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After Chen Xiang left the Devil-subduing College, what he found unexpected was that Lan Lan and Yan Yanran actually followed behind him. Although the method they used to follow him was brilliant, they were still discovered by Long Xueyi's powerful divine sense.

"Did you see that? Hurry up and thank this dragon, and let you obtain the favor of these two beauties. That Little Cat Demon did not even put the Fire Divine Palace's people in her eyes, but she still secretly followed you. This is all my credit." Long Xueyi said proudly.

"Don't be so smug. Perhaps they have their eyes on my head. Even if they have their eyes on me, that is still my personal charm. What does it have to do with you, a troublemaker?"

Chen Xiang increased his pace, and travelled back and forth the streets. However, he was still unable to shake off Lan Lan and his pursuers.

In the end, he arrived at the entrance of Gu Dongchen's residence and sat there. He knew that these two women would not follow him just because they had their eyes on him.

"You've followed me for so long, what do you have to say for yourself?" Chen Xiang locked on to them and transmitted sound.

Lan Lan and Yan Yanran immediately appeared and walked over.

What surprised Chen Xiang was that Lan Lan and Yan Yanran actually knew each other. Although they came from two different directions, they did not look at each other with surprise.

"We're fine. We're just worried that your head will be chopped off." Lan Lan stuck out his tongue and laughed.

Yan Yanran smiled gently: "Is it convenient to talk here?"

The door suddenly opened, revealing Gu Dongchen in front of Yan Yanran and Lan Lan, scaring the little beauty who recognized Gu Dongchen, the number one tyc.o.o.n in Super Martial School.

"It's convenient to speak, come in." Gu Dongchen couldn't help but pout his lips when he saw Chen Xiang hooking up with these two beauties.

Inside the hall, Lan Lan and Yan Yanran bowed to Gu Dongchen very politely.

However, it was Chen Xiang who knocked his legs and asked: "You followed me for so long, it can't be that you want to protect me, right?"

"Of course not..." Lan Lan's voice was loud just now, but he immediately realized that Gu Dongchen was here.

"If it's inconvenient, then I'll just avoid it."

"Ancient Leader, please wait. This matter can be said to have something to do with you." Yan Yanran anxiously said.

Gu Dongchen and Chen Xiang were both shocked as Gu Dongchen also sat down at the same time.

Yan Yanran said with a stern face: "You may not know this, but many of us sects have secretly teamed up and signed agreements that they are not enemies, and they have even helped each other. Only the core members of the forces will know about this, and we will also frequently meet and train."

Lan Lan nodded his head: "Mainly speaking, two forces of the Continent of the King are leading the alliance. One is our Azure Blood Clan, and the other is the Wu Clan Manor."

Every one of them knew of their true strength. And now, they had secretly formed an alliance with some sects, and the agreement they had was also very good. It could be seen that they were planning something.

Yan Yanran continued: "But the Super Martial School is within the Chen Martial Continent, and has made enemies with many sects. And because of Chen Xiang, in the future, he will definitely provoke many powers …"

"Wait, this is someone provoking me first." Chen Xiang interrupted her.

Gu Dongchen said: "I understand this point, our Super Martial School is very strong as a whole, so naturally we are not afraid of the Fire Divine Palace and Fire Divine Palace harming us, but those small forces might not be able to do it, if the Wu and Blue Blood Race did not make the first move, those small forces would probably surrender to the Fire Divine Palace and the Devil-subduing College."

Lan Lan and Yan Yanran nodded.

Qin Zejun, this guy, together with a group of important elders from the Sacred Light Religious Sect, have disappeared for a long time, and the situation has not changed. The East Sea has already turned into a piece of loose sand, but from the looks of it, most of their forces have already secretly allied with you guys. Gu Dongchen seemed to have known about this already.

Lan Lan nodded his head: "My Blue Blood Race and the Wu Family do not have the heart to dominate them, we do so to ensure that our Mortal Martial Realm is not swallowed by any other power, and now that we are in a difficult situation, as the Mortal Martial Realm is one of the more powerful families, we have to take care of those small powers."

The current Lan Lan had a whole new level of respect for him. He said: "In the Chen Martial Continent, is it possible that only us Super Martial School do not join your alliance?"

"There are no Divine Weapons Heavenly Country s, Dan Fragrance Pure Land s, Lotus Island s, or Super Martial School s. As for the rest, including the demonic sects, they have already allied themselves with us." Yan Yanran said.

"Then why did you come to find us?"

Gu Dongchen laughed, even if the four strongest sects in the Chen Martial Continent didn't need to ally with each other, they would still help each other, because they had a good relationship with each other over the years, so the strength of the Chen Martial Continent was also very strong in the Mortal Martial Realm.

Yan Yanran sighed: "Super Martial School has mastered the most powerful martial arts, and has a very deep foundation in martial arts, Dan Fragrance Pure Land has mastered pills, Divine Weapons Heavenly Country has grasped weapons, Lotus Island has grasped a large amount of Spar and rare ores, it can be said that if the four of you were to join hands, you would definitely become a strong force in Mortal Martial Realm, and what you have grasped, is also something our Alliance lacks."

Lan Lan said in a low voice, "The two strongest female Alchemist s are both at your place. Furthermore, you can give any Relive Dan you like.

After saying that, she shot a glance at Chen Xiang, because everyone knew that Chen Xiang was the one who used a Relive Dan to place a bounty on that G.o.d Child's head. In the Mortal Martial Realm, even the hidden alliance would not dare to do such a thing, so they could not do such a thing.

Gu Dongchen laughed: "So, you want to rope us into your alliance, or do you want us to give you some resources?"

"It is naturally for the best to have you all join us. However, we are afraid that you all might be powerful and unwilling to protect those small powers." Lan Lan sighed.

Gu Dongchen said seriously: "If our Super Martial School were to join, I'm afraid that it would implicate you all. You all are seeking for peace, and if others did not offend you, you all would not retaliate, right?"

Lan Lan and Yan Yanran both nodded. "Yes."

"But our Super Martial School is different. Forces like the Fire Divine Palace and the Devil-subduing College, as long as they make the slightest of movements, we the Super Martial School will not hesitate to destroy them!" Gu Dongchen's voice turned incomparably stern, "Recently, we have been investigating the disappearance of a large number of young men. This might very well be related to the G.o.d Child of the Devil-subduing College."

"Also, the Fire Divine Palace s cultivate fire as their leader, they will not hesitate to plunder resources that are useful to their cultivation, sooner or later, we will kill this kind of guy."

"Then it looks like we won't be able to ally with you." Lan Lan sighed.

"Hehe, the Alliance is hopeless now, but you can do business here. Aren't you just pills and weapons? I will have the people from the Divine Weapons Heavenly Country and the Dan Fragrance Pure Land go and talk to you guys. " Chen Xiang laughed: "Of course, I also have some pills with me, if you guys can afford it, I can sell it to you guys too."

Gu Dongchen shook his head: "If you agree to publicize the alliance, my Super Martial School will agree to an alliance. I don't want to do things sneakily, and only if I let my Fire Divine Palace and my master know about this, will they be afraid of us and not dare to do such a thing."

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