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Someone who had a bounty of ten billion Spar actually dared to come to Dong Fang Clan's territory. It was either this person was crazy, or this person had the ability to come and go as he pleased.

Chen Xiang really came to the Heavenly Emperor City, it was just that the one fighting the Young Master of the Dongfang Clan was not him, but an imposter.

"Wait a minute, are these guys using this kind of method to provoke me out? "We can't be fooled!" Chen Xiang followed the crowd and headed towards the Profound Dragon Tower.

The Xuanlong Tower was twenty stories high and it was square at the top. At this time, there was a man dressed in black clothing on top of the tower. He held a long sword shining with a cold light, and was currently fighting with a handsome man with a large green saber.

"How can my Green dragon demon-slain broadsword be like this, too shameless, if you want to fake it, you have to pretend to be better!" "F * ck, how could laozi be such a pretty boy?" Chen Xiang roared in his heart, his glorious image completely destroyed by the imposter.

"I really want to slap his face!"

"Hehe …" "He's not a pretty boy, he's basically a little girl. The one pretending to be you is a beautiful little girl, hehe …" Long Xueyi continued to laugh coquettishly.

"I didn't expect that the person with the ten billion bounty is actually a sissy. Look at him, he's acting like this too …" Did he train in some kind of martial arts that caused him to be neither male nor female? "

"This sissy actually has such great ability to make the Dongfang family bid ten billion, her reputation is indeed undeserved!"

"That's right, I even thought he was a pure man!"


Hearing the comments the people around them made towards this imposter, Su Meiyao and Long Xueyi could not stop chuckling, but Chen Xiang was filled with anger.

"It's ruined, completely ruined!" Although he knew that it was very likely to be a trap, Chen Xiang did not allow anyone to slander his reputation.

"This little girl who is pretending to be me, I want to …"

"What are you going to do with her? First what... And then kill him? " Long Xueyi laughed.

"I'm going to spank her behind more than her chest." Chen Xiang snorted coldly, and continued to watch.

Chen Xiang's mind suddenly flashed, he thought of a good plan, and quickly left the group of people, paying a high price to stay in a hotel. When this room was opened, he saw the Profound Dragon Tower, which allowed Chen Xiang to see the battle even more clearly.

"Both of them are quite strong, but they did not use their full strength. Furthermore, their attacks were not ruthless enough. They did not have any killing intent in their moves. d.a.m.n it, they are really acting. They are deliberately ruining my reputation!" Chen Xiang sneered.

"Even after fighting for so long, no one from the Dongfang family has made a move. It seems that they are really acting!" Su Meiyao said.

Chen Xiang looked at the Profound Dragon Tower, his mouth chanting an incantation. He was going to use the Heavenly dragon seal!

It was long distance and powerful, and it was the best time to use Heavenly dragon seal s, moreover, this was Chen Xiang's signature move, many people knew it, and since someone was pretending, Chen Xiang wanted this scene to be more lifelike.

"Young master of the Dongfang family, why don't I see how strong you are compared to Dongfang Yao?" Chen Xiang sneered in his heart, then, a storm suddenly surged in the sky, and the surrounding Spirit Qi suddenly surged violently towards him from afar, gathering in the air above the Profound Dragon Tower.

Chen Xiang's powerful mana was released, bringing along his powerful Innate Qi, as it filled the air with spirit energy, controlling a large amount of spirit energy that was frantically being used, and turning it into a whirlpool, producing a terrifying suction force that engulfed the surrounding spirit energy.

"Counterfeit, I'll let you see what the real thing looks like. Learn!" Chen Xiang let out a cold laugh. A roar came from the whirlpool in the sky.

When the whirlpool appeared, everyone was shocked, all of those who investigated Chen Xiang knew that it was Chen Xiang's ultimate move, but now it suddenly appeared, shocking everyone, they did not dare look down on that 'sissy' anymore.

The Xuanlong Tower shook violently from the force of the whirlpool as the people inside quickly fled.

"Wrath of the Ice Dragon!" Chen Xiang roared angrily in his heart, a ice dragon suddenly drilled out from the vortex in the sky, releasing a cold Qi. Seeing this ice dragon that was made entirely out of ice crystals, its entire body was filled with a threatening might, shocking the audience, and they all quickly escaped.

When the two people at the top of the Xuanlong Tower saw this, they too paled in shock. With a huge leap, they fled the moment the ice dragon came crashing down.

This Ice Dragon's punishment was not crude at all. After destroying the Dragon Tower, a burst of cold air rushed out and condensed into ice crystals in the surrounding buildings. The cold air continued to sweep in all directions, and wherever it went, it would turn into a world of ice and snow.

"Keep an eye on that imposter, I'm taking a break!" The room that Chen Xiang was in was also filled with ice and frost, and he sat in meditation to rest.

After an hour had pa.s.sed, Chen Xiang had recovered quite a bit.

"Then Young Master Dongfang went back to the Eastern profound Realm, the imposter is outside the city." Long Xueyi said.

"Impersonating your father and daring to run around, this idiot!" Even though Chen Xiang said this, he had already taken out his Luotian Gate. "Did the imposter and Young Master Dongfang have any interactions?"

"No, but they must have known each other." Long Xueyi said.

Opening the s.p.a.ce Gate, Chen Xiang went outside of the city. The imposter was actually walking leisurely by himself towards a forest.

"Why is this woman still in the mood to sightsee?" Chen Xiang had originally wanted to take action, but he still planned to follow her. He felt that after this impostor finished his act, there must be some kind of unspeakable secret that would come to this place.

Chen Xiang followed the woman who pretended to be him and arrived at a quiet valley. There was actually a steaming pool of water here, and around the pool were a few beautiful flowers.

The moment he saw the pool, he knew what the imposter was up to.

"You little scoundrel, you must be enjoying life!" Long Xueyi laughed.

That imposter was indeed a woman. She used her melodious voice and hummed a melody before squatting by the pool. She used her lily-white hands to pick up the hot water to wash the makeup on her face.

After washing her face, a beautiful face appeared. She was actually an extremely beautiful woman. What was even more frightening was that she began to take off her clothes.

"Little Scoundrel, why aren't you fighting anymore?" Su Meiyao asked with a smile: "Did you see that this is a great beauty, and then your heart moved?"

"At most, she's just a little beauty. Only the two big sisters of the ring are such beauties. With you two around, how could I be interested in this little girl?" Although Chen Xiang said that, he still stared at the beautiful figure beside the clear pool.

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