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The purged magic core contained a huge amount of energy, which made Chen Xiang extremely happy. He was frantically absorbing it, as this would allow his cultivation to increase by a step.

After he cultivated the Devil Subduing Method to the great perfection stage, the Devil-suppressing holy power in his body was able to remove the demonic energy, causing him to no longer be torn apart or squeezed by the energies in the Demon and Devil Sinkhole, and thus causing him to plummet down.

The Demon and Devil Sinkhole was very deep, Chen Xiang suspected that the strong demon and evil energy had already formed a spatial tunnel below them that led to other worlds.

"It's best if you don't go, otherwise you won't be able to come back." Bai Youyou saw that Chen Xiang had suddenly fallen, and anxiously shouted. She did not want Chen Xiang to go to a place like the Demon World right now, even though it was a low level Demon World, it was still extremely dangerous for Chen Xiang.

After getting rid of the magic seed, Chen Xiang moved freely, he immediately used his mana to levitate his body, and did not continue to descend. After he completely absorbed the purified magic seed, he would consider other things.

The impurities have already been cleansed, and the remaining portion may be very little, but it's enough for you to enter the middle stage of the Hundred refining realm. Remember, when you cultivate, you need to continue refining your body, although your physical body is already strong enough, but the Hundred refining realm is merely the starting point. Bai Youyou said.

Chen Xiang's fleshly body had a very high starting point. Even though his fleshly body had already completely surpa.s.sed the limits of a mortal, based on his current cultivation situation, his body had only just begun tempering in the Hundred refining realm, and would be considered the pinnacle by his own standards.

Facing the powerful Tai Hong, as well as the coming demons, Chen Xiang longed for more and more for power. At this moment, he only wanted to quickly break through and then leave Demon and Devil Sinkhole.

Within Mortal Martial Realm, so many experts had suddenly disappeared, but no one left any traces behind when they left. This made many people puzzled, some even suspected that these experts had hidden themselves to avoid the Great War between Three Realms that was about to arrive.

However, who would have thought that these strong pract.i.tioners at the peak of Mortal Martial Realm, who were on the brink of life and death, would be tormented by fear? Because if they were careless, they would have been devoured by the Magical corruption gas.

Time flew by, and in the blink of an eye, three months had pa.s.sed. Chen Xiang who was below Demon and Devil Sinkhole had also completely devoured the purified devil seed!

During the process of cultivation, he would circulate Fire Dan Tian and release a type of flame that was specialized for refining the body. It could make him, who had the Heaven fire soul, feel a scorching pain, and in this way, achieve the effect of tempering the body.

Every time he broke through, the number of Zhenyuan granule would double. At this point in time, he already had 640,000 Zhenyuan granule, and if he reached the late stage of the Hundred refining realm, he would have a million Zhenyuan granule.

"I wonder how many Zhenyuan granule there will be after I enter the Nirvana Stage?"

Chen Xiang was a little excited, but after looking at his Dantian, he realized that even if he had a million Zhenyuan granule, he could only make the five mighty Beast statue light up a little. It was no different from before, and he didn't know what level the Innate Qi had to reach to make the five Beast statue completely light up.

"It's been so long, but this Magical corruption gas is still constantly spitting out blood. Let me see if I can absorb some of it into my body." Chen Xiang activated his Devouring magic kungfu, allowing the Magical corruption gas around him to enter his body.

What made him a little depressed was that his Devil-suppressing holy power was too strong, the moment those Magical corruption gas entered his body, they were immediately erased by the Devil-suppressing holy power.

Even so, Chen Xiang did not give up. He released his mystical mana and formed a pathway within his body that led to his Dantian. He then absorbed the Magical corruption gas and compressed it inside his Dantian through that pa.s.sage.

The Magical corruption gas was separated by the magic power, and being unable to feel the Devil-suppressing holy power, Chen Xiang was able to successfully compress the Magical corruption gas into his dantian.

"Even if this thing explodes in my body, it will be immediately purified." Chen Xiang chuckled, then crazily devoured the Magical corruption gas.

If the people from the Demon World knew that his dantian was filled with a large number of Magical corruption gas, they would definitely hide far away from him.

"Sister You You You, is your sister, the Magic Scorpion, afraid of this Magical corruption gas?" Chen Xiang asked. This Devil Scorpion Princess Bai Ziqian, who was covered in poison, in Chen Xiang's opinion, could also be considered a impenetrable.

"She's not afraid. She was surrounded and killed by the demon realm because she possessed a Magical corruption gas. In the end, a demon G.o.d appeared and allowed her to destroy this thing in front of many powerful Devil Cultivator. That was the only way to resolve her crisis." Bai Youyou said.

Chen Xiang chuckled: "I think she definitely misses this kind of thing. In the future, will I have a chance to see her again?"

When he thought about Bai Youyou's wild, cold, and charming older sister, Chen Xiang's heart started to waver.

"There must be a chance, hmph!" Bai Youyou seemed to have seen through Chen Xiang's thoughts, and coldly snorted.

"Little Scoundrel, this woman is my opponent, you decide!" Su Meiyao scoffed. How could she not know what Chen Xiang was thinking?

"Cough cough, this is a matter of the future, let's talk about it in the future." Chen Xiang realized that he had been exposed, and anxiously said, and continued to swallow the Magical corruption gas.

"If laozi was in a fight with this Magical corruption gas, then how amazing would he be!" Chen Xiang sighed, "I never thought that practicing the Devil-suppressing kungfu would be enough for me to control these vicious Magical corruption gas s. Hehe, if I go to the demon realm, I might be able to become the number one demon in the world of demons. But at the same time, I also obtained the inheritance of the Devil-suppressing Heavenly Venerable, haha …"

Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou did not object to Chen Xiang doing this in the first place, because they knew that Chen Xiang would not use this kind of power to harm the common people.

"When you use it, you must not leave it alive." Bai Youyou warned again.

"Relax, this thing isn't easy to control, and it can't be used to destroy corpses and remove traces. I still feel that the G.o.d-eclipse powder is a little easier to use, but the G.o.d-eclipse powder needs to be refined, and I also need older Broken Soul Tree to be able to refine stronger G.o.d-eclipse powder." Chen Xiang said.

Chen Xiang drew a small area in his dantian specifically to compress the Magical corruption gas. He felt that this would be his most powerful way of keeping a person's life alive in the future.

If Chen Xiang knew about the situation up there, he would have gone up a long time ago. He could move freely amongst the Magical corruption gas, and those Innates that couldn't even move a muscle could only kill him as they pleased.

A month had pa.s.sed, and Chen Xiang felt that it was about time to go up. He started to float, but he suddenly felt that no matter how he floated up, he himself seemed to be retreating, this made him frightened.

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