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"I don't know where they came from, but there's a young man from Nirvana Stage among them. They have been wanting to see Leader all this while, but right now, I don't know where he has gone to, so I told them the truth, but they said that the Leader looked down on them, and wasn't willing to see him. Sigh." Mrs Li was very helpless.

Chen Xiang smiled and said: "I am the Dan Fragrance Pure Land's honorary Alchemist, let me give it a try."

Mrs Li naturally knew that the relationship between Chen Xiang and herself was very good. She could only look at Chen Xiang now.

"They do not have any hostility towards us, but they are somewhat dissatisfied with Dan Fragrance Pure Land. Young Master Shen, please wait a while and do not have any conflicts with them. Over the past few days, they have bought quite a few medicinal pellets, which can be considered our big customer, but they are a bit difficult to deal with." The Mrs Li naturally knew about Chen Xiang's actions and style, which was why she kept warning him.

On the fifth floor of the Dan Fragrance PaG.o.da, several young men dressed in luxurious clothing were sitting in a hall. When they saw the Mrs Li arrive, they hurriedly stood up and appeared to be very courteous.

However, when they did not see Hua Xiangyue, their faces could not help but reveal expressions of disappointment and anger.

"I really don't know where our Leader has gone to. She must be in seclusion, I hope everyone understands." The Mrs Li hastily said.

"Forget it, just treat it as us coming here for nothing." A man with average looks, yet with the demeanor of a king said. Chen Xiang could tell with a glance that he was an expert from the Nirvana Stage.

"However, our Dan Fragrance Pure Land's first honorary Alchemist has come. He is also here to look for us, it's just that the Leader is not here." Mrs Li looked at Chen Xiang and said.

In order to not attract attention, Chen Xiang had stealthily released a bit of Qi, allowing others to see that he was a Hundred refining realm warrior, but when the five of them saw Chen Xiang, they all had faces of disdain.

The man from the Nirvana Stage said gently: "Forget it, I won't bother you guys anymore. To be honest, we are here to find your Leader, I think only she is worthy to talk to us."

Those who frequent the Mortal Martial Realm knew that the Dan Fragrance Pure Land's first honorary Alchemist was Chen Xiang, and Chen Xiang's alchemy skills were famous throughout the Mortal Martial Realm. Although he was not a high ranking Alchemist yet, many people still thought highly of him.

However, these people seemed to have never heard of this matter, so Chen Xiang guessed that they were people that rarely walked out, or that they came from another world.

"I heard from the Mrs Li that you all need a large amount of fire type medicinal pills, right?" Chen Xiang asked, he did not lack these kind of pellets, he wanted a lot of the profoundyang fire Dan's refining ingredients.

"Not bad, but your Dan Fragrance Pure Land has disappointed us greatly." The man said.

Chen Xiang laughed: "Relax, I definitely won't let you all down. I'm just worried that you guys might not have enough Spar s to buy the fire type pellets that I have."

"Hmph, what kind of good pills do you have?" Although we are lacking fire type pills, we are still a Alchemist, don't think that we can be fooled as we please. " The man was slightly angry, because Chen Xiang actually thought that they couldn't afford the pills.

Chen Xiang was now certain that these people came from another world and were definitely lacking in fire-attributed medicinal ingredients. They were Alchemist s, so in order to improve, they naturally had to leave that world to find them.

"What do you think this is worth?" Chen Xiang took out a burning lotus seed. This was the Fire Dragon Blood Lotus Seed that he had won back then, and like the White jade lotus seed, it was a high-grade Ground level medicinal ingredient. However, its use was not as good as the White jade lotus seed's, because the White jade lotus seed could heal injuries.

As long as it was an ordinary world, the high grade medicines in the Ground level were extremely rare, especially for those worlds that lacked fire-attribute medicines. These Fire Dragon Blood Lotus Seeds were incomparably precious.

Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou had once said that some worlds were worlds with uneven elements, or those that favored water and fire. That was why there were some medicinal ingredients that were lacking.

As expected, when Chen Xiang took out the Fire Dragon Blood Lotus Seed, the five people's eyes were completely glued to it. This could be said to be the best fire-attribute medicinal ingredient that they had ever seen.

"Blood Lotus Seed of the Fire Dragon, how could you have such a thing?" The man took a deep breath and stared at the fiery-red lotus seeds held in Chen Xiang's fingers.

Chen Xiang laughed: "Good eye, but this thing is also very valuable here, it will not be sold casually, it will usually be sold by auction."

"Of course, I do not lack Spar, so I will not sell such precious things, you all should understand that."

The man nodded his head, "That's right. If it were us, we wouldn't sell it so easily. However, we really need this kind of medicine right now."

"In that case, how about we sit down and talk now?" Chen Xiang laughed.

The Mrs Li heaved a sigh of relief and quickly poured tea for Chen Xiang and the five other people.

"My name is Chen Xiang. I think you all aren't from Mortal Martial Realm, right?" Chen Xiang said.

The others did not say a word, but only the man from Nirvana Stage replied: "My name is Tie Ming, I did not expect you to be so young, but your ability is not bad, you are the first one to see that we are not from this world."

Just as Mrs Li had said, these people had no ill intentions.

Chen Xiang said, "I don't have many Fire Dragon Blood Lotus Seeds. If you guys want them, then exchange them with me using items of the same value. If we cooperate happily, I also have some finished products of the fire attribute in my hands, which I can exchange with you guys."

Chen Xiang was not lacking in Spar now, he just wanted to collect a few rare medicinal ingredients and duplicate them in large quant.i.ties. Once he knew a lot of rare pills, what would he want then?

Tie Ming frowned as he thought about it. This kind of trade was also very common, he was only thinking of what he could use to exchange for it.

"Do you know what this is?" Tie Ming took out a fist-sized, transparent pearl that flickered with a hint of purple lightning.

After Su Meiyao saw it, he immediately said: "Leihun fruit, this thing is a strange fruit, it can grow a Thunder soul, but it will take a very long time, but your creation divine liquid can solve this problem."

Su Meiyao's voice became very excited: "Try to trade for this as much as possible. You must know that Thunder soul are rarer than Fire Soul."

Chen Xiang was shocked in his heart. There was actually such a heaven opposing tree that could grow Thunder soul.

"Leihun fruit, you want to exchange for it with this?" Chen Xiang's expression did not change as he said indifferently.

"This is a completely mature purple Leihun fruit, we used a Thunder soul to exchange for it. If you don't agree, then forget it." Tie Ming said, his heart was nervous, because this was the most precious thing in their hands.

They were Alchemist, and fusing with the Fire Soul would only affect their flames and cause them to become unstable. Therefore, they would definitely not fuse them.

"Since everyone has come from afar, I do not wish to disappoint you. Let's exchange then." Chen Xiang walked forward and handed the Fire Dragon Blood Lotus Seed over.

To be able to exchange the Fire Dragon Blood Lotus Seed for a Leihun fruit, he had profited greatly.

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