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Chen Xiang arrived at a city near the Devil-subduing College. When he found out the name of this city, he was very surprised, because its name was Shaoyun!

This made him immediately think of Liao Shaoyun. This enemy who had been with him for many years was someone he had long planned to get rid of as soon as possible once he returned from Sacred Dan Realm.

Walking on the streets, Chen Xiang saw many people wearing white robes. On the back of the robes, there were four words written in red, "Shao Yun Martial Club!"

Chen Xiang quickly thought of something. He was sure that this Liao Shaoyun must have used some method to get the G.o.d Child's recognition, otherwise, he would not be able to establish his small force here.

He was sure that the Shao Yun Martial Club's Master was Liao Shaoyun!

After some inquiry, Chen Xiang found out that the Shao Yun Martial Club was indeed Liao Shaoyun's, and that the city had been renamed because of the Shao Yun Martial Club here. The reason the city was opened for a month was mainly for those who were rich but were not qualified to enter the Devil-subduing College.

Because the Shao Yun Martial Club had the support of the G.o.d Child, many people had signed up to join the dojo to learn martial arts. This allowed Liao Shaoyun to obtain a very substantial amount of income.

"This G.o.dly son of his can no longer sit still. He actually popped out to display his strength, and because of his high status and talent, a group of people chased after him. This is not strange at all." This guy is from the Heaven Realm after all, so he must have brought a lot of good stuff from above to rope in some strong warriors. " Su Meiyao said.

Chen Xiang now disguised himself and went into the city. When he first killed Dongfang Yao of the Eastern Lie Hall in the Devil-subduing College, although no one saw him do it, they all suspected him. After that, not only was he expelled from the Devil-subduing College, he was also wanted by a hundred million Spar.

Amongst the Four Great Temples of the Devil-subduing College, Dongfang Yao of the Eastern Lie Hall had a very ill.u.s.trious history, but he was still slaughtered. As for Hua Qiuxia of the Southern Fragrance Hundred Flowers Hall, he had initially attacked Chen Xiang when he was in the Fragrance City, but was caught red-handed by Hua Xiangyue, and was imprisoned in the death prison of the Dan Fragrance Pure Land.

The two hall masters had both gone missing because of Chen Xiang, so how could the G.o.d Child not know?

Therefore, facing the G.o.d Child's challenge, it made sense for Chen Xiang to disappear in the eyes of many people. After all, the G.o.d Child was from Heaven Realm. Using common sense, no matter how strong Chen Xiang was, he would definitely not be able to kill the people from the sky. But many people did not know that Chen Xiang had actually killed the people from the sky before, and it was even a Nirvana Stage.

Chen Xiang arrived at a hotel near the Shao Yun Martial Club and sat there watching Liao Shaoyun walk out of the door. Liao Shaoyun was still as young as he was in the past, his strength was still at the peak of the Hundred refining realm, and his complexion was pretty good.

"I pulled out the Thunder soul and he recovered his strength so quickly?" Chen Xiang muttered.

What surprised Chen Xiang was that Liao Shaoyun was actually standing at the door, looking at a crack on the ground, and he said with a cold smile. "Chen Xiang's swine friend is the same as him, a fellow who doesn't know the limits of heaven and earth. He actually dared to provoke our Shao Yun Martial Club.

When Chen Xiang heard this, the wine cup in his hand shattered with a "Kacha" sound. He was extremely furious in his heart, because he knew who the person with one of his arms was.

At this time, he saw a man dressed in beautiful golden clothes suddenly appear from inside the door, and entered into an extremely luxurious carriage. The carriage was pulled by four flying horses, and they flew away from Shaoyun City in the blink of an eye.

"Is that guy the Son of G.o.d? "He really has a big frame, I couldn't even see his face!"

Suddenly, Chen Xiang saw a black skinned handsome man standing on the street. He had a face filled with killing intent as he walked towards Shao Yun Martial Club.

"Good heavens! I worked so hard to enter the Hundred refining realm, this brat actually belongs to it too!" Chen Xiang anxiously walked out and appeared in front of Yun Xiaodao.

Yun Xiaodao saw an old man blocking his way, but just as he was about to throw his tantrum, he saw Chen Xiang's extremely familiar pair of eyes. He immediately recognized that this person was Chen Xiang who had disguised himself.

"Big brother!" Yun Xiaodao was extremely excited, while Chen Xiang also grabbed onto his arm: "Long time no see, looks like a lad has trained you guys pretty well."

Yun Xiaodao was extremely excited in his heart, but his face was still filled with killing intent: "Elder Brother Shen, it's good that you came. To avenge this dead pig of Zhu Rong, he's now unconscious and heavily injured, and he doesn't have a single arm left."

"I will. Let's go wake Old Zhu up first." Chen Xiang's expression was gloomy, traces of overflowing killing intent flickered in his eyes: "Even if he has the G.o.d Child as his backer, I will definitely exterminate him."

"You are too reckless, the people in Shao Yun Martial Club are not weak."

Yun Xiaodao sighed helplessly: "Even if I had to risk my life, I would still kill that b.a.s.t.a.r.d. He actually stopped us from registering for the Demon Subduing Martial Arts Compet.i.tion, and even slandered us for stealing from the students of the Devil-subduing College."

"Let's go, I guarantee that this Shao Yun Martial Club will disappear before the Demon Subduing Martial Arts Compet.i.tion begins." Chen Xiang turned his head and looked at the luxurious mansion.

Zhu Rong was in a coma and suffered heavy injuries, but he managed to stabilize himself. It seemed like he had consumed a better pill, but he needed time to recuperate.

"Where's everyone else in a lad? How can he let Old Zhu be bullied by others? " Chen Xiang took out a pill and placed it in Zhu Rong's mouth.

Chen Xiang suddenly sensed an ice-cold Innate Qi, he turned his head to look, only to see Xv Weilong staring at him with narrowed eyes, causing him to jump in fright.

"Blinded Dragon, not bad!" Chen Xiang smiled and patted his shoulder, his strength was actually Hundred refining realm.

"w.a.n.g Shengren wanted to shield Liao Shaoyun, and this is a matter of the younger generation. Leader went to look for the old fogey in Devil-subduing College, and those old fogeys also wanted to represent Liao Shaoyun in apologizing, so we just left it at that." Xv Weilong said coldly.

w.a.n.g Shengren was that G.o.d Child's name, but in Shao Yun Martial Club and Devil-subduing College, they both had to address him as G.o.d Child.

Chen Xiang rubbed his fist, "What's with the apologies? Devil-subduing College used a hundred million Spar to arrest me, and when I disappeared, there must have been many people looking for me.

Hearing this, the blood of Yun Xiaodao and Xv Weilong burned fiercely, excitement written all over their faces. They knew that if Chen Xiang was here, then this would definitely be the outcome for Shao Yun Martial Club.

"Master, why didn't you tell me not to do this kind of thing?" A voice appeared, startling Chen Xiang and the other two. A fifteen or sixteen year old, white, tender, and handsome, bald youth appeared at the door.

"Xiao Chou?" Chen Xiang laughed loudly. He flew over, raised his hand and fiercely slapped his shining bald head. "You brat, why have you grown so much?"

Chen Xiang remembered that when Xiao Chou left him, he was only a child but he was now a teenager. The fact that the Great Strength Race was growing very slowly, and that he had a young appearance now, meant that he had lived for a very long time, and that was something that could only be done within the Time Formation.

Master, you don't have to worry. Although I am much stronger than you now, but you are still my master, because without your teachings, I would not have had the chance to comprehend the legacies of my ancestors. "Su Yun said calmly. Xiao Chou said very seriously.

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