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The Water Vines that Chen Xiang had released were even more powerful than before, they were formed from the dense water attribute Innate Qi, which turned into water dragons that tightly coiled around Tie Ming.

He punched and kicked, blocking the two hammers that were coming at him, then leaped into the air and landed behind Tie Ming. After Tie Ming was entangled by the water vines, the fire energy in his body had been greatly reduced and he was being attacked by the endless fire energy, which was slowly extinguishing the fire energy in his body.


Tie Ming roared. Even though he said that, he had no choice but to admit that Chen Xiang's technique was extremely powerful, especially that water attribute Innate Qi, it made him feel terrified, he had always thought that Chen Xiang was only an alchemist who paid attention to fire, but never did he expect that the water attribute Innate Qi would be so powerful.

Both of Chen Xiang's fists were covered with white mist, while Contest Ring was also trembling slightly, the appearance of the Dragon Power meant that Chen Xiang was about to attack.

The appearance of this power made many experts envious. This power was extremely strong, far surpa.s.sing the Innate Qi.

Following the thunderous explosion, Chen Xiang threw out a punch like lightning. The extremely strong penetrating power penetrated from Tie Ming's back to his heart and directly shattered his heart, causing him to be completely unable to resist as his body continued to be tightly entangled by the water dragons.

The invasion of the restricted water energy made Tie Ming completely lose his ability to resist, he had no defense, and he would have at least lost half his life if he were to get punched by Chen Xiang's terrifying Dragon Power and Devil Subduing Method.

Chen Xiang punched Tie Ming twice on his back consecutively, causing Tie Ming to cough out blood as he shouted. Everyone could clearly see Chen Xiang's fist strength surge out from Tie Ming's body through his back.

Without any defense, even after taking three heavy punches, Tie Ming was still able to stand there and moan.

"Hehe, you aren't completely used to the Fire Soul in your body yet are you? This Fire Soul originally had a master, and will definitely not get used to your body for a while. Now that your body has suffered a heavy injury, this Fire Soul seems to be about to come out." Chen Xiang sneered as he looked at Tie Ming's body that was emitting purple mist.

Chen Xiang had a better understanding of Fire Soul, and was able to see the reason behind it. Tie Ming's Fire Soul had indeed been drawn from someone else's body.

"You … What do you want? " Tie Ming suddenly had a bad premonition.

Chen Xiang placed his palm on Tie Ming's back, but the other hand was frantically hitting Tie Ming, causing Tie Ming to let out one miserable scream after another.

Tie Ming suddenly felt his own Fire Soul quickly leaving his body, causing him to be greatly shocked. He immediately confirmed that Chen Xiang was in the middle of extracting his Fire Soul, and just as he was about to call out to Han Lie, Chen Xiang punched him in the face, causing the bones and teeth on his face to instantly shatter. In order to prevent Tie Ming from speaking, Chen Xiang continuously punched Tie Ming in the face.

In everyone's eyes, it was just Tie Ming being entangled by water vines, while Chen Xiang was using this chance to wildly ravage Tie Ming, but Chen Xiang was extracting the Fire Soul from Tie Ming's body.

If he were to sell it in the future at the Heaven Realm, he would definitely be able to get some good herbs. Now that he had the chance, Chen Xiang would definitely not let it go, since the Fire Soul was something that the Fire Divine Palace s.n.a.t.c.hed from other people.

Chen Xiang had his own mana, so he could wrap around the Fire Soul and keep it inside his dantian for now. This way, he wouldn't be fusing with the Fire Soul himself, and after the compet.i.tion was over, he would take the Fire Soul out from his body and place it inside the container to keep it.

In order to not let Fire Divine Palace know, Tie Ming was dead meat!

This made Chen Xiang extremely surprised; he did not expect Han Lie to be so cold and detached towards Tie Ming to such an extent, and this also made him even more daring.

The process of drawing the Fire Soul would take some time, and Chen Xiang could not just let Tie Ming die right now, or else the compet.i.tion would be over. Therefore, he used an ingenious method, able to make Tie Ming let out a powerful howl continuously.

Fire Divine Palace did not think that they would become their prey in the eyes of others, and that Chen Xiang's methods of extracting Fire Soul were much more profound than theirs.

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d, you actually want to touch my woman, I can't disturb you any more!" Chen Xiang used the Soul Absorbing Devil Spell to search Tie Ming's memories, and unexpectedly discovered that Tie Ming had many ulterior motives, he even planned to capture Yun Xiaodao and the others to threaten him.

Liu Meng'er frowned slightly: "Can't this little guy keep a low profile? Fortunately that old fellow called Han Lie did not make a move. "

Gu Dongchen also felt that Chen Xiang was going overboard. He could just kill him, but he just continued to beat him up.

What they did not know was that the purple Fire Soul that Chen Xiang was prepared to obtain, could make many people give their lives to s.n.a.t.c.h it!

"Done, let's go!"

Chen Xiang chuckled, both palms landed on Tie Ming's body, and the Devil Subduing Method, Dragon Power and Heaven Blasting Palm fused together, forming a terrifying berserk energy. The incomparably strong pressure grinded Tie Ming's body into powder, and dispersed him into the fighting arena.

"Die …" It's done! " Originally, they thought that Chen Xiang wanted to punish Tie Ming, but in the end, they still killed him.

w.a.n.g Shengren's face darkened, he did not expect the compet.i.tion to end so quickly, and from beginning to end, it had been Chen Xiang who held the upper hand. Tie Ming had only been beaten up, but at least Tie Ming had come down from the top of the Heaven Realm, yet he was still in such a terrible situation.

This gave w.a.n.g Shouren a lot of pressure, because the afternoon match would be between him and Chen Xiang.

Han Lie's reaction was extremely surprising. After Tie Ming died, he only sneered: "I knew this kind of brat doesn't have much ability."

With that said, Han Lie took a big step and walked out of the compet.i.tion grounds.

After he was done, Chen Xiang looked at Gu Dongchen, and then anxiously left the compet.i.tion grounds, flying straight for Gu Dongchen's house. Since Gu Dongchen wanted to protect him, he naturally had to follow along.

"Let's continue talking about the alliance when we get back. Why is Junior Martial Uncle running so fast?" Gu Dongchen threw down his words and chased after her.

Liu Meng'er and Lian Yingxiao were still there, they could only hear Lian Yingxiao asking in a low voice: "Miss Liu, you really and that brat … …"

"Really." Liu Meng'er responded indifferently, then floated to chase after him.

Chen Xiang hid in the secret room with a transparent pearl in his hand. It was empty inside and his entire arm was emitting a purple mist.

"My G.o.d, if I didn't have the Heaven fire soul, I wouldn't have been able to suppress the Fire Soul inside my body and then let it out!" What Chen Xiang was doing right now had already exceeded the knowledge of many old fellows. Even Long Xueyi and Bai Youyou were extremely surprised.

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