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Inside the Devil-subduing College, Chen Xiang was swaggering around with his hands behind his back. At this time, he had already become a student of the Devil-subduing College. This student was originally a disciple of a middle-level sect. Normally, he bullied the weak and feared the strong. His apt.i.tude was considered not bad, but his luck was bad and he was targeted by Chen Xiang. After that, he was stripped naked by Chen Xiang and hung on a tree.

"This guy is really annoying. Although he has a good face, all women hide far away when they see him." As Chen Xiang walked along the road of Devil-subduing College, many people revealed extremely disgusted expressions when they saw him.

Chen Xiang's transformation technique was flawless, and now that he knew the student's memories, he pretended to be very similar. Now that he had already entered the Devil-subduing College very easily, it would be very difficult for him to pa.s.s through the formation and enter, even with a dimension door open.

After entering the Devil-subduing College, Chen Xiang quickly returned to the "he" s residence and hid inside. Using the Heaven tour method, he found Tai Hong according to her memories.

"Little Naughty Dragon, did you find that Mo Dian fellow?"

Chen Xiang had already found Tai Hong at the top of a tall tower. However, the top of the tower was protected by a powerful formation, making it impossible for him to enter, but he could hear the sounds coming from within.

I found it, that guy is heading towards the tower, he should be going to get Tai Hong.

Long Xueyi's Heaven tour method was much stronger than Chen Xiang's. It could simultaneously release many divine intents and wander around in all directions, allowing them to quickly find their target. On the other hand, Chen Xiang could only release one soul tool, which had a limited distance.

Chen Xiang patiently waited, he released that unique divine sense, and when he looked down from the sky, he could see that Mo Dian was quickly walking towards the tower, and under the tower, the guards did not stop him.

This made Chen Xiang very suspicious, because according to w.a.n.g Shengren's memories, this Mo Dian and Mo Huan had very little contact with him, but after just ten days, Mo Dian and Tai Hong seemed to be very familiar with each other. After entering the tower, the light carriage arrived at the top with extreme familiarity.

"This Tai Hong must have been hiding many things from w.a.n.g Shengren. w.a.n.g Shengren is his disciple, to be tricked by him since he was young, it is normal for him to be concealed." Bai Youyou said: "Mo Dian is surnamed Mo, as long as he is a Devil Martial Cultivators with that surname, his ident.i.ty will not be low. How could he be using it as a test subject to teleport?"

"Eavesdrop carefully and see what they are talking about!" Su Meiyao said.

Chen Xiang also felt that something was amiss, he focused on listening to the voice coming from the top level of the tower.

"How are your preparations?" Seeing Mo Dian coming over, Tai Hong asked immediately.

Those fellows have formed an alliance, and w.a.n.g Shengren is now crippled by Chen Xiang. You do not have enough strength, so I'm afraid that you will be defeated by that alliance. " Mo Dian said, his tone was extremely cold.

Tai Hong laughed coldly: "The alliance is not that big of a deal. The most important things are the sects in Chen Martial Continent, the martial families, the Blue Blood Race and the martial families. I already have a way to deal with that alliance."

"Then hurry up and set off. Also, don't forget what you promised us!" Mo Dian said coldly.

"Don't worry, I won't break my promise!" After Tai Hong finished speaking, he jumped out of the window and flew in one direction. His speed was so fast that even Long Xueyi's spiritual sense could not catch a trace of him, causing him to leave.

Chen Xiang secretly clenched his teeth. From the conversation between Mo Dian and himself, he had already heard some important things, but they were not clear enough.

Mo Dian had been preparing some very important things for Tai Hong this entire time. Now, it sounded as if it would allow Tai Hong to get away with a lot of things, and Tai Hong had also promised to help Mo Dian and the others with some conditions, which would obviously be beneficial to them.

Chen Xiang had only obtained this much from their conversation. Previously, he did not know about this from Mo Huan's memories, so Mo Huan had also been hiding some things.

"Mo Dian has gone down the tower. He wants to know more clearly, there is nothing difficult about this." Long Xueyi giggled.

As long as we capture Mo Dian and use the Soul Absorbing Devil Spell to search his memories, we will know everything clearly.

After Mo Dian walked down the tower, he actually did not return to his residence, but walked out of Devil-subduing College. This made Chen Xiang secretly happy, and made it convenient for him to take action.

Who was Chen Xiang supposed to follow with the Heaven tour method? Afterwards, he set off and followed behind Mo Dian.

After exiting the Devil-subduing College, Mo Dian headed towards those cities.

"He might be heading for the Transmission array, let's do it now." Long Xueyi said, she was also extremely curious, just what kind of relationship did Mo Dian have with Tai Hong.

Chen Xiang quickly ran up and arrived at the dirt road that led him through the forest. At this moment, Mo Dian was slowly walking on it.

Chen Xiang ran so quickly, how could he not notice it, but he sensed that he was not very strong, so he was not as alert as before.

"Why are you following me?" Mo Dian bellowed, he was clearly very angry, and his eyes had already released traces of black energy.

Of course, Mo Dian couldn't see that Chen Xiang had changed into this, he knew that the person in front of him was a very annoying guy.

Chen Xiang secretly laughed in his heart, and then, intentionally asked back in an angry tone: "Who followed you? Who do you think you are? Aren't you w.a.n.g Shengren's follower? Now that he's dead, you … "

Mo Dian was immediately enraged, and threw a punch at Chen Xiang. He came from the Demon Realm, and was a man who loved to kill, but was now looked down upon by this trash.

Chen Xiang was already prepared to fight back, seeing Mo Dian's fist that was releasing a dense and ruthless Qi, he threw a punch back, the speed of the punch was even faster than Mo Dian's.

When Mo Dian saw it, he turned pale from fright. Other than the speed of the incoming fists, they did not carry any power, but he could tell what they were, but it was too late.

"You …" Mo Dian's arm instantly drooped down, and he looked soft, like a mudfish. His face was filled with shock. How could this kind of strange Devil Realm technique spread to here? "

Mo Dian was extremely shocked and horrified. Before this, w.a.n.g Shengren did not tell him that his arm bones had been melted by Chen Xiang, otherwise, he would have been on his guard a long time ago.

knew that those who could learn this devil art, would not be a simple person. Just as he was about to escape, he saw that Chen Xiang's eyes suddenly flashed with red light, and countless red rays of light suddenly shot over.

"Pfft …" The Demon Eye of Permeability! " Mo Dian had given up all hope. He could feel all the meridians and bones in his body, all his internal organs were pierced by the light and he fell to the ground.

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