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In the pitch-black night sky. The Shao Yun Martial Club s who were like palaces were collapsing one house after another. Yun Xiaodao, Xiao Chou and Xv Weilong had wreaked havoc in this place, but no one dared to stop them.

Seeing how cruel Chen Xiang and the rest were, they naturally knew that these four people had steeled their hearts to smash Shao Yun Martial Club to the ground. This showed that they were not afraid of Liao Shaoyun and the G.o.d Children at all, and if they went to stop them now, they might be killed.

Although Liao Shaoyun was not here, it was still not bad to smash his dojo.

"All of you stop right now, do you think you have a long life?" A thunderous shout rang out, startling everyone.

There were many people gathered outside the Shao Yun Martial Club. There were people from both the city and the Shao Yun Martial Club, but most of them knew who the voice belonged to.

It was the City Lord here, named Cai Yue.

"Xiao Dao, who is this guy?" Chen Xiang asked, while Yun Xiaodao and the others also stopped beating them up, gathering together.

They were worried that the Devil-subduing College would send out a few old fellows, so their attacks speed was extremely fast. In the entire Shao Yun Martial Club, most of them had already been turned into ruins, and there were even hundreds of injured people, all of whom were invited by the Shao Yun Martial Club.

"This guy is called Cai Yue, he's from City Lord, it's said that he's from there, he's at the peak of Hundred refining realm, and he's already a thousand years old this year. Although he's a hopeless b.a.s.t.a.r.d who relies on elixirs to increase his lifespan, he's not weak at all." Yun Xiaodao said.

A Hundred refining realm warrior who could live for more than a thousand years would definitely not be weak, but Chen Xiang was not afraid at all.

"Master, let me do it!" Xiao Chou stepped forward and stood in front of Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang nodded: "Be careful."

Long Xueyi was monitoring the surroundings movements, once a powerful old fellow appeared, he would immediately inform Chen Xiang and the others to escape, in case they were caught by the Nirvana Stage.

Cai Yue had the appearance of a middle-aged man, but his hair was already somewhat white. He was tall and st.u.r.dy, with eyes filled with anger, because he saw that the people who came to his territory to behave atrociously were four young brats, especially Yun Xiaodao and Xv Weilong. Liao Shaoyun had once instructed him to pay attention to these two people.

"Liao Shaoyun's lackey, oh no, it should be the G.o.d Child's lackey, how many shameful things did you all do for w.a.n.g Shengren? I heard that w.a.n.g Shengren this Divine Rod has some special hobbies … "

Before Yun Xiaodao could finish his sentence, Cai Yue shouted, "You are publicly insulting the Son of G.o.d. You are all doomed.

Yun Xiaodao said with a cold laugh, "Did someone personally see someone capture a few fifteen to sixteen year old youths and bring them into the Devil-subduing College's Divine Hall …"

When Cai Yue heard this, he shouted angrily, "You're slandering me!" With that, the big fist struck towards Yun Xiaodao, a gold light flashed, the dense killing intent created a gust of wind, blowing up a large amount of ruins.

"Your opponent is me." Xiao Chou shouted, his palm became like lightning, his imposing manner swift. Everyone only saw Xiao Chou wave his palm, forming a golden rainbow, and directly struck Cai Yue's huge fist.

Pow! With a crisp sound, it gave rise to a burst of air waves, blowing away the sand. Xiao Chou had only casually struck out with his palm, but he had withstood Cai Yue's furious punch.

"Thousand-year old b.a.s.t.a.r.d, if you don't hide in the sh.e.l.l and wait for death, stick your head out for others to chop, you're the one who thinks you have a long life." Xiao Chou laughed out loud. Both of his palms were like a storm, the palm technique was berserk but not chaotic.

Cai Yue was caught unprepared by this sudden and exquisite yet violent palm attack and could only block it. He was even angrier now because he dreaded others mentioning his age, and not only had Xiao Chou mentioned it, he had also insulted him.

Xiao Chou was a born genius of the Great Strength Race, and after his power awakened, he received another fortuitous encounter, which resulted in a series of breakthroughs. His strength was extraordinary, and every palm of his contained the power to split a mountain.

Chen Xiang could tell that Xiao Chou's strength was growing stronger and stronger, to the point that every step he took caused the ground to tremble.

That kind of power was something he had never seen before. It was different from the power of the Innate Qi, it was a type of power that seemed to come from the body, but it was not, because it also carried a kind of strange aura.

"Who the h.e.l.l are you?" Another palm struck Cai Yue's chest, shattering his internal organs.

"Hmph, remember, I am called Xiao Chou. Speak the truth, what kind of heinous matter did that son of G.o.d, w.a.n.g Shengren, want you dogs to do?"

Xiao Chou kicked Cai Yue's left shoulder. A powerful force broke both his left shoulder and one of his arms, and blood and bone fragments shot out from his skin. The pain made Cai Yue scream out in pain.

"Speak!" Xiao Chou stomped his foot on Cai Yue's right shoulder, "Otherwise, your arm would have been broken as well."

The sharp pain from earlier sent a shiver down Cai Yue's spine. He gritted his teeth and said, "He told us to capture some virgins in some remote villages … "For..."

Before he could finish his sentence, a beam of fire shot down from the sky and struck Cai Yue's head. The head then exploded into pieces.

"d.a.m.ned guy, who is it?" Xiao Chou looked up and saw Liao Shaoyun, dressed in white, flying down from the sky slowly. Seeing the handsome man use the same method to kill Cai Yue just now, everyone started to believe that the G.o.d Child had truly done something evil, if not Liao Shaoyun would not have silenced him.

Liao Shaoyun looked at Xiao Chou, and said indifferently: It's you who smashed my Shao Yun Martial Club? You are forcing the City Lord to admit that you have slandered the Son of G.o.d. If you want to slander the reputation of the Son of G.o.d, you are going against the Devil-subduing College. "

Liao Shaoyun did not recognize Chen Xiang. He only looked at Xiao Chou coldly, because Xiao Chou gave him a very oppressive feeling.

"Xiao Chou of the Great Strength Race? Hmph, I had wanted to kill you since long ago, who asked you to be Chen Xiang's disciple? And now you are here to destroy my Shao Yun Martial Club, die! " Liao Shaoyun's handsome face, which was like jade, suddenly had veins popping out, her body suddenly spewed out rays of golden light, making her look like a holy light, causing people to have the urge to kneel down and worship her.

Seeing this, everyone hurriedly left.

"Seize the other three, then leave the baldy to me. I'll make him suffer a fate worse than death."

Liao Shaoyun's face was sinister, his body releasing holy golden light that was out of place, just like a devil that could use its pure and holy power.

and the other three, who were enveloped by this light, had a different feeling because they felt a very evil aura, and it made them feel as if they were facing an Evil G.o.d who had just walked out of h.e.l.l.

"Little demon of the Great Strength Race, the G.o.d Child must really like you." Liao Shaoyun laughed sinisterly as he struck out with his palm in the air. Liao Shaoyun's hand released a golden light that turned into a hand without flesh, looking extremely frightening.

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