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When Leng Youlan mentioned these things, even Chen Xiang couldn't help but blush, but she didn't feel anything. This made Chen Xiang unable to help but marvel at the power of White Dragon Vein.

"Brother, Senior Sister Xianxian is not here right now, let's take a bath together. Senior Sister said that you like doing these kind of things the most." Leng Youlan giggled with a face full of innocence. This caused Chen Xiang to uncontrollably suck in a breath of air, her eyes sweeping over her curvaceous and curvy body.

Chen Xiang took a few deep breaths, resisting the deadly temptation, and said: "Your senior sister doesn't say anything, I only like to bathe with my wife, you are my sister."

Leng Youlan stuck out her red tongue, and said tenderly: "Fake! Senior Sister Xianxian has taught me many things, I can tell that brother is lying!"

What surprised Chen Xiang was that the white haired beauty actually smiled charmingly, her flirtatious look made Chen Xiang speak out.

Leng Youlan smiled charmingly, "Big Brother, you aren't afraid that I will damage your two precious Eggy, right?"

"This girl is trying to tempt me!" Chen Xiang exclaimed in his heart.

"Hehe, it's like what Senior Sister Xianxian said. Brother, you can't stand my current appearance." Leng Youlan laughed.

"d.a.m.n girl, you actually dared to tease me." Chen Xiang laughed and pinched her beautiful face.

Chen Xiang took out the White dragon blood Dan, and Long Xueyi suddenly said: "After she eats it, it will take her a long time to completely digest the White dragon blood Dan's energy, she will need at least a year, so you should just let her eat inside the Time Formation."

"You Lan, this is a White dragon blood Dan. After eating it, you will have a very strong power, but you will need a very long time to refine the power. It will probably take a year." Chen Xiang's face was solemn, allowing him to listen seriously.

"Remember, this can only be eaten by you, don't give it to Xianxian, she's not suitable for eating, only you are suitable! You Lan, you must know that this world is currently filled with danger. The reason I'm doing this is to let you have a stronger strength so that you can guarantee your own safety. "

Leng Youlan nodded heavily: "Big brother, I understand. I won't let you down!"

After Leng Youlan received the White dragon blood Dan, he immediately put it away properly: "I will refine the energy inside as soon as possible, then come back to meet with big brother afterwards."

Seeing Leng Youlan being so obedient, Chen Xiang laughed in relief and caressed her snow white beautiful hair, "Wait, you will find out that you are extraordinary in the future. You Lan, you must become stronger, the heaven and earth are vast, we need to have sufficient strength to be able to go out and adventure!"

Long Xueyi said: "After her White Dragon Vein has awakened, there will also be memories left behind by her. All of us dragons will carry these memories with us, and at that time, she will know how to walk her own path!"

Leng Youlan stood up, stared at Chen Xiang and said softly: "Big bro, I'll be back to that d.a.m.ned Time Formation very soon. Can you kiss me … Like I did with Senior Sister Xianxian. "

Chen Xiang's heart suddenly jumped, Leng Youlan's face suddenly had an intoxicating blush, it had a unique charm, causing Chen Xiang to be infatuated.

Leng Youlan raised his head, his blurry eyes looking even more enchanting. Chen Xiang did not expect this recognized sister, who could be rough and playful at times, to also have such a seductive and seductive side.

Chen Xiang suddenly hugged Leng Youlan and kissed the white-haired beauty's lips.

"Ugh …"

At that time, she was very suspicious of why they would do it so often, but now she knew. It was because that strange and wonderful feeling spread to her entire body, making her feel extremely comfortable and intoxicated.

The two of them suddenly tumbled to the ground and tightly embraced each other. They madly sucked, their tongues wildly entwined together, and the two of them wished that they could merge with each other. Inside the simple and elegant little bamboo house, there was a vague and ambiguous atmosphere, as well as the faint sounds of men and women sucking each other when kissing …

After a while of being coquettish, Leng Youlan's beautiful eyes became infatuated and intoxicated. She now completely understood why when Xue Xianxian and Chen Xiang met each other, they would always kiss like glue. Thinking about it, Leng Youlan's entire body suddenly softened, she had a kind of yearning that she had never had before. Before, she was just curious, but now, she wanted to be one with the person she loved the most, becoming one with the G.o.ds, reaching the pinnacle of happiness.

"This feeling is so beautiful!" Leng Youlan's jade face was flushed red, full of an intoxicated and happy expression. Leaning on Chen Xiang's chest, she carefully savored that feeling.

"You Lan, I'll send you to the Divine Weapons Heavenly Country!" Chen Xiang laughed and said.

"No, I'll go myself. You have to believe me, you can't look at me like a little girl anymore. Her first kiss is already gone, you can't be treated like a little girl anymore." Leng Youlan pouted his lips with a face full of stubbornness.

Chen Xiang laughed helplessly: "Alright then, you have to be careful! "I was just worried that you would attract too much attention with your white hair..."

Leng Youlan laughed and took out a conical bamboo hat. She put it on: "This way, I won't be afraid. I used to go out often myself to play, it's always like this!"

Chen Xiang sent Leng Youlan out of the city, then watched him leave before returning back to Super Dan Imperial College.

"After her White Dragon Vein has awakened, you might not be able to beat her. Our White Dragon Vein is very strong." Long Xueyi said with complete confidence.

Chen Xiang laughed: "Not necessarily."

"It's time to go to the Devil-subduing College and scout around. Maybe I can find something that other people wouldn't be able to get into, but you are actually very simple." Long Xueyi said: "With the change technique in the Seventy-two changes, your mana now should be usable."

Chen Xiang laughed: "I've been trying it out for a long time."

"Hehe, turn into a little girl and let This Dragon see." Long Xueyi laughed.

The transformation technique could change the appearance of others and could even change the size of a sound. However, it required a certain amount of Fa Li to reach a certain level.

This was a little more difficult than becoming an animal because it required a very lifelike appearance. Even the aura on one's body could be created on the condition that one could feel that aura. If one's mana was strong enough, they could model out some extremely terrifying pressure.

Chen Xiang's body flashed with white light, he had turned into an old bald man dressed simply, and this just so happened to be Wu Kaiming's appearance. If it wasn't for this Seventy-two changes technique, he would have definitely gone back to meet Wu Kaiming and see what kind of expression he would have.

In order to sneak into the Devil-subduing College, Chen Xiang had to become a student of the Devil-subduing College. Furthermore, he had the Soul Absorbing Devil Spell, so he could know the memories of others and make him better.

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