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Mo Dian struggled on the ground, his face full of fear and despair. He never thought that the sc.u.mbag in the Devil-subduing College would actually have two miraculous skills that would allow the major powers of the Demon World to s.n.a.t.c.h them for themselves.

"Who the h.e.l.l are you?" Mo Dian roared with all his might. Anyone who had these two demon arts would be treated as a demon G.o.d in the demon realm, but now, they were in the human world.

Chen Xiang laughed out loud, and changed into his original appearance, which made Mo Dian completely dumbstruck. Not only had he never seen or even heard of this ability to change one's appearance, it had actually happened right in front of his eyes.

"Chen Xiang!" Mo Dian shouted loudly.

"Heh heh." Chen Xiang laughed, bent down and patted Mo Dian's head with a palm, and started to search through his memories.

"Soul Absorbing Devil Spell!" Mo Dian shouted out these four words with a splitting headache, then shouted with great difficulty: "You used the Soul Absorbing Devil Spell for both w.a.n.g Shengren and him, just who are you? How can you possibly understand so many Devil Realm techniques! "

"This is my secret, you already know it, so I can only kill you!" Chen Xiang retracted his hand. Although his face was currently filled with smiles, he was extremely terrified in his heart. This was because the secret alliance between Mo Dian and Mo Dian could put the entire Mortal Martial Realm in danger.

In order to prevent others from finding Mo Dian's soul using talismans like summoning spirits, Chen Xiang used Devouring magic kungfu and directly devoured Mo Dian's soul, then incinerated his flesh.

At the moment of Mo Dian's death, he even knew that Chen Xiang possessed a forbidden devil attack from one of the three great Heaven Realm s, the Devouring magic kungfu!

"What are they working together for?" Bai Youyou asked while Chen Xiang took out the Luotian Gate and opened a spatial door.

"Little Naughty Dragon, model my voice, send a message to Gu Dongchen, let him gather all the experts he can, using the fastest speed possible, and send them to the Demonic Sky Sect in Great Devil Mountains. The big thing is about to happen, it's about Tai Hong, let him pa.s.s as soon as possible, otherwise it'll be troublesome." After Chen Xiang finished speaking, he stepped through the spatial door and arrived at the Great Devil Mountains.

The last time he left here, he didn't want to come back, but this was already his third time here, and this was also the battlefield when the Great War between Three Realms erupted in the future!

"Mo Dian secretly helped Tai Hong build a Devil G.o.d Altar here. As long as it is completed, and if there is enough top-grade magic seeds, Tai Hong will be able to obtain one!" Chen Xiang's handsome face revealed a grave expression, "And those offerings are the sacrifices that Tai Hong and w.a.n.g Shengren made for the young man who was going to capture him everywhere. However, they only require the heart, the head, and the soul."

"Devil Child Sacrifice!" Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou said at the same time, their voices extremely solemn.

Bai Youyou said coldly, "These fellows, even in the demon realm, the Devil Child Sacrifice is forbidden! At the same time Tai Hong nurtured a demon seed, he could obtain the inheritance of the demon G.o.d. If is unable to get rid of the demon G.o.d that grew up within his body in the future, when the demon G.o.d becomes mature, he will be able to devour his body! "

"Who the h.e.l.l is the demon G.o.d?" Chen Xiang asked, he was once wanted by the demon G.o.d order.

"There are ten famous demon G.o.ds, which are the ten great demon G.o.ds, and some who are not famous, but are strong enough, can be considered demon G.o.ds. The altar is built inside, which is intended for the demon G.o.ds who died here." Bai Youyou said, "I never thought that a devil G.o.d would die here. Looks like the Great War between Three Realms that erupted in this place back then must be very complicated."

"When the altar is built and the offerings are enough, the altar will open up. It will crazily devour the demon energy here, nurture the demon seed, and also awaken the soul of the demon G.o.d." This was what Chen Xiang had learnt from Mo Dian's memories.

Long Xueyi had already used Heaven tour method to contact Gu Dongchen, and Chen Xiang was rushing towards the altar at the fastest speed possible.

"Then, what conditions did Tai Hong agree to on the side of the Demon Realm? It's not easy to build a demon G.o.d altar, and requires a lot of precious materials from the demon realm. " Su Meiyao asked.

"After Tai Hong obtained the Demon G.o.d's inheritance, he had to give the Demon G.o.d's art to them. Furthermore, after the Great War between Three Realms begins, he had to destroy the Mortal Martial Realm's defense so that the demon realm could smoothly break through the Demon Channel and come over." Chen Xiang said angrily. Mortal Martial Realm was not Tai Hong's, of course Tai Hong did not care, in this kind of person, life was equivalent to dog fart, only his own benefits were important.

"I must stop this guy!"

Chen Xiang knew from Mo Dian's memories where the Demon G.o.d Altar was located. He had to stop Tai Hong from fusing with the demon seed as soon as possible, otherwise, it would be too late.

The Demon G.o.d Altar was built right beside the Demon and Devil Sinkhole. It was said that it was a huge trap, and when the demonic pa.s.sageway opened, many demons rushed in and fell inside, leaving behind countless corpses.

Legend has it that because of the heavy death aura of the demons, it formed a power that allowed the Demon and Devil Sinkhole to go deeper into a strange world.

"It's good enough to be able to beat Tai Hong into the Demon and Devil Sinkhole, even if he fell into that place, he would probably be corroded by the intense Demonic Death Qi."

"We found that guy. Let's use the Luotian Gate. I saw a black ball floating on the altar." Long Xueyi suddenly said.

"That's a magic core, hurry up!" Bai Youyou shouted in shock.

Chen Xiang took out the Luotian Gate, and quickly turned the circle on it. He opened a spatial door, and appeared on the demon G.o.d altar that was like a small mountain.

On the altar stood an old man with a face full of sinister wrinkles. He placed his hand on the black ball floating in the air, and the old man was Tai Hong.

Your black ball is only as big as a head, its smooth surface was bare, while the surrounding demon qi crazily rushed into the demon seed, on top of the Great Devil Mountains, the black qi was enveloping, surging and churning, waves after waves of intense death qi was active, permeating the entire Hundred Thousand Mountain Range, making it seem even more terrifying and sinister.

"Chen Xiang!" Tai Hong shouted in shock, "What are you doing!"

"Stop you!" Chen Xiang also extended his hand out and pressed onto the magic seed.

"Little b.a.s.t.a.r.d, you're delusional enough to ruin my plans!" Tai Hong started to curse in anger, and struck his palm towards Chen Xiang's chest.

Feeling that incomparably terrifying force charging towards him, Chen Xiang thought that he was done for, but who would have thought that after that withered palm smashed onto his body, he was actually completely fine at all. He could even clearly feel that incomparably berserk palm power flowing out of his palm and into the demon seed after entering his body.

At this moment, Chen Xiang and Chen Xiang's palms were pressed against the Death Qi absorbing demon seed, both of them being firmly sucked in. Chen Xiang did not know what would happen next, but he knew that this would definitely affect Tai Hong's absorption of the demon seed.

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