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The crystal ball in Chen Xiang's hand quickly turned purple, and burst with a burst of dazzling purple light. He had already completely obtained the Fire Soul.

"sister Meiyao, if you don't have a better Fire Soul in the future, this will be yours." Chen Xiang laughed.

Su Meiyao had fantasized about fusing with the purple Fire Soul a long time ago, but he never thought that this purple colored Fire Soul would be so worthless in Chen Xiang's eyes.

Chen Xiang also had the corpses of two Fire Divine Palace Elders, and the Fire Soul inside. Although it was a green colored Fire Soul, it could still be used by others.

Moreover, many people in the Fire Divine Palace had Fire Soul s, so as long as he found the opportunity, he would definitely hunt down the people of Fire Divine Palace. At that time, he would have a basket full of Fire Soul s.

"I still have a Leihun fruit, hehe!" Chen Xiang could already see the wealth he would have in the future, and would definitely be able to cause the heaven and earth to tremble.

When Chen Xiang came up, the hall was already filled with many old fellows, who were discussing about the alliance. With the partic.i.p.ation of the Divine Weapons Heavenly Country, many powers were more at ease.

"Scoundrel, where should we build our sect?" Seeing Chen Xiang coming into the courtyard, Lan Lan anxiously ran over.

Yan Yanran smiled charmingly: "Boss, what kind of position do I have in the sect in the future?"

Chen Xiang made a "hush" gesture, "Keep a low profile. We are an underground force, so we don't have a fixed place."

"As for the specific position, we'll talk about it when the time comes." Chen Xiang said in a low voice: "In the future, when we're talking about this sort of thing, we can't stay in this kind of place."

Lan Lan stuck out his tongue: "Got it."

"If possible, you must help me rope in some talented people. You must definitely trust them." Chen Xiang said.

"No problem, I'm the best at it. When I was in Beast Martial School, I was in charge of a.s.sa.s.sinations, so if you want to find someone you can trust to keep your mouth shut, leave it to me." Yan Yanran laughed.

"At that time, Xiao Chou, Xiao Dao and the others would also join. I have told them about this a long time ago, but they have been delayed by too many things." Chen Xiang said.

"Is that the brat from Great Strength Race?" Lan Lan's eyes flashed, "I really want to catch this little fellow who knows how to act more inexperienced than me."

Chen Xiang laughed: "He isn't a little brat anymore, but you can go and hit his bald head in the future, haha …"

After the group of Rankers in the hall finished talking, they saw Chen Xiang chatting happily with Yan Yanran and Yan Yanran in the courtyard. They could not help but cough dryly.

Lan Lan and Yan Yanran followed the representatives of their powers and left. After the others left, Liu Meng'er flew over with a face full of jealousy.

"Scoundrel, your claws are getting longer and longer. They're reaching far enough." The empress's aura from before disappeared without a trace and turned into a gentle and seductive woman who was jealous.

"Let's go in first." Chen Xiang pulled Liu Meng'er's jade hand, and pulled her into the room.

Once the door closed, Chen Xiang impatiently gagged. Although Liu Meng'er had a lot of things to say, she was the same as Chen Xiang right now, and yearned for the kind of feeling where her tongue was entwined.

Two soft tongues crazily twined as the two frantically sucked at each other's saliva. The charming beauty would occasionally let out an intoxicating moan.

Chen Xiang pressed Liu Meng'er onto the bed. Below his chest was a pair of soft and rich big rabbits, and Chen Xiang only let his chest gently rub against hers.

Liu Meng'er's cheeks were red, her eyes were blurry, and indescribably flirtatious. This made Chen Xiang unable to help himself from kissing her cherry lips once again.

"Elder Sister Meng'er, I missed you so much!" Chen Xiang hugged Liu Meng'er tightly.

"Little Scoundrel, I think you're thinking of something else." Liu Meng'er scoffed, "I heard that you fed a Relive Dan to the girl called Yan Yanran."

Chen Xiang stroked her smooth earlobes and laughed: "This vinegar pool has turned over, haha …"

"Hmph, don't laugh!" Liu Meng'er placed her fist on Chen Xiang's chest: "Honestly, are you going to keep her?"

Chen Xiang continued to smile as he spoke, "I also gave Zhu Rong a piece of Relive Dan. Then, according to your thoughts, Zhu Rong and I …"

Liu Meng'er also laughed, "Little Scoundrel, why do you have so many Relive Dan? "Xiangyue, this demoness, if you are with me, there is no way I can help you refine it."

"I won't tell you the secret." Chen Xiang said mysteriously.

Liu Meng'er did not say anything to her, but he had his reasons. Chen Xiang had many secrets, and they were all very important matters, even if Liu Meng'er was curious, he would not pursue the matter.

"Have you pa.s.sed the eighth Nirvana Tribulation?" Chen Xiang asked, he wanted to confirm about this matter.

"Mm. If it weren't for you, then I wouldn't have been able to go so smoothly. No wonder Fey Xiang Yue was willing to be your maid." Liu Meng'er sat up, and started to tidy up his clothes.

At this time, Chen Xiang took out some of the clothes he bought in the Sacred Dan Realm, and handed them over to Liu Meng'er, then laughed sinisterly: "I bought these for you, let me see them again."

"You want to watch me change my clothes? No way!" Liu Meng'er saw the colorful beautiful clothes, and immediately s.n.a.t.c.hed them and kept them in his storage ring.

"That's right, where is that little girl Xiangyue?" Chen Xiang had a batch of s' ingredients in his hands, and he wanted to give them to Hua Xiangyue so that she could turn these ingredients into pills.

"She's still in closed door cultivation. She's from Alchemist, and her Nirvana Doom is harder than ordinary people's, but don't worry, I have a lot of pills left over from my tribulation. I gave them all to her." Liu Meng'er laughed: "No matter what, she is my servant."

Chen Xiang also took out a few materials he bought from the Sacred Dan Realm. These were all very precious, and some of the Heaven Realm s even had them, but they weren't worth much in the Sacred Dan Realm, so Liu Meng'er was pleasantly surprised.

"This is my Death-haunting arrow, help me improve it or refine it from scratch." Chen Xiang gave this a.s.sa.s.sination weapon to Liu Meng'er. With Death-haunting arrow only being able to kill Extreme realm, it was already not suitable for him to use.

"No problem. I just pa.s.sed through Nirvana Doom anyways, so I have plenty of time. I'll help you improve it." Liu Meng'er played with it for a while, before putting it away.

"Elder Sister Meng'er, how are your cultivation progress? Have you been staying in the Time Formation all this time? " Chen Xiang chuckled: "You've been thinking of me since the beginning, hehe!"

Liu Meng'er spat out, her jade foot kicked towards Chen Xiang, but was caught by Chen Xiang, but her jade like leg suddenly emitted a gold light, within the gold light many patterns appeared, and they entered a formation.

"So powerful!" Chen Xiang sensed the power released by the array and cried out.

Liu Meng'er pulled back her feet and laughed: "It is indeed very powerful, but very difficult to learn. Fortunately we have the Taiji magic kungfu, otherwise, neither the two of us would know when we will be able to learn it."

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