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When Chen Xiang was at the bottom of the Demon and Devil Sinkhole, he had no idea what was happening above. All he wanted to do now was to quickly cultivate to the eleventh layer of the Devil Subduing Method, so that he could use an even more powerful devilish suppressing force to purify the magic seed that was stuck on his palm.

Devil Subduing Method was a very complicated martial arts technique, and inside those martial arts techniques, a few words contained a lot of information, and after combining, it would become even more difficult to understand, and now Chen Xiang had to arrange all of the mantras from the first layer to the tenth layer from new. As long as they were arranged well, and cultivated smoothly, then he would be able to cultivate the Devil Subduing Method to the Great Perfection Stage.

This was a very difficult task. After all, there were many mantras in the heart, and right now, it was equivalent to disa.s.sembling all of these mantras in order and arranging them once more. And after arranging them, one could practice without making a mistake and be able to unleash an even stronger power.

Currently, Chen Xiang was just like playing with a jigsaw puzzle. The hardest part was that he did not know what the original appearance of the jigsaw puzzle was, he could only judge the connection between each section of the chant based on his understanding of the Devil-suppressing kungfu and his experience in cultivating multiple divine arts before combining them.

If he did not have this kind of solid foundation, he would not be able to see the eleventh layer of the Devil Subduing Method, which was also the Great Perfection Stage. Chen Xiang guessed that the eleventh layer was the hardest to cultivate, otherwise the Devil-suppressing Heavenly Venerable would not use this kind of method to hide himself so well.

's soul had already reached the mature stage, which allowed his mind to work even faster. In this way, his progress would be even faster, and if he were to use the Foreseeing Alchemy to refine pills, it would definitely be even easier. This was also the reason why Alchemist had such high requirements for spiritual sense.

Chen Xiang slowly descended, and his surroundings became pitch-black. This also made it difficult for him to feel that he was descending, and as time pa.s.sed, he was nearing the completion of the eleventh floor, but it had already been three months.

Those Rankers around the Demon and Devil Sinkhole continued to sit where they were, guarding against those terrifying Magical corruption gas s that tried to invade their bodies. In this period of time, an old man who was slightly negligent, was pierced by the Magical corruption gas into his body and turned into a pair of purplish black rotten flesh. This made the experts even more wary of him.

Once they were careless, it would only take an instant to kill them!

What made them feel helpless was that the Magical corruption gas s were lingering, forming a huge barrier, enveloping the surroundings of the Demon and Devil Sinkhole, spinning frantically, constantly pulling at the Magical corruption gas beneath the Demon and Devil Sinkhole, causing it to become denser and denser. Although the Magical corruption gas was transparent and tasteless, they could clearly feel it, and it was just a gust of chilly wind.

"There's really a lot of these Magical corruption gas. How many demon corpses down there are able to form such a terrifying Magical corruption gas?" Chen Xiang exclaimed.

"Looks like the experience of Great War between Three Realms last time was definitely extraordinary. He wouldn't have formed this kind of Demon and Devil Sinkhole, and Mortal Martial Realm wouldn't have lost so many martial arts and alchemy civilizations as well. That time, it must have been a very heavy loss." Bai Youyou said: "My sister has researched Magical corruption gas for many years, so it wasn't easy to form it. She took many years and painstaking effort to gather only a little bit."

Bai Youyou's sister, Bai Ziqian! Chen Xiang thought back to the violent and enchanting venomous beauty, and a smile rose on his face. He clearly remembered the time when he ruthlessly grabbed Bai Ziqian's firm and rich chest, and the Devil Scorpion Princess that was covered in poison, was something only a man like him, who possessed the Devil-suppressing Golden Body, could submit to.

Bai Youyou, the originally cold and heartless princess, had already been half-melted by him. He felt that the Devil Scorpion Princess would be detoxified by him sooner or later.

"This Magical corruption gas is so powerful, should I collect some?" Chen Xiang's eyes lit up. This thing was as powerful as G.o.d-eclipse powder, and it was ready-made.

"It's very difficult to collect. There are no good containers to store them in." Bai Youyou also felt that it was a pity. Back then, after her sister searched bitterly for a long time, she finally found a trace of it.

"Back then, my sister spent a lot of time searching for a container that could hold Magical corruption gas …"

Chen Xiang laughed out loud: "Sister You You You, I am the best container in the world, if not for this d.a.m.n magic core entangling me, I would absorb a large amount of Magical corruption gas and condense them into Zhenyuan granule, keep them in my dantian, and release them when I need them, haha … I am invincible! "

"You have to be careful when using it. This Magical corruption gas is also a taboo poison in the Demon World, just like the G.o.d-eclipse powder. Once it is discovered, your portrait will be posted all over the three great Heaven Realm s!" Bai Youyou said.

The Three Great Heaven Realm s were the Demon World, Demon World, and the Higher Realm of the Mortal Realm. The Mortal Realm was also called the Immortal World, but because the Immortal World was the strongest, it was generally called Heaven Realm.

Chen Xiang suddenly said emotionally: "I'm about to finish it, I'm about to reach the great circle of Devil Subduing Method, I'll soon finish it!"

In his mind, the new arrangement of the Devil Subduing Method's heart chant seemed to be emitting a golden light. When all the new order of the heart chant was completed, something unexpected happened.

At this moment, he had the same feeling as when he first started cultivating in the Devil-suppressing kungfu. After completing the new ranking, he had actually comprehended the eleventh level, and did not need to cultivate according to those mental cultivation methods!

There were many people who had learned the heart chant for the Devil-suppressing kungfu, but very few people had cultivated it. Back then, when Chen Xiang memorized the chant from the Devil Suppressing Sky Monument, he had foolishly learned it, and today, the same was true for the Great Perfection of the Devil Subduing Method!

Chen Xiang's entire body emitted a kind of sacred silver white light, the clothes on his body suddenly became ashes. A new set of silver white luxurious clothes appeared on his body, causing him to look n.o.ble and filled with a kind of intimidating aura, as though all the demons in the world were unable to even raise their heads in front of him.

"Devil-suppressing holy power... After completing the great perfection of the Devil Subduing Method, you actually fused it into the Devil-suppressing kungfu, allowing it to evolve into a Devil-suppressing holy power. If you do not cultivate to the Devil-suppressing Golden Body, you will not be able to cultivate to this stage without the help of Devil-suppressing blood. Chen Xiang's eyes flashed with a sacred silver white glow. At this moment, he was like a G.o.d who specialized in defeating demons.

"Heh heh, now you know how to be afraid of this loathsome thing?" Chen Xiang's arm shook, he activated Devil-suppressing holy power and allowed it to flow into the magic seed, only to see the originally black magic seed suddenly becoming pure white.

In just an instant, it had been completely purified, and it was a lot smaller as well. But that was actually an incomparably pure energy, and as he channeled the Devouring magic kungfu, he directly devoured it into his body. He then activated the Fire Dan Tian to refine it, and then used the Taiji Dragon-suppressed kungfu to compress the refined energy into a Zhenyuan granule.

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