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Inside the fighting arena, the rankers who were more familiar with Liu Meng'er could tell that Liu Meng'er had pa.s.sed the Nirvana Tribulation. He was already at the peak of Mortal Realm.

Liu Meng'er had come with two middle-aged beautiful women, and that was an elder of the Divine Weapons Heavenly Country, so Hua Xiangyue was not by her side.

She was wearing a white dress and had a white veil over her face. She slowly walked to the side of Gu Dongchen and Lian Yingxiao.

The unbearable anger on Han Lie's body had already been suppressed. This also made him feel bad, but he was restrained by a woman just like that.

"Hua Xiangyue hasn't transcended the heavenly tribulation, why hasn't this demon come?" Chen Xiang was a little worried about this coquettish servant.

"She is a Alchemist, her Nirvana Doom is harder to deal with than ordinary people, you will know when the time comes." Su Meiyao said.

"What?" It seems like Alchemist is not that easy to mess with! " Chen Xiang's heart slightly shrank. From the rumors, he knew that the Nirvana Doom was extremely terrifying, it was the nightmare of all the warriors in Nirvana Stage.

Chen Xiang looked at Man Futian and asked: "Princ.i.p.al, it's inevitable that we will miss the compet.i.tion, if something goes wrong, we will destroy the opponent."

Man Futian said: "Don't worry, we will not allow anyone to take revenge here."

Even if someone really wanted to kill Chen Xiang, w.a.n.g Shengren had to protect Chen Xiang because he knew the whereabouts of the Sacred Dan Realm.

Fan Yakun was someone from the Sacred Dan Realm, w.a.n.g Shengren could be sure of this point, but Fan Yakun suddenly disappeared, and at that time, Chen Xiang also disappeared too, so w.a.n.g Shengren believed what Chen Xiang said, and he knew where Fan Yakun was.

"Hmph, don't worry and fight. It's none of your business who dies. I'm just here to see if the younger generation of Fire Divine Palace has made any progress." Han Lie's voice was like thunder, shaking the people around him until their blood was boiling.

Chen Xiang was overjoyed. If that was the case, he wouldn't have any worries.

Tie Ming laughed coldly: "You really think you can injure me?"

"You'll know soon enough!" Chen Xiang looked at the old man below Contest Ring and said, "When do you want to start? I think we're all ready. "

To be able to become an important figure in the Fire Divine Palace, their conditions were all very good, and most of them had Fire Soul s. Of course, these Fire Soul s were plundered from various different worlds.

Chen Xiang also knew that the Fire Divine Palace would either sell the Fire Soul to some rankers or give it to some Rankers in exchange for resources and protection. Hence, over the years, the Fire Divine Palace had become more and more powerful, and there were more and more people who owned the Fire Soul.

Tie Ming's body already emitted a fiery red mist, which coiled around his body. Anyone near the Contest Ring could also feel the scorching air.


As his voice fell, the anger on Tie Ming's body suddenly turned purple, meaning that he possessed a purple Fire Soul. This could be considered one of the best, while, Earthly fire soul and Netherworld Fire Soul were very few in number.

The strength of the Fire Divine Palace was not only because they had more people with Fire Soul, but also because of their body, the Fire G.o.d method!

The Fire G.o.d method had long been under Chen Xiang's control, so almost all the experts in the Fire Divine Palace cultivated this mystical technique.

Chen Xiang could tell with a single glance that Tie Ming was using the Fire G.o.d Storm, a martial skill that could release scorching hot winds.

Just the beginning, countless purple colored gales appeared above the Contest Ring, sweeping towards Chen Xiang like a storm, releasing a hot gush of air, causing those near the Contest Ring to have no choice but to stay far away.

"This fellow's flame training is not bad. It can compress the flame into an Astral Qi and turn it into a sharp blade to attack. It's just that this is of no use to me."

Chen Xiang just stood there and activated his Taiji Dragon-suppressed kungfu, allowing a transparent mist to form on the surface of his body, while the purple-coloured aura that carried a scorching energy, upon contact with his body, seemed to have fallen into the ocean and disappeared without a trace.

The originally incomparably berserk air was turned extremely gentle by Chen Xiang's Taiji Dragon-suppressed kungfu, and then, it was absorbed into his body. He circulated the Fire Dan Tian and completely refined the flames that he sucked in.

Tie Ming's first move was extremely stunning, countless purple flames formed into a gale, like countless purple sword lights, they formed a storm and swept towards Chen Xiang, releasing a dazzling purple light.

Even if there was an array formation on top of the Contest Ring, it still wouldn't be able to stop that kind of terrifying heat wave from leaking.

However, what was most shocking was Chen Xiang. After the powerful purple qi entered his body, it was like a stone sinking into the ocean, there was not even the slightest movement.

Seeing Chen Xiang's relaxed expression, she did not seem to take him seriously at all.

Tie Ming frowned, it was his first time encountering such a situation, other than those experts whose strength exceeded his, there was no other possibility of such a situation happening.

A purple flame ignited on top of one of Tie Ming's arms, and the image of a huge purple hammer suddenly appeared on his arm. After that, he rushed towards Chen Xiang, and his arm turned into a purple flickering gigantic hammer.

"Since this guy's martial spirit is a hammer!" It was Chen Xiang's first time seeing these people using their weapon as a weapon to release their martial spirits.

The gigantic sledgehammer suddenly grew larger, Tie Ming didn't even get close to Chen Xiang when the sledgehammer came crashing down, and its speed was extremely fast, but Chen Xiang was still able to dodge it beautifully.

Just as he dodged, the huge hammer came smashing down once again, which Chen Xiang did not expect. He immediately threw out a punch and used Devil Subduing Method, causing an explosive "Pa" sound.

Chen Xiang never thought that the other arm of Tie Ming would also become a long and big purple hammer.

The impact of the two hammers was extremely strong, shaking the entire martial arena.

The two hammers were Tie Ming's arms, so he was able to control them with ease. Although the hammers were formed from his martial spirits, they were formed from a large amount of Innate Qi s and were as hard as diamond.

Just as Chen Xiang blocked the hammer, the other hammer also swept over, its speed so fast that it turned into a purple arc of light in the air.

Chen Xiang raised his leg and used the power of tenth layer of Devil-suppressing power to produce ten explosive sounds. The purple hammer that was flying towards him was immediately dispersed by the fierce kick.

"He really does have some skills!" Chen Xiang looked at the other huge hammer that was smashing down, and struck it with his palm.

"This is something formed from a Martial Spirit, so of course it's not easy to destroy. You have to understand that it's not that easy to cultivate a Martial Spirit, nor is it so easy to cultivate it to its peak." Su Meiyao said.

The hammer that was kicked away by Tie Ming just now had recovered its form, and continued to strike at Chen Xiang.

"Water Vines!" Chen Xiang screamed in his heart, and water suddenly surged out from beneath Tie Ming's feet, and the water instantly turned into a water dragon, wrapped tightly around Tie Ming's body.

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