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Chen Xiang didn't know why he was able to float in the air and slowly descend. Although his body was severely injured, the power of the Yulong blood in his body was quickly recovering under the strange energy that was being released.

"This d.a.m.ned magic core, how exactly do I get rid of it? I don't want it to be possessed by a demon G.o.d!" Chen Xiang's hand was still stuck onto the black ball-like magic core. Originally, Tai Hong's arm was also on it, but it was sucked in by the magic core.

"Try using the Devil-suppressing qi? You have the Devil-suppressing Golden Body, even if you were to be possessed, you should be fine, right? " Long Xueyi said.

"No way!" Chen Xiang released the Devil-suppressing qi, but he was immediately engulfed: "I do have a Devil-suppressing Golden Body, but I feel that if I fuse with this demon seed, it will be extremely harmful to me. Although it can bring me a very powerful energy, in the near future, I will become a puppet of that dog s.h.i.t Demon G.o.d, and I still need to give birth to him."

"d.a.m.n it, I must get rid of this thing. It seems like I can only cut off my arm." Chen Xiang said as he took out a blade.

"Don't, the magic seed will create a powerful suction force. If you cut off your arm, it will continue to stick to your body until it blends with you. After the magic seed selects you, it will be very difficult to escape." Bai Youyou said anxiously: "Moreover, this place is very dangerous."

"Sister You You You, I don't want to be possessed by that stinking demon G.o.d." Chen Xiang said, he waved his blade, regardless of whether it was possible or not, he still wanted to try.

"Wait, the reason why this magic seed has such a special power is because it contains a large amount of Demonic Death Qi. Try to continuously release the Devil-suppressing qi and use it to purify this magic seed." At this time, she was also extremely worried for Chen Xiang. She was the one who got the best understanding of magic seeds from the demon realm.

Chen Xiang kept his blade and urged out a large amount of Devil-suppressing qi s, allowing the demon seed to absorb. After attempting for a while, the pitch black demon seed was suddenly covered with a layer of white light.

"This is too slow, but to be able to prevent the magic from invading my body, based on the speed of purification, it would take at least a hundred years. This magic seed contains too much evil death energy." Chen Xiang said.

"Now that the situation is better, we can slowly think of a solution!" Bai Youyou heaved a sigh of relief, she knew very clearly that if he was absorbed by the demon seed, then he would be in big trouble in the future.

"Sister You You, where will I fall? This Demon and Devil Sinkhole is terrifying indeed, if I did not have a profoundwu diamond armour, I would have been torn to shreds long ago. " Chen Xiang recalled how terrifying that strong power was when it fell.

This place was as terrifying as the core of the earth, it could kill at any time, and right now, he was also in an environment that could tear people apart. He guessed that this was the power that made him float.

"I don't know, but it seems like you will continue to fall. The environment here is very bad, so there shouldn't be anything powerful here. If there is, it will be torn to shreds." Bai Youyou was currently thinking of a way to let Chen Xiang escape from the demon seed.

"Let me use the Seventy-two changes to see if I can break away from this thing." Chen Xiang had an idea.

It's best not to try, when you change, the structure of your body will undergo a change, which is also the most fragile time, and the surroundings are filled with a strange energy, maybe you will be squeezed or torn, and even your soul will be affected, but once you fuse with the Yulong blood, you will not die, but that feeling will not be good. Long Xueyi's words made Chen Xiang dispel that thought.

"How about this, little scoundrel, while fusing with the Demon Suppressing G.o.d Soul that you just obtained, you will also be combining the eleventh level of the Devil Subduing Method. Senior Sister and I feel that the eleventh level of the Devil Subduing Method will allow you to obtain an even more powerful Demon Suppressing Power, when the time comes, you should be able to quickly purify the Demon Seed." Su Meiyao said slowly.

"Looks like this is the only way. I must not fall into that d.a.m.ned place, Little Naughty Dragon, you use the Heaven tour method to go down there and take a look." Chen Xiang's surroundings were pitch-black, and only the black ball in his palm was emitting a weak white light.

"This won't do, once I release my divine sense, it will shatter." Long Xueyi sighed helplessly.

Chen Xiang laughed bitterly and began to concentrate on channeling the Nine-turn dragon G.o.d mantra, cultivating his soul, which could accelerate the absorption of the incomplete soul that he devoured from Tai Hong.

It was very quiet below Demon and Devil Sinkhole, but the fight above was in full swing. It was like the end of the world, Chen Xiang had no idea what was happening above.

After Gu Dongchen's group fought with Tai Hong, the two sides were evenly matched. Although Tai Hong's side had a lot of people, but those who suddenly went overboard were not very strong, and did not have much of an impact.

As for Gu Dongchen and the others, most of them were powerful experts with profound martial arts.

"Haha …" I was wondering why it was so lively here, but it was actually you guys who started the fight! " A laughter that sounded like thunder came from the distance. If one were to watch the battle between Chen Xiang and his opponent that day, they would all know that the voice belonged to the new Hall Master of the Fire Divine Palace, Han Lie.

Fire Divine Palace actually came, causing Gu Dongchen, Tai Hong and the others to be extremely shocked. If they were to fight to the point where both of them were injured, it would be very dangerous for Fire Divine Palace to come here to pick up items.

"Don't worry, I'm just here to take a look and not interfere!" Haha... You guys continue! " A tall old man, whose entire body was burning with raging flames, was standing on a high mountain that was about to collapse as he laughed and said.

Han Lie came alone, so he understood this person very well. Although Han Lie was a person from the Fire Divine Palace, his strength was not bad, and he got his own Fire Soul, but in order to prevent being robbed by the Fire Divine Palace, he chose to rely on the Fire Divine Palace. Thus, Han Lie felt disgusted towards the Fire Divine Palace.

The battle continued for 10 days and 10 nights straight. The surprising thing was that the surrounding area of the Demon and Devil Sinkhole was not destroyed, because no matter how strong the tremors were, no matter how much power one had, as long as they got close to the Demon and Devil Sinkhole, they would be engulfed.

Just as the group of experts were fighting with each other, the previously calm Demon and Devil Sinkhole suddenly started to shake violently. Everyone felt a cold wind rush out from the huge hole and engulf the entire Sky Cavern, causing them to feel a chill all over their body.

"Oh no, it's a Magical corruption gas! This is an Archaic devilish poison!" One of the Demon Realm Rankers' expression changed greatly. His face was filled with fear, and he did not even bother fighting anymore. He just sat down with his legs crossed, circulating his martial arts to defend against the poisonous gas that was invading his body.

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