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More and more Transmission array s appeared, the news spread very quickly in this huge new world, Chen Xiang's bounty was as he had wished, it had already increased to ten billion Spar, suddenly increasing by ten times, this caused many people to move, one after another they went to Chen Martial Continent to look for Chen Xiang, this was also the reason why Heaven Door City was so lively.

However, the people that the entire New World was looking for were actually searching for treasures in the profound Realm s. When many large powers were worried about the Dongfang Family's invasion, Chen Xiang, this little rascal, had already infiltrated into the interior of the strongest power in the New World.

There were a lot of patrol teams, so it was normal to suddenly lose a squad. Most of them were resting, and the Dongfang family's power was growing with each pa.s.sing day. Everyone dared to act recklessly, so the patrol teams were usually responsible for catching some servants running around.

"Where is the important place? This Dongfang Rong's memories are unreliable! " Chen Xiang's Heaven tour method could not be found, and so could Long Xueyi.

Chen Xiang was currently in that small courtyard, and his Heaven tour method had already searched throughout the entire Warm Moon Palace.

"That pond is very deep!" Long Xueyi suddenly said, Chen Xiang immediately walked to the side of the pond.

"Dongfang Rong's memories said that the Warm Moon's Palace was one of the most important places in the Eastern profound Realm. He didn't know the specifics. Chen Xiang looked at the calm lake.

Long Xueyi's Heaven tour method was even more powerful than Chen Xiang's, so he quickly dove into the pond.

"There is a formation at the bottom of roughly a hundred zhang. My spiritual sense is unable to enter." Long Xueyi said.

"Little Naughty Dragon, let the wind go. I will try using the Luotian Gate." Chen Xiang took out his Luotian Gate.

Although the Warm Moon Palace was not small, there was only Chen Xiang inside. Dongfang Xinyue usually liked living a quiet life, and would only occasionally call a servant in to inquire about some things. Dongfang Rong had been called a few times over the years, so Dongfang Xinyue was very familiar with him.

After Long Xueyi gave him a direction, Chen Xiang turned the ring on top of the Luotian Gate, opened a dimensional door, and walked in.

After entering the spatial gate, Chen Xiang suddenly appeared in a place that was filled with a scorching aura. With the flashing of red light, and the scorching heat in the clouds, if a normal person came here, they would have long been burnt to ashes.

"Amazing, it seems like it's hotter than the earth's core. What kind of place is this?" Chen Xiang was in a tunnel now, and a red glow was shining in from the end of the tunnel. The source of the scorching energy was the end of the tunnel.

If even Chen Xiang had been to this place, it would already be an extremely terrifying place to him.

He suddenly understood why this matter was so important. If he did not seal it, the hot air that came out would be more than enough to destroy the entire profound Realm.

What exactly is this profound Realm? There was actually such a powerful place! This was what Chen Xiang and the others were wondering.

"It's a very intimate feeling." As Chen Xiang walked along the pa.s.sageway, although he felt the heat, he did not feel uncomfortable at all. It was extremely strange.

After walking out of the pa.s.sageway and arriving in a s.p.a.ce filled with flames, he was shocked!

"What is this?" In the midst of the boundless sea of fire, he could vaguely see a colossal creature crouching on the ground, and its flames were being emitted by this colossus.

"The dead Vermillion Bird, these are her bones." Long Xueyi's voice was filled with shock, "I never thought that the Vermillion Bird would actually die in such a place. Her feathers must have been refined into Suzaku silk.

That huge monster was indeed a skeleton, it actually existed in the depths of the Eastern profound Realm!

"Is there any way to get it?" Chen Xiang was ecstatic, and almost jumped up. As he walked in the sea of fire, he did not feel any discomfort. This sort of flame could not harm him at all.

"There's a Bone soul in this skeleton, as long as we pacify it, the flames will disappear." Long Xueyi said.

The Eastern profound Realm was very big, and the Vermillion Bird's bones were actually around the same size as this profound Realm.

Chen Xiang and Long Xueyi spent a lot of effort to find the skull.

"You can't keep this Bone soul. If you keep it, don't tell me you want to refine the Suzaku Divine Weapon anew. This is the best material!" Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang nodded, he placed his hand on top of the skull, sensing the Bone soul in the bone, instilling some thought, calming the Bone soul down.

"Hmm? This guy actually wants to attack me! " Chen Xiang suddenly retracted his hand, his face filled with anger.

"Heaven fire soul, go!" Chen Xiang's body started to burn. The flames he released actually blew away the surrounding flames, and then, he smashed his palm onto the mountainous Vermilion Bird's skull.

With a palm strike, the Heaven fire soul released a Heaven fire full of power. The Bone soul that wanted to attack him immediately weakened a bit, and the raging fire on the skull also started to die down.

"Comparing fire with me?" Chen Xiang suddenly felt the resistance of the Bone soul, and immediately took out two Chaos fire s. He activated the two Chaos fire s and released the silver white flames, causing the flames around them to return back into the bones.

Chen Xiang never thought that the deterring power of Chaos fire would be this strong. In just a moment, that gigantic skeleton that looked like a red crystal appeared in front of him.

"Mine!" Chen Xiang laughed and dripped a drop of blood onto the blood, restraining the Bone soul inside. Then, with a thought, he stored it in his green jade ring.

Putting such a large thing into his storage ring had nearly drained Chen Xiang of his spiritual sense. After he succeeded, Chen Xiang rested for a bit before taking out the Luotian Gate. He pa.s.sed through the spatial gate and arrived at the forest outside of Sky Emperor City.

"Without the Vermillion Bird bones as nourishment, the Eastern profound Realm will probably lose its spirit energy very soon." Long Xueyi chuckled.

Not long after Chen Xiang left, all the Rankers in Eastern profound Realm suddenly trembled, because the density of the spirit energy had suddenly decreased. Although it had only weakened a little, it made many Rankers feel that something serious had happened, because this was something that had not happened in Eastern profound Realm for many years.

He continued to stay in Sky Emperor City. He wanted to see if he could find any good Spirit Medicines here, since Sky Emperor City was a very prosperous city, Chen Xiang felt that he would be able to obtain quite a bit of harvest here.

Just as he stepped into a very large pill shop, he suddenly heard someone shout, "Chen Xiang has appeared!"

Chen Xiang was shocked. He had now become a normal looking middle-aged man, how could he possibly be discovered?

"Chen Xiang has appeared on top of the Dragon Tower in the north of the city and is fighting with the eldest son of the Dongfang Family Patriarch."

Chen Xiang's mouth twitched, he never thought that there would actually be such an idiot that dared to pretend to be him and flaunt around, ruining his reputation.

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