the big brother she was referring to was invincible.

"Little fool, your big brother lied to you. Don't you know?" If she believed the words of a pig, then what about her big brother?

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