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There were many different continents, and many different forces. It was very difficult to gather all of them, and no one was willing to submit to anyone, but now that the Great War between Three Realms was about to begin, many small powers had agreed to temporarily form an alliance and rely on the protection of the large powers to tide through this difficult situation, so it was an opportunity.

It was just that as a Leader, Gu Dongchen had other concerns, but now he could see that this alliance was very weak, because they were all small powers that did things in fear and trepidation. If they could have a large power like the Super Martial School, or the Dan Fragrance Pure Land, then the other mid-ranked powers would all join as well.

"Go back and tell those old fellows, if there's anything you want to discuss, talk to us. I guarantee that if our Super Martial School joins your alliance, both Dan Fragrance Pure Land and Dan Fragrance Pure Land will join as well." Gu Dongchen said.

Lan Lan and Yan Yanran nodded. They could not make the decision for this kind of thing, they could only return and report.

After they left, Chen Xiang laughed: "a lad, how can you be so confident that you can make Divine Weapons Heavenly Country and Dan Fragrance Pure Land join us?"

Gu Dongchen smiled ambiguously: "Junior Martial Uncle, don't tell me you want me to tell you what happened? You've taken care of these two women. It should be easy for you to speak out. "

"Don't talk about this, it will kill me." Chen Xiang said seriously.

Gu Dongchen also nodded seriously: "Junior Master, the Devil-subduing College has recruited many outstanding disciples. After they entered, they were all kept by the Devil-subduing College, and many disciples of our Super Martial School s have gone in, and have never returned. Even if they come back, they would be displeased with our fellow disciples."

"Didn't you just learn a few Anti-Demon martial arts from the Devil-subduing College? What was there to be proud of? I learned Devil Subduing Method at the tenth level! " Chen Xiang sneered.

Don't think that everyone is like you, or that the might of the Devil Subduing Method is very enticing, but outsiders have a hard time learning it, so they keep on running towards the Devil-subduing College. " Gu Dongchen sighed: "There are many old fellows in my Super Martial School who are now obsessed with this Devil Subduing Method."

Chen Xiang touched his chin, considering whether he should announce the method to quickly learn Devil Subduing Method, at that time the Devil-subduing College would not be so attractive.

"Oh right, a lad, I have a way to solve this problem, but you have to look for my master!" Chen Xiang patted his shoulder, and laughed: "I have learnt Devil Subduing Method from Master, he said that he can find simpler cultivation methods based on the Taiji Dragon-suppressed kungfu."

Hearing that he was going to look for Huang Jintian, Gu Dongchen's face suddenly turned bitter.

"Junior Martial Uncle, your bones are rather cheap, you should go!" Gu Dongchen laughed bitterly: "This old lunatic has learnt quite a bit, but every time he goes there, he uses this Devil Subduing Method on me."

Chen Xiang looked at him in disdain, and could only look for Huang Jintian himself.

------- Inside the Super Martial profound Realm, Huang Jintian saw Chen Xiang and excitedly grabbed his shoulders. When he saw that Huang Jintian was about to attack, Chen Xiang anxiously shouted, "Master, stop messing around, I have something important to do, if you beat me up, you will definitely regret it."

"What's the hurry? Who told you to grow your skills so fast like gra.s.s, I'll test you first. " Huang Jintian said while smiling, a wave of energy condensed in his palm.

"Master, I made a trip to Sacred Dan Realm!"

After hearing what Chen Xiang said, Huang Jintian stopped. His face became serious as he said, "Don't lie to me!"

"I won't lie to you. I've already gained quite a bit from that place." Chen Xiang said while grinning.

After Huang Jintian put him down, he began to listen to what Chen Xiang had to say about the things above, and very quickly, he believed it because he knew some things about the place. Of course, Chen Xiang concealed some hair-raising things that he did not tell him, because he felt that it was difficult for Huang Jintian to believe those things.

"Brat, you're promising!" Huang Jintian lovingly caressed Chen Xiang's head and smiled: "It won't be long before you go to Heaven Realm to find your big brother."

Chen Xiang laughed: "Master, these are Devil-subduing College's demonic techniques, you can learn them if you find it boring."

This was a set of powerful Anti-Demon martial arts. If it was an ordinary person, it would be very difficult to learn this art, but Huang Jintian was well-versed in it, so learning it wouldn't be difficult.

"Alright, this is the Devil Subduing Method that I modified. You take it and let a lad and the others learn it. If they want to learn it themselves, I wonder how long it will take for them to learn it?" Huang Jintian handed over a thick book to Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang flipped it over and exclaimed: "Tenth floor! Master, you've learned Level 10? "

Huang Jintian laughed, "How long will it take? If I wasn't as fast as you, how would I be your master? However, there is still a eleventh layer to it. However, it will be very difficult to piece together some of the pa.s.sages from the mental cultivation method. "

Chen Xiang nodded and told Huang Jintian about what he had learned from cultivating the eleventh floor, which surprised him quite a bit.

"Not bad, your progress is much faster than mine. If you learn the Great Perfection, then your power will definitely be very strong. Hurry up and get lost, I don't want to disturb my cultivation." After Huang Jintian obtained all those things, he quickly immersed himself within them.

Chen Xiang heaved a sigh of relief and quickly left, going to look for Gu Dongchen.

Right now, not only the Devil Subduing Method had been spread out, even the Devil-suppressing qi was extremely profound. Without the large amount of cultivation guidance from the Devil-subduing College as well as the guidance from a few elders, it was very difficult to learn it.

However, Chen Xiang had the basics of Devil-suppressing kungfu and a large amount of divine arts, these were all easy for him but all he needed was time.

Gu Dongchen did not expect Chen Xiang to return so quickly. He asked curiously, "You did not go to find that crazy old man? This doesn't make sense, he actually didn't use you to practice. "

Chen Xiang tossed a thick book to Gu Dongchen and laughed: "Take this and print it a lot, hehe, Devil-subduing College is going to die from losses this time."

Gu Dongchen anxiously opened the book, and upon seeing Huang Jintian's handwriting, he confirmed that it was Huang Jintian's own hand. Seeing the simple and easy to understand training methods, Gu Dongchen's face revealed a smile.

"This old madman is truly worthy of being an old madman. These Devil-subduing College fellows are going to cry now." Gu Dongchen laughed.

Chen Xiang said: "Devil-subduing College isn't just that the G.o.d Child is more difficult to deal with, right?"

Gu Dongchen's smile disappeared and he kept the book properly, "Zuo Zhenxuan and Man Futian, these two princ.i.p.als are powerful, but they are not ambitious. The G.o.d Child's talent is indeed not bad, but his strength is still limited. I feel that there is an even more powerful hand behind the G.o.d Child wanting to take over this Mortal Martial Realm. "

"I think he might appear at the beginning of Great War between Three Realms!"

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