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"Friendly price, two million one pellet. You must be generous."

Zhu Rong curled his lips: "Friendship is quite valuable huh …"

"Here are 120 pills, you guys take them and divide them evenly, you just have to pay within 10 years, now that so many worlds have been fused, the situation will become even worse when the Great War between Three Realms erupts, you guys have to quickly increase your strength." Chen Xiang took out a Storage bag and placed it in Xv Weilong's custody.

Lian Mingdong and the Lei brothers were currently training, but Chen Xiang knew that he would definitely hand the Nine quenching body Dan over to them.

"Try your best to reach the peak of the Hundred refining realm before the Great War between Three Realms arrives." Chen Xiang said in a serious tone.

Yun Xiaodao and the others nodded, it was their luck that they were able to make it into Chen Xiang's group, as he could not let down Chen Xiang's help.

"Right now, many of the worlds that have just been integrated into want to name themselves after their original world, and then there is a dispute. This group of brainless fellows, none of them could tell that naming them Mortal Martial Realm was the best." Yun Xiaodao looked at the people in strange clothing on the streets.

"The world is becoming larger and larger. If we can survive the crisis of the Great War between Three Realms, we can travel to many different worlds and expand our horizons. It will also be helpful for cultivation." Chen Xiang could only imagine how chaotic this enormous world was right now.

In a world, there were already many opposing forces, and now with so many worlds fused together, the situation would only get worse with each pa.s.sing day. If they did not unite together, once the Demon and Devil Realms invaded, things would become troublesome.

There were a lot of Devil Cultivator s and Evil Demon s in the Demon and Devil Realms, especially those in the Demon Realm. They were all a group of brainless, suicidal b.a.s.t.a.r.ds, and it was difficult for them to match against weak humans.

"Chen Xiang, do you still remember Dongfang Yao? At that time, Devil-subduing College believed that you were the one who killed them, and even offered you a bounty. " Xv Weilong suddenly said.

Chen Xiang nodded his head: "The world he originally belonged to, is a very powerful world, and his family is extremely powerful, as they ruled over that world."

"The Dong Fang Clan is indeed very strong. Moreover, they have ruled over a world and can gather the energy of a world to annex some of the worlds near them. In just a year, their power has increased tenfold." Xv Weilong's words startled Chen Xiang.

After the world was merged, it was like the sea and the sea connected together. There was no longer any world apart from the sea. Right now, in this large world, the boundless sea area was filled with countless continents that formed this huge mortal world.

Chen Xiang's face turned ugly, "This is not a good thing. Does the Dongfang family want to rule the world?"

"From the looks of it, it is indeed true, and they also have the ability. After their power expanded, they can gather more strength, and can be said to be the strongest power in the world. However, Devil-subduing College and the Fire Divine Palace are also absorbing a large number of disciples." Xv Weilong said.

Chen Xiang shook his head: "It's useless for us to focus on something like this, we should just focus on increasing our strength."

Although they said that, Chen Xiang and the others were still worried. If the Dongfang family were to exaggerate their strength at such a fast pace, there would be a day where the Mortal Martial Realm would be annexed. At that time, there would be no way to fight against them.

And this was what Gu Dongchen and the others were currently worried about.

Inside a house in the Continent of the King, all the big shots of the different continents of the Mortal Martial Realm were gathered there.

"The Transmission array has already been set up by the sects that mainly use formations. Right now, the alchemy sects, formation sects, smithing sects, there are countless of them. And most of them are in the hands of that Dongfang Dynasty." An old man sighed.

"Is there any faction that can fight against the Dongfang Empire now?"

In regards to this, he was as worried as the other big shots of the world. They were not as ambitious as the Dong Fang Clan, who continued to expand their power through war, but if they did not surrender, they would destroy a continent.

"Devil-subduing College, Fire Divine Palace, to date, we only know about this. However, no matter how big this world is, there are still some powerful forces that we do not know about hiding."

And right now, the person who was most worried about the Eastern Dynasty was Chen Xiang. The matter of Chen Xiang killing Dongfang Yao had already been found out by the Eastern Empire, and there were already bounties placed on him. That was why Chen Xiang had been missing for two years, but he was still very famous.

If he wanted to hide, no one would be able to find him, especially now that he could change his appearance and height, could change his aura. He could only relax the powerful Dong Fang Clan, in order to attack Super Martial School at all costs.

Right now, this newly integrated world was called a new world. Although the Great War between Three Realms was near, many ambitious forces still expanded their scope of influence to increase their strength, otherwise, they would have been swallowed by other forces.

When Chen Xiang and the others found out that many worlds were merged together, they had already encountered such a thing.

Fire Divine Palace and Devil-subduing College were both in the Continent of the King, so this continent was also very famous, and it was what many powers feared the most.

Ten days had pa.s.sed, and Chen Xiang had gathered a lot of information from all over the place. This made him very excited, as there were too many areas waiting to be explored in this new world.

"If we were to merge with the Demon and Devil Realms, the situation would become even worse." Bai Youyou said.

"When a ship arrives at the bridge, naturally it will be straight. Right now, I will go to the Eastern Empire to take a look and see the strongest power in this new world." On top of Continent of the King, Chen Xiang stepped into a very large Transmission array and was teleported to the Heavenly Emperor Continent along with a group of people.

Heavenly Emperor City, this was the Yan Jing of the Heavenly Emperor Continent. The Dong Fang Clan had established a palace here, and the Dongfang Clan was known as the emperor.

Now that he had turned into an ordinary looking man who came from another continent, no one would a.s.sociate him with the person worth a billion bounty.

"The grand number one power in a new world is only worth a billion?" Too shabby! " Chen Xiang snickered in his heart.

If it weren't for the wanted poster, Chen Xiang's current reputation would have long been drowned out. Of course, because they did not know Chen Xiang well, many people did not put him in their hearts, especially the warriors who had n.o.ble backgrounds and came from powerful forces, who thought that Chen Xiang was just a n.o.body. They did not think much of him.

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