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Once he returned to the Super Martial profound Realm, Gu Dongchen immediately summoned all of the elders over to see what had happened. He wanted to see what else would happen to the Super Martial City that would cause such a ruckus.

After all of the elders narrated at once, Chen Xiang, Wu Kaiming and Gu Dongchen were all shocked. Even though they were well-informed and had seen many shocking things, they still could not accept this fact.

All the mortal worlds were fused together, large and small, whether strong or weak, suddenly and inexplicably fusing together after a year or so. After fusing together, many martial artists traveled all over the place, especially towards the most prosperous worlds or continents!

"d.a.m.n it, why did this happen all of a sudden? There are quite a few mortal worlds under the heavens, right? How did they all fuse together? " Gu Dongchen found it hard to accept this fact. Countless mortal worlds had fused together, forming an even larger world. This was something that caused many people to be excited, especially those who wanted to roam the world.

However, some of the major powers in charge did not think this way. In this mortal world, some of the resources were almost exhausted. They would definitely plunder and chaos would ensue if there were more people. It would be hard to find a person who had offended a powerhouse, even if he were to hide.

Furthermore, what should he do when the Great War between Three Realms comes? Did the Devil Realm also fuse together? At that time, they would not only have to defend the pa.s.sage to Great Devil Mountains. If the other worlds couldn't be guarded, and were occupied by the Devil Cultivator, then the Mortal Martial Realm would be surrounded.

The more Gu Dongchen and the others thought about it, the more terrifying they felt.

If it was like before, Mortal Martial Realm had great confidence that he would be able to pa.s.s through Great War between Three Realms. But now, it was hard to say.

"Looks like I have to gather the people from the Mortal Martial Realm for a meeting. I can't let this go on." Gu Dongchen said.

This kind of thing, was naturally not something that Chen Xiang would interfere in. He quietly returned to the Super Dan Imperial College, took out the Luotian Gate and said: "I wonder how many worlds have fused together, it's all going to be troublesome."

"If they didn't fuse earlier, then it was too late. But if they started merging now, then someone must have been up to no good." Long Xueyi scoffed.

"What?" If two continents were fused together, how could they possibly do so? How could two worlds fuse? They are all in different s.p.a.ces. Who has such a great power that can fuse so many worlds together? " Chen Xiang secretly clicked his tongue, although he did not believe it, but he could not help but be suspicious.

"Of course it's those guys from the higher realms. These lower realms could very likely be created by them, they can do whatever they want to do. This isn't strange, maybe the Great War between Three Realms is just a game for them." Long Xueyi had inherited a lot of memories, and a lot of these memories were inherited from the Primordial Era's Dragons. That was why she said such words.

The Great War between Three Realms was about to begin, but this matter suddenly happened. It was hard for people to accept, but Chen Xiang felt that this was good, if the Transmission array was established well, then this huge world would be linked together, and the news would spread quickly. At that time, he would be able to find a few more rare herbs.

"I really want to go everywhere." Chen Xiang's heart itched, he had long since gotten tired of playing with the mortal kungfu realm, although he had not gone to many continents, his main target was still spirit medicine.

Chen Xiang sat in the room and suddenly frowned: "The Elder Dan has finally appeared."

Time flew by quickly, and in the blink of an eye, it was the appointed time between Chen Xiang and the Elder Dan. Elder Dan and Chen Xiang had agreed to a compet.i.tion, and the moment Chen Xiang won, he would show her her true colors and agree to marry Chen Xiang.

"Junior Martial Uncle, you are still as elegant as ever!"

Elder Dan was still the same, wearing a wooden mask and a black robe, tightly wrapping herself up. Her body emitted a unique and cold aura, but her voice was a lot gentler, yet it still sounded cold and indifferent.

What Chen Xiang had done in the past few years was indeed the same as before;

"Little girl, I missed you so much, have you pa.s.sed through the Nirvana Doom yet?" Chen Xiang laughed. He indeed missed this mysterious junior nephew. Although he had never seen her appearance before, he knew that her figure was not bad.

"No, do you still remember our agreement?" Elder Dan asked coldly.

"Of course I remember. Even when I slept, I could dream of the scene of you being defeated and your mysterious veil being lifted, but every time then, I would wake up." Chen Xiang sighed with extreme regret.

"Hmph, your bullsh * t is still the same as before. We are competing to refine the Earth Grade Low Rank Dan, and now you can?"

Elder Dan seemed to be very concerned about Chen Xiang's progress, especially with the pills. Otherwise, she wouldn't have encouraged him.

Chen Xiang laughed: "I can only forge one type, but I think that I can still learn one or two ways when competing with you."

Seeing Chen Xiang not putting this compet.i.tion in his eyes, Elder Dan was secretly furious, but she knew that this was a way to level up, a way to stimulate one's potential.

"I heard you have Relive Dan, how did you come here?" Elder Dan was most curious about this matter. She had always thought that Chen Xiang had an expert backing him, if that expert could casually refine Relive Dan s, he would definitely be very strong.

"I picked it up." Chen Xiang said casually.

"Bulls.h.i.t, you think this is sand? You can pick them up as you like? " The Elder Dan did not believe that he had picked it up.

"Believe it or not." Chen Xiang whistled, and immediately knew that he was lying, "Oh right, little girl, why aren't you in the meeting? a lad and the little baldy are both there! "

"I can't be bothered with these matters right now. Wait a month for me to collect the medicinal herbs. I'll compete with you here."

The Elder Dan only appeared for a short while before leaving in a hurry.

"Hey, where did you hide the Super Martial School's number one beauty?" Chen Xiang realised that Wu Qianqian had disappeared again, and he was not with Yun Xiaodao and the others.

"She's not as free as you." Super Dan Imperial College's cold voice echoed in the air.

"One day, I will strip this woman of all her clothes. I want to see just what secrets she has and how she is so secretive all day long." Chen Xiang snorted, then went to look for Yun Xiaodao and the others.

In a luxurious private room in a restaurant, Yun Xiaodao slammed his hand on the table and praised: "Dragon Subduing School, this name isn't wrong."

Chen Xiang laughed, looking at Zhu Rong who had a guilty face, this fatty's expression had always been abnormal.

"Old Zhu, that bounty should still be in your hands right? w.a.n.g Shengren and Liao Shaoyun were killed by me, so I should get the bounty back." Chen Xiang laughed.

Zhu Rong had known from the beginning that Chen Xiang would not be so foolish as to make such a precious thing as a reward, and in the end, it had returned back to Chen Xiang.

"Elder Brother Shen, didn't you say you want to sell us some pills? Then what's the price of the Nine quenching body Dan? " Yun Xiaodao said as he rubbed his hands. It was obvious that he had prepared a lot of Spar.

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