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It was just that when he got on the stage, Mo Huan's eyes were still dark, some black qi flowed out from the whites of his eyes, making him look extremely terrifying.


In the beginning of the match, Mo Huan and Chen Xiang attacked at the same time, but Mo Huan's speed was faster than Chen Xiang's. Just as Chen Xiang punched out, Mo Huan's short, white fingernail had already slashed across Chen Xiang's throat, leaving behind a trail of white light.

Mo Huan's attack was faster than Chen Xiang's, but Chen Xiang's reaction was not slow either, as he dodged it with his head raised up. Although he had a strong body and the protection of the profoundwu diamond armour, if he was struck by the powerful astral energy, he would still be affected.

The sharp nails on Mo Huan's hands were like ten short swords, containing a strong gale that could easily cut through some stiff things.

If it was flesh and blood, a deep cut would definitely appear.

"It took a lot of effort to master this Sword Demon Claw, and it is much stronger than normal weapons. If there is poison on it, then it will be even more terrifying, but for you, there shouldn't be any pressure, right?" Bai Youyou said.

During the compet.i.tion, one could not use weapons, but Mo Huan's Sword Qi Demon Claw was much stronger than normal weapons, so it had the advantage after the compet.i.tion.

Furthermore, Chen Xiang also had many invisible weapons and defensive treasures on him, so he was naturally not too afraid of this kind of thing.

Mo Huan's movement technique was very agile, it was also to match his pair of sharp claws, but no matter how he attacked, he could not touch Chen Xiang's body. Chen Xiang had gone through hundreds of battles, and furthermore, he had grasped many powerful divine arts, so he could always avoid Mo Huan's attacks at the most crucial moments.

After failing to attack for so long, it made Mo Huan extremely frustrated, he had condensed a large amount of energy, his five fingers converged, the nails that looked like five daggers clasped together, making him look like a powerful heavy sword, slashing down at Chen Xiang's head, the white nails had even released a bit of black Qi, cutting through the air, creating sounds of breaking air.

"A good chance!" Chen Xiang was overjoyed. He actually raised his hand and slapped across.

"Pah pah pah …" A series of explosions rang out next to everyone's ears, followed by an extremely violent tremble that caused them to be unable to stand steadily.

The Heaven Blasting Palm combined with the Devil Subduing Method, against this kind of devilish aura, it had a very strong killing power.

Mo Huan let out a loud roar, because the fingernails on his hand had all been shattered.

It was also no wonder that when Mo Huan's immense power was focused on his fingers a moment ago, it was suddenly pushed violently by Chen Xiang and combined with the violent power of the Devil Subduing Method, it caused all of the energy on his fingertips to explode and even break all the meridians in his palm.

"You …" Mo Huan looked at the transparent mist that was being released from Chen Xiang's palm, causing him to feel an indescribable fear. This was the Devil-suppressing qi!

Chen Xiang's Devil-suppressing qi was different from the others', the others' were all gold, but after fusing with the Devil-suppressing blood, he had become transparent. When using the Devil Subduing Method, coupled with the Devil-suppressing qi, he possessed an extremely strong killing power towards the Demonic Cultivator.

Just now, Mo Huan could feel the terror of that power, because the moment that power appeared, the dense Devil Dao Innate Qi in his body began to tremble.

"Even if there were ten of you, you still wouldn't be my match!" Chen Xiang's body trembled, and that transparent Devil-suppressing qi erupted out from his body, enveloping Mo Huan's body from all directions, as though it was a gigantic transparent hand grabbing onto Mo Huan, pressing him tightly onto the ground, causing everyone to be extremely shocked.

Chen Xiang controlled the transparent Devil-suppressing qi and lifted Mo Huan up. Mo Huan's entire body was wrapped in this type of energy that he was most afraid of, causing him to not be able to unleash any of the power in his body.


Chen Xiang smashed his palm heavily onto Mo Huan's chest. The extremely dense and dense Devil-suppressing qi was like a surging river, violently surging into Mo Huan's body, causing Mo Huan to feel as if his body was being burnt by raging flames. His devil energy was corroding bit by bit, and his body, which was refined by the devil energy, was being bitten by thousands of bugs.

Chen Xiang saw that it was about time, he was also very satisfied with the Devil-suppressing qi after evolving, he then patted on Mo Huan's head and searched through the memories in his head, quickly finding them.

"The majority of the people who had competed with you before were crippled by you. Now, I'll let you have a taste of this feeling as well." Chen Xiang's fists were like two violent streaks of white lightning as they crazily smashed against Mo Huan's body, producing a series of loud booms while the most terrifying thing was Mo Huan's shouts.

"Scram!" Chen Xiang struck the Heaven Blasting Palm above Mo Huan's abdomen, and at the same time broke all the meridians and bones in his body, fell down from the stage heavily, sinking into the ground.

Before, Mo Huan's methods on the stage were b.l.o.o.d.y and brutal. As long as he fought, most of the people he fought with would have their hands and feet chopped into pieces, and now that Mo Huan had also fallen to such a state, it made many people feel relieved, as they were extremely supportive of Chen Xiang's actions.

Chen Xiang had also won first place in his group, and would be partic.i.p.ating in the finals.

The first group was w.a.n.g Shengren, the second group was Mo Dian, the third group was Chen Xiang, and the fourth group was Fire Divine Palace.

Aside from Mo Dian, the other three were all extremely famous young Rankers, especially w.a.n.g Shengren and Chen Xiang. One of them was the G.o.d Child, while the other was the young Chen Xiang who was renowned throughout the Mortal Martial Realm.

The final match would be held tomorrow. When Gu Dongchen brought Chen Xiang back, he asked curiously, "The martial arts used by those two called Mo Dian and Mo Dian are somewhat the same as the martial arts used in the Devil Cultivation Sects, but the demonic Qi is much purer. Do you know where they came from?"

Chen Xiang nodded. "They are from the Demon Realm and have only been here for over a month!"

had used the Soul Absorbing Devil Spell to search through Mo Huan's memories and was very shocked upon hearing this news. This was because people from the demon realm were actually able to stealthily make their way here.

Gu Dongchen was shocked: "Are you serious!"

Chen Xiang nodded his head, "And it was someone from the Mortal Martial Realm who helped them come over, so they used a weak point in the s.p.a.ce to travel. According to the clues I gathered, when they came over, they needed a Transmission array from this side to receive it, then it would fall into the Continent of the King."

"These two are just trying to teleport. There will be more of them later on, and there might even be Nirvana Stage s later on. He's preparing to make us Mortal Martial Realm s fall into chaos before they can even begin their teleportation."

Gu Dongchen's face was filled with anger as he clenched his fists, "Which b.a.s.t.a.r.d was it, to actually collude with the people from the Demon World?"

Chen Xiang let out a long sigh, "I think it should be the person behind the scenes, Mo Huan must have come into contact with w.a.n.g Shengren before."

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