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Liao Shaoyun's current martial arts. It shocked Chen Xiang, because this kind of martial arts was definitely not owned by the Mortal Realm, and the Evil Qi that was shot out, was only found in those extremely evil martial arts, the Evil Arts that he cultivated did not have such evil Qi.

Xiao Chou didn't know why, but his eyes glowed red as he stood there in a daze. Chen Xiang was shocked, flying over and smashed the skeletal hand with a "pa" sound. The sound resounded through the sky like a thunderclap, and a pure Supreme Yang Qi floated amidst the ruins.

"Xiao Chou, leave this to me!" Chen Xiang's voice was heavy, the evil techniques that Liao Shaoyun was currently controlling were definitely not things that Xiao Chou could handle.

Xiao Chou had woken up from his stupor, when he was exposed to the golden light at a close distance, all the blood in his body had rushed up to his head and caused him to lose consciousness. If not for Chen Xiang, he would have been struck dead.

"Chen Xiang!" Liao Shaoyun shouted with a trembling voice. At this moment, his face was filled with excitement, anger, and excitement …

Liao Shaoyun originally obtained the Thunder soul that was even more precious than the Fire Soul, but when he was ambushed by Chen Xiang, the Thunder soul was absorbed by Chen Xiang, causing his strength to drop greatly.

Thinking back to what happened that day, Liao Shaoyun was so angry that his entire body was trembling, he wanted to kill Chen Xiang even in his dreams.

Many people had heard of Xiao Chou's great name, because he was one of the few Great Strength Race s and had once shone brilliantly in the Hero Tournament, but in the end he was defeated by Chen Xiang and took him as his master.

And Chen Xiang's name was something that everyone could hear. Now that he had actually appeared here, the crowd immediately burst out in surprised discussion, and some people even left the Shao Yun Martial Club far behind.'s kind of brutal strength was something that many people here had seen before.

After Chen Xiang was wanted, he had disappeared for more than a month. Now that he appeared again, he had done such an astonishing thing: destroy the Shao Yun Martial Club and clash with Liao Shaoyun.

It had to be known that Liao Shaoyun was like the sun in the sky, a popular person by the G.o.d's son's side. Against Liao Shaoyun, even if he did not place the G.o.d's Son in his eyes, a few Nirvana Stage's warriors would not dare to do such a thing, but Chen Xiang would. In everyone's eyes, this was something that was normal for them.

"You're the one who wanted me?" Liao Shaoyun shouted angrily. The anger in his heart had already ignited his blood to boiling point.

Chen Xiang laughed blandly, "I only used a few Broken Pellets, but I never thought that you and that G.o.d Stick would be so scared of me, like a turtle, that they even shrunk their eggs."

Everyone groaned and cursed in their hearts. So, how many broken pellets were they supposed to call that? Relive Dan and Nine quenching body Dan were all treasures to warriors, they had a price but could not be bought, yet in Chen Xiang's words, they became like broken pellets!

"I didn't expect that the G.o.d Stick really had some tricks up its sleeve. It can let a trash like you stand up anew!" Chen Xiang looked at the strange golden light on Liao Shaoyun's body: This Divine Staff is indeed a fool, to actually teach you this kind of evil technique, and his Devil-subduing College's demonic techniques are all used to counter this kind of evil technique, I think that Divine Rod is worried that one day you will surpa.s.s him, so …

"Shut up! Chen Xiang, you are the one who cultivates the Evil Arts, you devouring my Thunder soul, causing me to almost die. Liao Shaoyun roared angrily, making everyone dumbstruck. Chen Xiang actually had a berserk Thunder soul, and it was something that everyone was afraid of, something that was devoured from Liao Shaoyun's body.

Chen Xiang laughed indifferently, "Didn't you steal it from someone else? Why haven't you made your move yet? Are you afraid of me? My Devil Subduing Method has already been trained to the tenth layer, against you evil beings, it will become even more powerful, haha … "

Liao Shaoyun clenched his fist tightly, he indeed had the concerns that Chen Xiang had mentioned, but he had been releasing that demonic gold light the entire time, and what surprised him was that Chen Xiang was not distracted by his gold light, but that Xiao Chou just lost consciousness in an instant.

Chen Xiang could also see through Liao Shaoyun's thoughts, and laughed: "I will give you another two hours, your insignificant skill is useless."

After he had merged with Devil-suppressing blood, he had cultivated the strongest Devil-suppressing Golden Body. Not only could he use his impenetrable, he could also guard against all kinds of evil powers.

"Humph, you desecrate the Son of G.o.d, I must capture you and hand you over to the Son of G.o.d for punishment." Liao Shaoyun's arms trembled, a gold light shot out from his fists, his fists danced chaotically, his steps were like thunder as he rushed towards Chen Xiang.

Both of Liao Shaoyun's fists were so fast that they formed hundreds of instantaneous punches, and each punch was even capable of striking out a ball of golden light containing an evil and terrifying power. Like a torrential rain, it landed on Chen Xiang's body.

A few b.a.l.l.s of golden light fell onto the ground, instantly creating a huge crater. The rainstorm-like ball of light rushed towards Chen Xiang from all directions, and the moment it touched something, it would release a wave of intense energy. Also, countless b.a.l.l.s of golden light fell onto the ground around Chen Xiang, causing a series of explosions.

Chen Xiang was enveloped by countless golden b.a.l.l.s of light, and in just an instant, his body had suffered dozens of violent attacks. Liao Shaoyun, on the other hand, was continuously punching out with his fist, and countless explosions continuously sounded out, filling the entire city up with the sounds of explosions. And at the place where Chen Xiang was standing, there were bursts of flashing golden light and extremely intense energy explosions, making it impossible to see what was happening clearly within.

Yun Xiaodao, Xiao Chou and Xv Weilong had also been attacked by a large group of people, so they didn't have time to worry about Chen Xiang right now. They had an incomparable trust in him, and they knew that he would definitely be able to handle him.

"Chen Xiang, haha... You are still as arrogant as before, you think that you are invincible after learning the tenth level of the Devil Subduing Method? " Liao Shaoyun laughed crazily, he waved both of his fists along with his maniacal laughter, becoming even more ruthless.

Just when everyone thought that Chen Xiang's body was being blown away by the explosion, Chen Xiang's calm voice came out: "I already said, your evil technique is not enough to deal with me."

Chen Xiang bellowed, and a thick water vapor burst out, transforming into a pure white mist in the blink of an eye, purifying the evil aura that shrouded the sky.

At the same time, the Shao Yun Martial Club that had turned into ruins began to shake violently. Some parts of it had even cracked.

"Break!" Chen Xiang's body trembled, the Dragon Power burst out from his body in all directions, and the golden ball of light enveloping him was instantly destroyed.

Dragon Power! Seeing this power, Xiao Chou's heart trembled. This kind of power was his nightmare.

Liao Shaoyun was also extremely shocked in his heart, because Chen Xiang's current strength was actually this terrifying. That pure Dragon Power, in particular, and an aura that caused him to feel fear, caused the evil energy in his body to instantly weaken by a few degrees.

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