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"If I don't quickly defend against this poison, my entire body will rot, just like a dead person's body will rot." The other powerful Devil Cultivator was also shocked as he tried to use his cultivation to expel the poison.

The other powerful Devil Cultivator s all had fear written all over their faces. They had powerful strength now, but they were extremely afraid of this kind of Magical corruption gas. As long as they weren't stupid, they could tell that this Magical corruption gas was very powerful.

Tai Hong glared at Gu Dongchen and the others, and snorted. "If you want to die, just come here." After he finished speaking, that Magical corruption gas from the Infernal Realm.

At this moment, a few giants from the smaller continents also let out a mournful cry. Their bodies suddenly rotted, their clothes and skin melding together, their bodies covered in black rotten flesh, making one's scalp tingle.

Gu Dongchen and the others were also extremely shocked, they anxiously used their cultivation to expel the poison, because the cool wind that was being exhaled by the Demon and Devil Sinkhole was the Magical corruption gas.

Even Han Lie who was watching from the distance had a face full of death. He originally thought he was lucky, but he never expected himself to be so unlucky to actually encounter this kind of Super Old poison.

The Magical corruption gas is getting heavier and heavier. If you guys were to take action now, it would be equivalent to killing yourselves. You should be clear by now, if you attack us, you will definitely be drilled into by the Magical corruption gas. A Demon Realm Ranker looked at the corpses not far away that were covered in black flesh.

The giants of the small continents were all warriors who had gone through five Nirvana Tribulations and six Tribulations. However, it had only lasted for a short while and it had turned out like this, causing everyone to fall into deep fear.

In order to avoid being suddenly attacked by the enemy, Gu Dongchen and the rest of Tai Hong's side activated their Qi to resist the poison aura as they retreated, they hoped to leave this place that was shrouded in Magical corruption gas.

However, they never expected that when they were three hundred feet away from the Sky Cavern, the Magical corruption gas would suddenly form a Qi barrier, covering an area of one hundred and fifty feet around the Sky Cavern, and start spinning crazily, causing the Magical corruption gas to be trapped inside the Qi barrier forever.

"Ahh …" A person fell onto the ground, it was actually the unlucky fellow who was watching from the side. Han Lie, he was actually sucked in.

This caused the crowd, who were always enveloped in fear, to laugh in their hearts.

Who told you to be so bored as to come watch the show?

All of the experts were already trapped by the Sky Cavern, in order to avoid the opponent suddenly having the power to attack them, they tried their best to avoid the opponent, and no one dared to use their power, or else, once the Magical corruption gas found a gap, it would drill into their bodies, turning them into a pair of black rotten flesh, no one wanted to end up like that.

They could only wait for the Magical corruption gas to retreat.

"We should not be fighting near the Demon and Devil Sinkhole. This Demon and Devil Sinkhole has acc.u.mulated so much death aura, and it was probably affected by the sound of the battle, that's why it suddenly erupted."

Tai Hong sighed helplessly. He was really unlucky, not only did his plan for the demon seed fail, he had to be trapped here in the end. Although Chen Xiang had already been beaten to the Demon and Devil Sinkhole and could not live on, he still hated Chen Xiang to the bones.

When Chen Xiang was in the Demon and Devil Sinkhole, while he was fusing the incomplete soul that he had just obtained, he suddenly felt a cool breeze blowing at him, waking him up.

"What is this?" Chen Xiang exclaimed.

"Magical corruption gas!" Bai Youyou cried out in alarm, her cold voice carrying deep fear: "A type of Super Old poison that can make people rot, it's the form of gas. My sister entered the city since she was young, I say, this poison has the most destructive power in the demon realm, the moment this poison appears, a large number of people will die. Even powerful experts will rot and die from being struck by the Magical corruption gas."

"Not only can it cause one's body to rot, it can also cause one's soul to scatter." Bai Youyou suddenly heaved a sigh of relief, "Fortunately you cultivated the Devil-suppressing Golden Body, otherwise you would have died a long time ago. Even if it was a demon G.o.d from a high level demon realm, they would also die after being attacked by a concentrated group of Magical corruption gas. This kind of thing is the same as your G.o.d-eclipse powder."

Chen Xiang rejoiced in his heart, the Immortal-poisoning Devil Forest that he was in Sacred Dan Realm previously, was also fine.

"No wonder the Devil-suppressing Heavenly Venerable is so powerful, and is viewed as the nemesis of all demon G.o.ds!" Bai Youyou couldn't help but exclaim in admiration. For a guy with such weak strength to be able to survive in a place where many powerful devils or immortals couldn't even survive, it was all because they had cultivated the Devil-suppressing Golden Body.

"Sister You You, are those demon G.o.ds G.o.ds? What altars, they are really powerful! " Chen Xiang looked at the demon seed that was tightly stuck on his palm.

"Of course they aren't real G.o.ds. True G.o.ds are all above the supreme worlds that surpa.s.s the Heaven Realm. Theoretically, those worlds exist." Bai Youyou thought for a moment, then continued, "Those demon G.o.ds, they are all Devil Cultivator s with the highest strength who have lived in the Demon World for a long time. Moreover, the things they do, are sought after by the majority of the Devil Cultivator, and they are t.i.tled as demon G.o.ds.

Su Meiyao laughed, "There aren't many beautiful and kind experts like Senior Sister in the Demon World. But since ancient times, only one Demon G.o.d with the surname Bai has ever been bestowed the t.i.tle of Demon G.o.d after doing something good."

Bai Youyou sighed lightly, "But right now, the Bai clan in the Demon World is already beginning to decline. I wonder how many of the disciples of the Bai clan are able to comply with the teachings of the White Clan's devil G.o.d back then."

Chen Xiang had always wondered why Bai Youyou was different from the majority of the Demon Realm's Devil Cultivator. Now, he finally understood that this was actually due to the bloodline, but now, it seemed that this race, which had good blood in them, was about to fall.

It was already good that he could last so long in such an environment.

Ten days had pa.s.sed, and Chen Xiang had already successfully merged with his incomplete G.o.d Soul. At this time, he had already pa.s.sed the stage where his G.o.d Soul had evolved, and reached the mature stage.

Two extremely weak and incomplete strands of the divine soul had allowed his soul to advance by leaps and bounds. If it were a complete Devil-suppressing Heavenly Venerable divine soul, he wouldn't dare to imagine it.

"I reckon that the Devil-suppressing Heavenly Venerable intentionally gave this to someone with the potential to cultivate. That w.a.n.g Shengren already had potential in the first place, but was used by a guy like Tai Hong, causing him to walk the evil path, and in the end, let me take advantage of him!" Chen Xiang chuckled, "I am an upright person who cultivates the G.o.ds, and I even received so many benefits from Suppressing Demon Heaven. I definitely won't disappoint Devil-suppressing Heavenly Venerable."

Chen Xiang also thought that it was very strange. Ever since he started cultivating the Devil-suppressing kungfu and refined the Devil-suppressing Golden Body, the things that were closely related to the Devil-suppressing Heavenly Venerable were always obtained by him one after another. It was also because of this reason that he was able to keep his life in danger.

Around Demon and Devil Sinkhole, the experts were still the same. Ten days had pa.s.sed, and the Magical corruption gas still had not retreated. They could only wait patiently.

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